Tuesday, July 2, 2013

July already? Randomness at it's finest.

 Is it just me, or does this month always sneak up? The forth of July is... this week!  We are ready though.  We have flags and sparklers.  Ha!  And s'mores fixin's for the campfire pit.
 I don't even know what this moment was.  It just makes me laugh every time I look at it so I had to post it. 
 Summer is here.  I'm so happy about that.  I even took the hoodlums to the beach.  I am constantly looking for ways to rack up points under the "fun mom" category.

  ...and basically, I did this....
 ...while my man did this.  (I laid on a blanket doing a whole lot of nothing, while he made sure nobody downed or got swept out to sea.  He's good like that.) 
I panicked when Joe brought an entire container of little jellyfish up to greet me.  They were even stinging him!!  I was freaking out and worrying that he was going to be paralyzed or something.  I freak out with startling regularity.  Tell me I'm not alone in this. 

And because I'm trying to be less of a slacker... this is my collective contribution to my June 365.  I remember when snapping a photo a day on my real camera was habit.  I blame summer.  And Instagram.  It makes it sooo easy to be a slacker. (Find me on Instagram @Lemonademakinmama) June was... well, June.  We buried Adrain's grandmother, visited the country and soaked up the peace.  Laughed at a fortune cookie and then went, "Huh.. well, you never know," and then laughed some more because we don't do luck.  We do prayer.  I also became addicted to morning smoothies.  (My version- 1 frozen banana, 1 TBSP natural peanut butter, 1 tsp vanilla and 1 cup unsweetened vanilla almond milk. Makes me want to go to bed just so I can wake up and make this.)
 And speaking of Instagramming.  Caught my man in the act.  He's hooked.  (And oh-so-cute, I must add. He's @adrainbrodeur)
 We decided to make the house a bit festive for July 4th.  We tied little red, white and blue streamers to the fan.  (Which we are actually using since the Pacific NW has been hit with a heat wave that we are totally unprepared for.  We don't know what to do with ninety degree weather.)
I put this bundle of flags into an old galvanized bucket.  I love it! 

What are your plans for July 4th? 


jodiktwinmom said...

Totally agree about the jellyfish! I am squirming just thinking about it! Where did you get those GREAT galvanized lanterns on your table? Sooo Cute!!!

Sally said...

Looks like you had fun at the beach! We'll be heading (weather permitting) to a concert at Blossom Music Center on the 4th. Great patriotic music, while we picnic and relax! It's been a family tradition for the last... 14 yrs. or so. Hope you're having a great week. xo

Kerri said...

I love the closeup of Ava wearing the cowgirl hat! And you are not alone with being paranoid~I saw the picture of jellyfish and thought "IS THAT A CONTAINER OF JELLYFISH?!?" lol! And I always knew we would get along great~vanilla almond milk is my drink of choice too! Happy Fourth my friend! XO

daisy said...

Looks like a lot of bonding went on in June. Love the metal bucket with the flags!

Every year we watch "Yankee Doodle Dandy" with James Cagney and I make All-American chili for an indoor picnic supper (too hot to picnic outside). We make sure to display our big flag.


brockey said...

Love your photos of June ...especially Ava close-up. I host a big family picnic at my home and some years there is a lot of people and some not . This year will be a small one. We have games , bingo, lots of food and enjoying family that we only see once a year. Have GREAT 4th of July !!!

Leng said...

I totally hear you on the paranoid mama part. Those jellyfish would have freaked me out! Good thing there are dads in the world who calm everything down a bit and say, "They're fine." :-) LOVE the 4th of July pics too - Happy Summer!


Alicia said...

Totally snuck up on me too! I'm doing that stupid Whole30 challenge so I'll be doing nothing but pouting I'm sure :D

adrienne said...

I'm a freakier outer too :). AND Alicia I'm doing whole30 too. I'm sooooo ready for cream and a little sugar in my coffee! They did post a 4th of July menu tho :). I lost 8 lbs but other than that I feel the same.

paige said...

girl you totally rock the fun mom category! all the time!
love that jj is being a goof ball & meanwhile ava is all chill. welcome to variety in children right?!

your smoothie sounds yummy!!
dantheman is on IG too. he basically did it to follow us girls but then he started "liking" and leaving comments...i told him, people will find you. didn't you want to remain anon?

Kristal Leaver said...

Hi there! New to your blog, just got started with one and I am trying to find some cool places to hang out. Your blog is definitely cool!! One of my goals for this year was to decorate for each holiday but sadly, I just didn't make it for the 4th. I too blame it on Summer - trying to keep the kids occupied and still trying to get use to our new home. But we do have some friends coming and I guess that's the most important thing!!

I wrote down your recipe for the smoothie - sounds delish!! Hope you have a wonderful weekend!!


Cheryl said...

The jellyfish photo brought back memories of our family vacationing on the Eastern Shore in Maryland. Our kids and their cousins brought a big ole bucket of jellyfish just like in your picture to us and said, "look what we found. Aren't they cool?" So yeah, I freak out with regularity like you....even now and they both are in college!
I love being a mom, don't you? : )

carissa @ lowercase letters said...

i'd freak out too. it's a daily occurrence around here (which is why i had to borrow my mom's blood pressure machine. LOL. kinda)

hope you and your cuties have a lovely 4th!

praying for you today. thank you for your prayers. xoxo.

Lemonade Makin' Mama said...

I got them at Marshalls! So fun. And cheap! :) (Ava broke the glass hurricane that used to sit there... so I wanted to replace it with something fun.)

Lemonade Makin' Mama said...

Oh man that sounds like fun!!!

Lemonade Makin' Mama said...

Hang in there... or maybe your face might fall into a cake. (Did you read that part where they said the only reason for cheating was if you tripped and your face fell into a cake? I often felt like my face was going to fall into a cake. Maybe that was just me.) Ha!

Lemonade Makin' Mama said...

That's funny. I almost followed him the other day but I saw that he was private (I think?) and wasn't sure he would know who I was and I didn't want to creep him out. LOL

Jennifer said...

Beach days are my favourite! Every day I feel blessed to live on the coast, the ocean feels like home. Love the photo of your two kiddos at the shore, off in the distance, think that's my favourite! :)

Amy Kinser said...

Girl, I would have freaked out about the jellyfish also. Don't blame you at all.

Love all of your beautiful beach photos and your 4th of July decor. Flawlessly decorated!!

Mama Ds Dozen said...

Love you! Love all of the pics! Love that you want to go back to bed just so you can wake up and make a smoothie. :)

Would love to take my kids to the beach with you and yours. Let me know if you have a free day.

Thinking of you and praying for you.

Laurel :)

Between You and Me said...

great randomness. :)
fabulous pictures of the kids with their sparklers!!!