Monday, August 5, 2013


Last week the kiddos and I spent an afternoon at my mama's house.  She was on vacation from work and we were thrilled to get some time with her.  She pulled out a big box of old photos, and the kids and I sat on the floor laughing at how goofy my brother and I looked growing up.  It was fun to look back at vacations, parties, summer and random things.  Then I read my friend Tara's post on printing out her Instagram photos and I felt totally inspired!!  I am a firm believer in not letting your photos just "sit."  I try and keep up with photo books at the end of each year, so we can actually SEE all the fun photos that were taken.  But, sometimes after I've blogged, I just leave them there and forget about them.  Oops!

It's no secret that I have fallen in love with Instagram, (@Lemonademakinmama) but I've had the same problem with it.  You take all of these wonderful, in-the-moment life photos, and then they just sit there.  Printstagram is an awesome resource that will download all of your Instagram photos in just a couple of minutes.  It gives you great options for creating prints, stickers, little books, posters, etc.  I spent about ten minutes selecting all of my favorite Instagram photos, and then Printstagram mashes them into books of 50 photos, puts a little binding and cover on them and ships them out. 

My kids were so excited to look back through all of the fun memories made in the past year that I've been on Instagram!  I had over 1000 photos to select from, and quickly narrowed it down to 300, and ended up with six tiny books. 

 I miss my Daisy dog.  (She is in a good home that can better care for her bone and joint diseases... Sad.)
 Ah yes... the Christmas garlands!  (I'll be taking a wait list for names for a small batch in September...)
 So many fun memories...
 ... and "life moments, captured."
They are so tiny.  How cute would these be for Grandparent gifts at Christmas or Mother's Day, etc?  Perfectly sized for slipping into pockets or purses. 
 I think I'll store mine in a pretty bowl and keep adding to it as I take more photos each year.  They make for fun conversation pieces on dining tables and coffee tables. 
You can keep up with me here on Instagram or follow on your phone, at "Lemonademakinmama."  How about you- do you print your photos, or make albums or something?

Today I am thankful for: 
A son who can mow the lawn
A friend who blessed us to free baseball tickets
A few friend orders during my "off time"
A sermon that made me weep and KNOW I am in the palm of His hand.

And I want to say a HUGE thank you to my blog sponsors for last month.  I have been kind of bad at highlighting their sweetness and talent lately, but I appreciate each one of them so much.  I hope you will consider visiting them all.  (Their individual sites are linked on my sidebar.) 


  1. Those are ADORABLE!!!!!!!!! I'm gonna have to check them out for sure!! Thanks for sharing :)

  2. the cutest little books ever!

  3. Love this idea and am going to be looking into it, as the boys are growing soooo fast and in just the last year they seem soooo much older. Thanks again and have a blessed day! :-)

  4. Great idea! Seriously, you have some of the best Instagram photos on my feed!!! How can I get on your waiting list for those Christmas garlands??? ;-)

    1. YES, just email me at and I'll email you once the wait list begins! :)

  5. Never heard of these little photo books, how cute are they??? I do big photo books through Shutterfly and love them, but these would be great too. Thanks for sharing!

  6. Wow, must check out. I have done a small blurb book before. But I like this idea better

  7. I've got to get my act together and print some more soon. I have tons of ideas. Just need the time. Love this girl.

  8. how cute and tiny!
    my grace just had some of hers printed out not from tara's place but anothers
    and they are so cute..and nice..thick. they were 4x4's
    and we built her a bulletin board and she put them there with a mish mash of all her favorite
    clippings and drawings.
    turned out cute. very her:)
    yes..i need to print some of mine but i like your book idea because i do not have a bulletin board in my youxo

  9. Those little photo books are very cute and a great idea. I love to print my photos and I make up albums with other bits I collect along the way (tickets, postcards etc). But I am sooooo behind, it'll probably take me the rest of my life to catch up. And I filled up my camera memory card so gotta get a whole load printed before I can resume taking photos. Need a tonne of time...

  10. Pretty please put me on your list to buy a Christmas tree garland. I wrote you about one last year, but I was too late. I don't want to miss out again.
    Many thanks!!

    1. Tammy, would be happy to- just please email me at and I'll save your email and contact you once I begin my wait list! :)

  11. So inspired after this post! Joined instagram, and now ....what do you use to get your pics off your computer to instagram?

    1. I WISH I could tell you. I am non-techy and the fact that it worked shocked me. I just did something with Picasa where I store my photos that synced the album online and was able to get it from my phone gallery. Honestly that's all I know. It's very cool but messes with my storage sometimes. Yikes! I hope you can get it!!

  12. I love those - I am definitely going to make one!!

  13. totally doing the books next time.
    they look adorable.

    i have photos sitting from 5 years ago. i NEVER used to do that....hangs over my head!

    these are a great solution.

  14. I like these little books with the exposed wire binding. What company did you use to print these? Thanks!