Monday, August 19, 2013

A recipe for yum.

 I just realized that I haven't posted a recipe on here in ages! The kiddos and I spent an afternoon in the country last week, with Adrain's "grandma."  (She was his grandma's best friend but all the kids just call her grandma too.)  She is precious.  When Adrain was a little boy he actually lived in her house for a few years and roamed the property so it's always fun to watch my kids climb trees and eat fruit and moo at the pasturing cows.  I wrote a bit more about it here

When we went, she was busy canning all kinds of things and sent us home with apples from one of her many fruit trees.  She pulled these apple pickers out of the shed and gave one to each of my hoodlums and sent them to work.  I had never seen an apple picker before!  It's a long pole that resembles a lacrosse stick, but with a claw-like rake at the end.  The kiddos had so much fun but of course all the best apples were "just out of reach." 

 Once home, we decided to make a treat and surprise their daddy after a long day at work.  I only had one crust pre-made in my freezer so we went with a tart.  It turned out so well I'll probably make it again really soon. 
Gluten Free Harvest Apple Tart
Prepared GF pie crust (I use the Gluten free Pantry perfect pie crust. *Substitute your fave regular pie crust if you don't have gluten allergies and thank the heaven's that you don't have to deal with the nasty-ness that IS gf crumbly crust. I'm just saying...)
4-5 small apples, cored and sliced
2 TBSP sugar
3/4 tsp cinnamon
1/4 tsp cardamom (optional) 
3 TBSP cold butter, sliced
vanilla bean ice cream for serving

**Roll out pie crust into tart pan, with excess hanging over edges.  Fan apple slices in random patterns and slip sliced butter pats in between slices here and there.  Mix sugar and spices and sprinkle over the apples.  Fold the excess crust over top and bake according to your crust instructions. 
(I baked mine at 350 for approx 55 minutes.) 
Let cool slightly then serve with scoops of ice cream. Yum!
Have you made anything yummy lately?


  1. Man that looked good. I have NOT made one yummy thing in ages...since you asked ;)

  2. Yummmm, thanks for sharing! :-) Looks awesome!

  3. That looks fabulous and I bet it's tasty with the fresh apples. I recently made a cloudless chocolate cake. Absolute yum! I have GF sensitivity too and I refuse to give up dessert. It's the best part of a meal. Hoping to blog about it soon.

  4. Oh goodness, not cloudless chocolate cake, but flourless chocolate cake. It's simply divine. Topped with a chocolate ganache.

  5. this. sounds. divine. one day, you will make something amazing like this for becky and i and we will ALL eat it TOGETHER in person. i hope you don't mind me volunteering you, but it only seems right since the farmgirl and i reallllly don't like to cook. : )

  6. Sasha,
    This looks wonderful. I can only imagine how wonderful it tasted using fresh apples. Gorgeous photos.

  7. You're right it is yum. And so pretty.

  8. You have such a gift for taking photos. In fact you have man gifts - photography, decorating, baking, making cute kids, etc. Blessings! Susan

  9. My mouth is watering right now! I love your photos! And I love the photo you took of the flowers outside of Starbucks! I hope you are enjoying some! Did the kids go back to school yet? My Ava goes back next week and lil Miss Caroline doesn't start Pre K for another few weeks!

  10. why yes...yes i have:)
    i have made the blueberry crisp in shauna's book several times. it is yummy
    this looks so good and i always always love your photos:) you are gifted sister:)
    AND yes...your words to my post. meaning out of pain. yes that just summed it up
    and i know all to well the tears streaming and the crying out
    i stand with you friend. i really do
    He DOES hear...i have spent many a season thinking He didn't. i am wrong
    oh how blessed i am to have such beautifully hearted that a word? lol oh makes sense to me

  11. Yummy, yum, yum...that looks so good! I'm going over to my parents' house in a little bit to make ice cream...that would be such a tasty combo.