Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Feeling kinda tweaky.

We are in the countdown for school with less than a week before the hoodlums return and it's been busy around here!  Also, I am starting to get ready for my shop re-opening, and I'll have more details for you on that soon, as well as details on the wait list for Christmas garlands. (I'm hoping to officially start taking your orders/names by mid-September.)  I've got a few fun promotions, coupon deals, and giveaways coming soon as well, so stay tuned! 
 In the mean-time, we've been finishing up a few house projects and I wanted to share this one with you today.  I've been a decor tweaker as long as I can remember.  A week ago my husband and I were laughing because on my eighteenth birthday, my parents gave me a room makeover.  Okay we weren't laughing at that... we were laughing because my mother basically handed me some packages of pretty sheets that matched the new bedding I had asked for, along with a footlocker trunk and some other accessories and said, "I have no idea what you will do with these, but I figured you'd think of something so here you go."

Those sheets became my very first DIY decor item.  I made some super cute balloon valance curtains.  And I realize I totally just dated myself by saying "balloon" and "valance" together, in the same sentence.  I might also add, that they were navy blue, burgundy, and forest green, and if you just cringed alongside me, then you know exactly what year that was, and you also know exactly what my first newlywed decor looked like.  Oh, the nineties.  What a glorious time of higher waisted jeans, baggy sweaters and teased bangs.  I miss the nineties.  Sometimes.  Normally only when I'm jeans shopping.  Not really any other time though, now that I think about it.  (I think that's a post for an entire other day.)

I'm a decor tweaker.  I can't leave well enough alone.  Our sweet office/guest room had been painted "Ivoire" (SW) over five years ago, when we originally converted that space to be our home school room.  (Yes I did paint some stripes on one of the walls a bit later.) It was fine if you didn't look closely but let's just say homeschooling for three years, then moving furniture around adding a bed, hanging things up, un-hanging things, installing a wall, doing spot touch-ups in a color that matched but had the wrong sheen of paint finish, and living life in that room had created a repaint need.  (I am purposefully ignoring the ceilings in our house that are desperate for a repaint.) I have a five gallon bucket of paint that we got for a song (under $5.00) in the mis-tinted section at our paint store.  It had been tinted "fleur de sel" by Sherwin Williams, and we have used it for kids rooms, hallways, bathrooms, the laundry room, inside closets, etc.  Let me just tell you, five gallons is a lot of paint.

I had finally decided that I would paint the guest room that color, when a great idea occurred to me.  If I got an empty paint can, I could pour a gallon's worth of paint into it, take it down to my local Sherwin Williams store and have them re-tint it another, somewhat similar color!  I know, right?  Stroke of FREE genius, right there people. Mark it down, cause it doesn't happen very often.  I chose a darker shade of gray (Pottery Barn's "Morning Fog" via Sherwin Williams.)  It had a blue-ish tinge to it but I figured that would be what I wanted and that room gets a ton of sunlight, and I wasn't thinking about how that might effect the hue. They happily tinted my gallon of paint and I painted the entire room with it.

It was blue, people.

A hideous, awful, glorified nineties-ish shade of blue, (no photos were taken) and it would probably have looked great (in a different room, or) if I still had all of my navy, burgundy and forest green decor. (I kid.) I loathed it immediately and that's only happened to me one other time because I am super decisive and very confident in any choice that I make.  My five gallons of paint was still going strong though, so I chose another gray color, this one with brown undertones instead of blue, got another empty paint can, poured it off, brought it in and did the whole thing again.  This time, (thankfully) the color was exactly what I wanted.  ("Pavestone" by Sherwin Williams)  It's a rich, calming gray.


We also had a fun Lowe's gift card from our sad dishwasher replacement earlier in the summer, (And yes I do miss my bead board covered dishwasher.) so I spray painted my turquoise lamp white and bought a fun new lamp shade at Lowe's, along with a pendant light kit.  The old shade got converted into a drum shade for my living room, which I had been wanting to do for AGES.  It was crazy simple.  

