Monday, July 29, 2013

Recapping and talking about waiting. That sort of thing.

 We celebrated our nephew's birthday with a trip to the Seattle Museum of Flight.  I'm pretty sure my son was in information heaven.  He wanted to read every single sign board.  It took a loonnnng time to get through that museum in one day.  I am sharing a few of the photos that I took and hope you enjoy them even though what I came here to blog about has nothing to do with them.   I will say though, that the WWII section was mind-blowing and the stories of the heroic men and women had me near tears at one point.  And also, we bumped into a wedding party doing a photo shoot.  It was cool.  


Okay so what I came here to share is this: I cracked open Pete Wilson's, Plan B book last week.  Man, I hate that book.  Truth is, I just hate reading about about waiting, or how sometimes life doesn't go quite how you picture it and you aren't sure what to pray for, or even what to want any longer.  Cause that's where we are. Still. About as clueless as a person can get.  We recently had more ups and downs with job questions for my man.  And when I say recently, I mean it's been a daily dinner table subject pretty much since early September... until a few weeks ago.  It was an emotional and often draining journey, and we are in exactly the same spot that we were when we began, so it makes a whole lot of no sense.  Around the same time, we also found out that our initial suspicions from a few years ago were correct, and that our sweet son does have Aspberger's... he's on the very high functioning side of the spectrum.  It's life. It ebbs and flows and you've got to make up your mind to face it with faith and a smile.  I won't talk about it on here at all with the exception of this sentence, but it's a part of our world right now and we're figuring it all out so it plays a part in what I say. 

Pete Wilson says,  "I don't want the plan where a dream is crushed, a crisis is experienced, or I feel like I'm walking alone for way too long... and then God gets the glory.... We don't like God's glory plan- not if it involves our suffering.  Not if it involves waiting for God and wondering if he's ever going to act.... You've felt that frustration in your life, haven't you!  'God, I need you to help me.  I promise I'll start reading the bible again.  I promise I won't drift away from You again.  I'll be a missionary or whatever.  Just help me.'  And nothing.  Nothing changes.  Nothing gets better.  If God is doing anything, you can't tell.  It's like you take the same dang prayer request to your small group or Sunday school class every week.  Even they are tired of hearing about it.  They write your request down before they even get to you.  And still you wait.  And nothing seems to change..."

That's the kind of non answer that generally makes me want to hurl the book through the nearest window.  Which of course I'd never do.  He goes on to say, "If you're in the midst of waiting for a miracle or waiting for a dream to be realized, you probably feel helpless.  You may feel frustrated and grumpy or just plain old tired of waiting.  You may feel like the waiting is a waste of time as if you're doing nothing....What you're doing is allowing your hope to grow up.  And if you can't be still and wait and hope, even when you have no reason to hope, you can't become the person God created when He thought you into existence.  So no matter how it may seem, how frustrating and painful and pointless it may seem, your waiting does have a purpose.  Sue Monk Kidd reminds us; 'Waiting is the in-between time.  It calls us to be in this moment, this season, without leaning so far into the future that we tear our roots from the present.  When we learn to wait, we experience where we are as what is truly substantial and precious in life.'" 

I am once again reminded and encouraged that waiting is seasonal.  Every season has an end as a brand new season begins.  If  like me, your present season seems to be stretching on into an endless eternity before you with no end in sight, remember that it's only a season.

A new one might be right around the corner.


  1. Your post hit right where I am today. So know I am in the waiting section of life also. One thing I'm noticing (again) is that waiting causes me to slow down - shift into a lower gear - stop being distracted. It reminds me to treat each task with honor and surprisingly tasks are often accomplished that have been left undone. It also allows me to look at what I may have taken for granted (not intentionally) and look deeply for hundreds of things to be thankful for.

    In regards to your son - how blessed he is to have a loving family to walk his journey with. I know there have been and will be hard days but there will be blessings that could never have been experienced.

