Wednesday, September 4, 2013

First, Second, Third...

First... I want to say that I survived. The first day of school and the past FUN week, that is!  I cried all the way home from dropping of my Joe at the middle school.  This is completely normal I hear.  Sometimes.  For those of us who cry to express any emotion, anyway.  Which I do.  Like, daily.  He just looked so tiny.  And brave.  And at first he wanted me to come in which was almost harder!  Then he realized he might get teased so he said it was okay to just drop him off!  Nearly killed me but I did it. 

Anyhow, we had sweet company over Labor day weekend, my man took a couple days off, we went to a kangaroo farm, hiked a mountain, and we hung out with a dear friend from high school.  We had many campfires with loved ones, met up with a precious blog reader and her family and knew she was an instant friend. (Wish she lived closer. Boo!) My birthday is coming up on Sunday and we have a whole day of fun with family planned so I've got to take the rest of this week to fully recover from all the fun we had last week, while simultaneously doing the first week of school and getting my shop ready.  Eeek the fun!!  I think I might need to nap all next week.

That said, here are a couple of the many photos I took over the last week/weekend.  (Joe helped me with the comic strip.  We went to the kangaroo farm and they made everyone put a pellet in their mouth and let a llama take it.  Joe wanted to make sure you knew he wasn't kissing a llama, to be clear.)  Ha!

 Watching lemurs jump around for a banana. 

 Baby donkey.  Seriously the cutest thing ever.  Besides the baby kangaroo and the baby goats and the baby EVERYTHING.  I'm just saying.
 (This is where she decided she wanted to own a donkey.)
 (This is where she decided she wanted to own peacocks.)

(This is my new friend Bryn.  She reads my blog and invited us to meet up at a kangaroo farm!!  We had so much fun and were fast friends!) Can't wait to to go antique shopping/picking with her!

The following is for all my camera geek friends. All the hiking photos I'm about to show were taken with my phone camera and I didn't do any edits besides resizing and watermarking. (Samsung Galaxy III) I'm always amazed that a tiny little phone camera can take such great photos!

I know, right? 

 Second, I have a fabulous coupon code to share with you because my darling Becky of Farmgirl Paints has reopened her shop until September 10th!  She makes the most wonderful leather cuffs, and they are perfect for gift-giving, motivating your self, or gentle reminders, not to mention that they make a pretty fashion statement.  Who doesn't love that? If you go to her shop, here, and use the coupon code "SASHA15" when you check out, you will get 15% off.  Yippeee! 

Third, I have a fun giveaway coming tomorrow so stay tuned. 


  1. I think it's totally normal to cry after dropping at school.... :-) With two kiddos in middle school, I totally cried after dropoff the first week! Totally jealous of your Labor Day weekend. A kangaroo farm? How fun is that! Your photos are gorgeous by the way.... esp that one of the mountains. Living in the Midwest, I'm jealous that you have access to that on the weekend. I pray you and your kiddos have a wonderful week of school!

  2. A kangaroo farm? Stop the truck. That sounds like so much fun! : ) I understand about the crying. It is so hard to watch our babies grow, isn't it? So, so hard.

    That donkey is adorable!

  3. Ohmygoodness....that little baby donkey!!!!! THE CUTEST THING EVERRRR!!!!

    My Jaysens bday is saturday, then my oldest, Jon on tuesday and then Jessica on Thursday!!! I love September birthdays!!! Hope yours is wonderful!!!

    Your phone takes incredible pictures by the way!

  4. What a fun trip!!! I have never even heard of a kangaroo farm, I bet your kiddos really enjoyed it!

    And school days...I know we all look forward to them, but I don't actually know why?!?! I mean EVERYONE cries and it is soooo hard NOT to. Anyway, here's to enjoying routine, making new friends, and learning things that make Joe and Ava EXCITED!

  5. That is just great that you got to meet up with a friend from blogging. :-) I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the baby donkey, I want one as well...LOL Well I just LOVE any donkeys....LOL Thanks so much for sharing and I hope you have a blessed day! :-)

  6. To MY new bestie... I had a blast and am so blessed you chose to take a risk with us! If we weren't in love with your beautiful family before - we are for SURE in love with you all now! Can NOT wait till we schedule our next get-together and yes, I may be a few hours away (BOO-HOO) but I WILL drive to meet ya!! Have fun crafting and singing girly! Bryn

  7. i hear ya on the crying
    #2 started hs and part of me was like "don't u have a tummy ache and need to stay home with mommy" i was scared to death b/c they stapled his schedule to his older brother's and instead of getting to go straight to class he had to find the gym and a lady he's never met and find his schedule...and then make it back to class...i was a ball of nerves. i didn't show it. when he got home he was like "they herded us to the gym ...i got in line with my initial...boom...schedule..."
    here i sat all day thinking "did my baby do ok...was he scared?" he also had lunch break with #1 (granted they didn't sit together...but still)
    i rambled

    love farmgirlpaints stuff...excited to look at some things

  8. It's so hard to let go! I hate the first few weeks of school for that reason. Your hike must have been amazing! The pictures are spectacular. And I cant believe you went to a kangaroo farm! That is the coolest! And to meet a sweet reader...even better!

  9. i want to be in those mountains. with you! what fun that would be.

    sending joe off to jr high has got to be tough. it's got to be easier after the first week! hugs, mama. xoxo!

  10. Beautiful photos Sasha! I sent my girl to middle school last year and I still cry on the first day of school every year. It seems to get tougher, knowing that their years at home are dwindling fast. And jr high is tough - kids are mean. I pray a lot, talk to her a lot, and try to teach her as much as possible while I have her in my home. Blessings to you for a great school year. Susan

  11. Love the photos, Sasha! The landscapes are breath-taking! I can't imagine ever not being upset about being away from my baby (yeah, he's 3 but even when he's 14, he'll still be my baby). It's part of being a Mama, I guess. Happy (early) Birthday! I hope you have a wonderful, celebratory weekend!
    Your friend,

  12. Totally get you on the whole emotional thing..time goes by so fast! How very cute that Ava did not want to "kiss" the llama...I don't think my daughter would had done either. Hope you have a great birthday weekend.

  13. i am dying over the mountains that are all around you.
    visiting your part of the country is on our bucket list.