Friday, July 26, 2013

Fun on a dime. Or rather, a tank of gas. (And a winner)

Whew!  I'm tired.  I think I've blogged more this week than I have in months.  That's what happens when you take half a month "off" I guess.  I'll be a little more random next week... you know, like usual.  Ha!

With income/budget cuts and changes over the past two years, I've gotten pretty good at coming up with fun things that don't cost much more than a tank of gas to get there and back.

Last week the kids and I had been cooped up at home at lot and I came up with a "free" Friday night activity for when Adrain got home.  Let me just say that it's really easy for me to return home with a minimum of fifty photos on my camera from nearly any outing.  I only came home with 117 photos.  (Don't worry I'll narrow it down somewhat for you here.) You're probably wondering what on earth I came up with that didn't cost us anything but some gasoline in the car, and somehow allowed for over a hundred photographs.

Well folks.  It's called the "Left-Right game."  You should try it.

It was fun and we will definitely be doing it again soon.  The idea is... you fill a big envelope with pieces of folded paper that say either "left" or "right."

I know.  You may want to write that part down so you don't forget.

Then you drive out to a starting point, or middle of nowhere or something, and when you come to cross streets or intersections someone draws out one of the folded pieces of paper, and you turn left or right according to what the paper drawn said.  It may take you a few times to understand this incredibly complicated game.  Just keep trying and eventually you will get the hang of it. 

If you hit a dead end, you must automatically turn and go the opposite direction.  It's a rule and must be strictly adhered to.

Hey, I don't make the rules.

Oh wait.  That's right.  I do.

(Please check for traffic before completing this maneuver.)

Anyway.  We saw lots and we listened to really loud music together and made frequent stops so I could hop out and photograph baby cows.  The locals laughed at me one time.  I laughed back.  Baby cows should be documented.  (I kept my distance because of course I don't want any big mamas charging  me.)  Then my man laughed because they aren't technically "baby cows" they are baby steers or bulls or something or other.  Well, I'm still calling them baby cows alright? And they should be documented!

So should wee little donkeys.  And draft horses.  And hay bales.  And railroad tracks.  And barns.  And tractors.  And mountains. And fields.  And irrigation sprinklers. And... well, you begin to see how a girl can end up with over a hundred photos.  I'm just saying.

Sometimes it's good to get lost for a while and see where to road takes you. 

** Also, the winner of the 163Design Co. giveaway is, "Msmoozy."  Congrats and give me a shout at to claim your prize. 

Today, I am thankful for:
Time with my kids on a Friday night that took us on an adventure.
No meltdowns when plans were flexible and not pre-determined.
Blue sky.
A son who grilled hot dogs by himself for us for dinner. 
Figuring out how to replace a light fixture by myself.
Not electrocuting myself.


  1. My family laughs at me for taking so many pictures :( There are so many more things that I want to capture, but I can't stand the mocking!! lol So I don't take them, and then I'm sad. They're not nice. :)

    Sounds like a fun game, I love all of your shots, the babies and especially the barn with those gorgeous mountains in the background!! Stunning!!!!!

    Have I told you that I'm glad your back??

  2. Wishin left/right could take us on that journey! Wow!

  3. three things::
    you're a fun mama, and you inspire me to add more fun. seriously.

    you live in a gorgeous part of our country. you capture God's glory in your pictures. you have a gift. for real.

    jj has a sparkle in his eyes. God is going to use him mightily.

  4. What an awesome idea! You are such a Memory Makin Mama!

  5. Although we've never played left and right, this sounds a little bit like our typical Saturday adventures around here. Kevin drives, and we never know where we'll end up. This week we had a Thursday adventure since it's a stay-cation week. We took off for our favorite local flea market, and DID eventually end up there. But, on the way we did some BLIMP chasing! (You've heard of balloon chasers, right?) I think I took 117 blimp pictures too! When I got home, I was like -- how funny that these all look the same since this was a whole big exciting landing and taking off, and hovering and flying experience! Go figure. LOL My intention is to do a post about it... but I can't choose b/t one good blimp picture and the other 116. ;D You sure got some great pictures, and I'm glad you didn't get "charged." Not as in paying, but... as in being chased by the... cows(?) =)

  6. Love this!! We used to go on "drives" when I was a kid. Will be trying this soon. Thanks for sharing :)

  7. So beautiful, your little part of the world!

  8. That sounds like a fun way to explore - and I am in awe of your beautiful photos. Seeing farmland and mountains in one picture? So amazing. =)

  9. What fun i'm sitting here in my office drooling over your pictures! Have a great weekend.

  10. Your pictures are amazing but my favorite is the smile on your son's face.

  11. Now that sounds like fun.
    So many of your pictures are pin worthy.
    Enjoy your weekend.

  12. We just got back from a 2-week road trip...during which I had to take my pictures from a slightly-speeding mini-van. My husband wasn't stopping for anything! But I did get a few good shots...out of the 1000+ pictures I took (not all of them were from the van. I got some great ones in Chicago). Once we all recover, I'm going to have to suggest this game.

  13. LOVE it!

    You are TOO FUN!!!

    Were some of those pics taken out my way? I love living near "farm country". I love the mountain views.

    Oh . . .

    Living in "farm country" like I do . . . I think "Baby Cows" are called "Calves". Just sayin'.

    :) :) :)

  14. Love this idea!!! You all ended up in a gorgeous place...Your pictures from the adventure are actually magical! :)
    glad you're "back"!

  15. Stunning! It's amazing what you can find when you train your camera on 'the small stuff', as well as the big stuff. You always get it just right.

  16. Thanks for the mini vacation through your photos - gorgeous!

  17. Thanks for the mini vacation through your photos - gorgeous!

  18. Hey there, Thanks for the give-away and I am blessed to have won. :-)
    I sent you an email regarding the give-away on Friday. Let me know if you did not receive it?


  19. How cleaver and creative and great for family bonding. So enjoyed sharing in this family time with you and yours. Happy week!

  20. Beautiful pictures Sasha! You definitely have an eye for things, just one question, do you use your camera and lens on auto or manual? Your pictures are so sharp, I have a though time with that. Your trip sounds wonderful, I LOvE car trips, and with a scenery like yours, I'm sure you loved it too.

  21. So funny! We play a game called "LOST AND FOUND"! Same idea ... lefts/rights as dictated by the kids ... and we end up who knows where! Until ~ eventually ~ we are somehow found again and back in familiar territory. The kids always loved it. I think it was a sense of adventure to them - a mystery - a feeling of risk. So much fun! Remind me to tell you sometime about the "HONK THE HORN" game. Your photos are bee - u - tee - ful!