    So thank you.
    Debbie - Deliciously Inspired

  2. I loved this whole post...a whole lot. If you can't hope when there seems to be no reason to continue hoping then you don't know who God is....I LOVE that part and am going to be holding on to it really tightly for this season. God bless you in your season right now!


    Waiting is HARD. Will there ever be a light at the end of the tunnel?

    Same old prayers requests, huh? Job for hubby.

    Jim got called for an interview today. I was excited . . . for a minute. But, I don't want to get my hopes up, you know.

    So, you can tack that on your prayer list . . . Jim's interview is Friday morning for a teaching job down near your hubby's job. :) Just in case you need something extra to pray about.

    Hugs & Prayers . . . at least we always know how to pray for each other.

    :) :) :)

  4. Ugh, that quote was good to read and frustrating too. I'm guessing people have always hated waiting, but our society right now is especially bad at it. My head understands that God has a total and complete purpose, but the day to day confusion can really be a drag (to put it mildly). It has been a loooong season!

  5. I read a quote on Pinterest that said "Sometimes you are delayed where you are because God knows there's a storm where you are headed. Be grateful." I try to think of that when I am feeling frustrated. He knows his plan, and we can only wait, and be present in the now, and know that in HIS time it will work out according to HIS purpose.

    Hang in there! Blessings for your all.

  6. I loved reading this. What an encouragement you are. Yes, waiting is hard. When I'm having a hard time with it, I like to reflect upon the prayers that God has answered in my life, and it gives me hope for the future. Because his plan is always best, and he's proven it time and again.
    I also enjoyed the Flight museum pictures. I live in the Seattle area too, and my son loved that museum!

  7. This was beautifully-written. Thank you for sharing your heart with all of us.

    Yes, the waiting...I too have experienced much of that.

    My son also has Aspberger's. It is what we are living right now too. Now I know how to better pray for you.

  8. Thank you for that post. Please be encouraged that you are where God wants you to be, physically, spiritually and emotionally.

    We too have only just had a our son diagnosed with Asperger's and he is 18. It is an emotional rollercoasters because as parents we have such dreams for our kids. Many years ago when I was struggling with my older son's reading and learning problems, the following song was one that allowed me to give it all to God. Not that it has been all an easy ride but the line 'All of my ambitions, hope and plans, I surrender these into your hands" broke me down and in that moment I surrendered my children to God. There is nothing I can do but pray and allow God to be my all and their all.,-all-for-jesus-lyrics-fe7e.html
    Thank you again.
    Ephesians 3:20 ESV
    English Standard Version

    Now to him who is able to do far more abundantly than all that we ask or think, according to the power at work within us,

  9. It's hard to know the right words to say when someone keeps getting hit by wave after stormy wave of difficulty, distress, discouraging situations. But I do know that every time in the Bible it talks about valleys, difficulties, stormy times, it uses the word other words, these things are not our final destination. If we keep putting one foot in front of the other we will get through, this season, this valley, this storm. Praying for you to have the strength and courage to just keep on walking, til the light at the end of this tunnel is finally in view.

  10. What an amazing place. I have to laugh when you talk about Joe and "information heaven", because my boy is exactly the same way. These are some of the blessings of Asperger's. And I wouldn't trade it for any other reality in the world. Continued blessings...

  11. Waiting for God's plan can be just plain hard. I have a sign in my house that says "God always answers your prayers. Sometimes His answer is no." It reminds me that my plans are not always the same as His. Stay faithful. Your kids are precious and that museum looks cool. My girl loves WWII history and I am sure that our kiddos would be friends(: Susan

  12. Thank you for sharing your heart. Prayers and blessings for you in this season.

  13. Sometimes I think figuring out what you do or how to live once you arrive at your destination is just as hard as the waiting. I'm here. Now what? There is purpose to waiting, but figuring out how to live once you get from point A to point B can make you feel just as lost at times as the waiting to get there if you have forgotten how to live along the way. Trying very hard to re-boot here.