(I think I love installing new lighting.  If you want me to paint for you, forget it... but I can do your lighting, no problem.  I may have even said to Adrain at one point, "Hey maybe I should take an electrician's class and get my license." He ignored me and went and flipped off the breaker. Ha!)
I also spray painted my cheap, Ikea alarm clock to look more like these ones from Anthro.  Le sigh.

Finally, I covered some board in batting and fabric and used pretty upholstery tacks for the nail head trim.  Easy and fast and cheap and will save my walls from the black marks and scratches the metal bed frame was making.

So there ya go.  Decor tweaks.  I can't help myself.

And now I shall never photograph this room ever again.

I just lied to you. 

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D said...

I love when you post these, I really do. And if we lived closer, oh the great paint stories we'd share:-) I love the grey, it's calm and soothing and awesome job with the lamp! You inspire me girly. Oh please let this not be the last pictures of this room. I enjoy viewing your home photos, so keep them coming:-)

Lorraine and Jessica said...

Sheer genious as always!!!! I hope that you never stop tweaking or sharing :)

Farmgirl Paints said...

Love it all. The drum shade. The little blue dude. The alarm clock. I have those too. Never thought to spray them. Love it all.

Katy- GoodnessGathering said...

Sasha, your photos are always so fabulous! Sooooo much inspiration here...thanks!

llibbyslifestyle said...

Beautiful wall colour. Worth the effort of repainting!

Susan Jeffries said...

I love all of the...the suitcase table, the monogram picnic basket, the lamp shade. You are so talented and reading your posts makes me happy(: Susan

Jensamom23 said...

I am a décor tweaker as poor husband never knows where the couch might be (or the bed, for that matter) when he gets home. Love the paint color! So welcoming.

Sally Kelly said...

Oh my goodness. Beautiful all over again!!

Christy @ MCH PHOTOGRAPHY said...

Wow, Love that wall color, so many great details in that space your guest are so lucky

Chrystal said...

You should do this for others. Go in their homes, tweak what they have and get paid for it! You have an eye for putting it all together in just the right way. I wish we lived closer so that I could get you to do it at my house! Love it!

Melissa Marie Head said...

Love that color! It looks amazing

Julie said...

I love the headboard, please share what size wood you used, looks like 2 pieces. Also did you have to attach to the wall or is the mattress and box spring supporting it? (I want to make one asap!!)

Lemonade Makin' Mama said...

you can spray paint anything.

Well, within reason.


Lemonade Makin' Mama said...

You're sweet... my friends make me do it sometimes! (They pay me in pretend money and hugs as I leave. Ha!)

Lemonade Makin' Mama said...

I didn't plan to make it that way but I couldn't get the 4'x4' plywood into my little honda. I went with (2) 2'x4' boards already precut in the lumber area. Then I stapled batting and fabric to them and hammered in the nailhead trim. I just leaned them as a barrier, between mattress and wall. I have the same thing in my daughter's room too. It works just fine and protects the wall, which is the main thing I was after. If I had lots more $$ I would have just bought a real one! :)

Barbara said...

Well you did it again, looks amazing can't wait till this B&B actually opens for business I've always wanted to visit the PNW. Just love it.

Between You and Me said...

I tweak, too.
I also had balloon valences years ago.
My colors were navy, burgundy, and forest green, too. :)

And, my bangs were so tall in 1991 that friends told me it would be what they remembered most about me. Clearly, I made a huge impact on their lives.

Tiffini said...

i love you! i just realized i am not seeing your feeds again on ig!
i will go in and unfollow and follow. that happens with my peeps from time to time
however...i LOVE LOVE your new color. and balloon valaces..yes i had those too. my mom
sold lots of them back in the day.
they will come back one day i am sure...i have been working in baby steps on my bedroom. getting
ready to build the headboard from an old door we've had for a few years inspired by our friend tara:)
can't wait for your shop to re-open:) you will be a busy bee for awhile...much love this holiday weekend...xoxo

Lea said...

Oh, love all your decorating tweeks. You are so talented and creative. I need you to come by and see what kind of tweaking I could do. Blessings for a wonderful school year with your sweet kiddos.