  14. I recently decided that I need to focus on LIVING in the waiting. Even though Jarrod's job woes were kinda sorta absolved, it really didn't answer our permanent situation. I've had a hard time with this. I've crying rivers. I've hated where I live and been thankful. Every day feels like an uphill battle. But with having Vera and knowing she's my last, I decided I can't live like I'm waiting...even though I am. Because that *(^&*^ thing about waiting is its really easy to miss all the beautiful things happening in the meantime. I love your heart, friend. I know there's answers coming. Just remember to live in the season too. Waiting can be a joy-killer. I don't want to let waiting win.

  15. i love what alicia said. so good. so true. praying you will continue to find glimpses of hope and joy in this waiting season.

    i also love the thought of our tears not being wasted... this idea has been a comfort to me so often and frequently. one day He will either redeem our tears and/or wipe them all away. what joy that will be! love you sweet lady.

  16. Oh, girl. I haven't been on here in so long. Missed your beautiful photos and equally beautiful lens through which you view life. I was so hoping to see that change had come, that the season had shifted. Yet what I see is that you've continued to keep your heart open to learning in and through the really painful parts of waiting. Wow. So few do this well or at all.

    Ours is a God of hope! Hope is growing in you for good purpose. Prepare to get your socks blown clean off by blessing. I'm praying it chases you down.

    I know we don't "know" one another but I just love your heart and want you to know I sent a little prayer up for you and yours. You are lovely.

  17. Hi Sasha, I love your blog and read it daily. It's such inspiring to me. I'm a senior now and I remember all the trails of raising children years ago. Bless you it will all come together. I was wondering where you moved from??????? I recall you aren't from the Northwest but just can't remember where you moved from. Just was wondering. . . . Thanks...

  18. We're ebbing & flowing over here too.... I watched THIS earlier tonight and than read your blog post. I encourage you to watch it start to finish - than bookmark it and watch it start to finish on another day when things seem low and lonely. Chin up, sweet girl. xoxo

  19. Your boy looks happy and loved, not sure what he will have to get through but he will. It will come whatever it is you're waiting on, in the meantime go use your creativity to paint someting or make a beautiful cake you have talent that is inspiring.

    Have a great day sweet friend!

  20. I'm doing this study right now by Jennie Allen called STUCK. Get it!
    If you find some time check out her website, this girl speaks my language, I think you will love her.


  21. every time i think of you, i pray for your sweet family, as you wait in faith and trust in God.
    that book seems to be saying all that you've felt and are still feeling in this extra long season that he has you in, which i'm sure is of some know that the author experienced enough of what you're going through to write a book about it.

    the hardest part has been and will continue to be to LIVE while you wait.
    whatever makes your soul come alive...I pray you do a LOT of it in this season...

  22. Sasha,
    I love your blog and I'm not sure that I have ever commented before, but this particular post hit home to me so hard that I had to tell you thank you. I too am in a 'waiting season' and I am almost drowning in it. I have been so hopeful for so long, but lately I feel like I just can't wait any longer. I need some action! I need to see a glimpse of change!!! Thank you for this encouragement!

  23. I found your blog from FarmGirl Paints, and I am so glad I did. This post is pounding in my heart as my life is at a similar place. We are on the edge of a new season, so close we can feel the wind changing, but God just hasn't seen fit to allow the first leaf to fall. Thanks for the encouragement while we wait.

  24. I am sure this was one of the harder posts you have written, but please know that your honesty and words are encouraging to so many. I love that you write about real life. You are honest in sharing the ups and downs, and offering your readers a glimpse into your heart (the heart ache and the hope). I love that you share the hope that God gives you to help you through. Thank you for that.
    My 7 year old son also has Asperger's. There are so many hard things that we could dwell on, but there are also really good things too. I have to make a daily decision to choose to focus on the good. God made him and God gave him to me and my husband to parent him and help him through this life.
    I will be praying for you. Just know you are not alone. Hugs.