Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Girls Night OUT with Almay.

I am sending kiddos off to school this morning, and I'm (shockingly) a bit of an emotional-mama- mess.  (Betcha didn't see that coming! Ha!) First baby bravely heading into middle school, and Ava in her final year of elementary.  I'll be running all around today trying to keep myself busy and not think about it, even though my hoodlums nearly drove me crazy all weekend long with excitement, noise and fighting.  (In that regard... it was a long summer, y'all.)  That said, I could really use a bit of alone time and some much needed girl time.  I think all my girlfriends are kind of feeling this way too, because my book club is currently plotting how we can manage a weekend get-away in November to a nearby ski resort town.  Is there anything more heart-lifting than girls night out with some of your favorite peeps?  (If you've got chocolate and girlfriends you don't need therapy, right?  That's what I always say. )

I have shared a couple of the fun makeup tutorial videos from Almay in the past (date night here, and weekend look, here) and and I couldn't be happier to share their third installment here today.  It's all about GIRLS NIGHT OUT.  I bet you probably need a girls night out too.  We all do, right? So kick back with me, and enjoy these great products and tips by Almay and Kate from The Small Things blog, so you can look polished and put together the next time you go out with your besties!

And I'm going to do my best not to cry all my mascara off this morning, as I send my two babies off to different schools.  Because who am I kidding here with all this talk about "needing to get away."

I'm just saying. Ha!


  1. I hope that your heart is full of peace and happiness today!!! I would be a mess sending my babes off to school as well!!! I cry at the smallest things, especially when it comes to my kiddos!!!!

    I pray that Joe and Ava are blessed with kind, wonderful teachers, a circle of friends who lift them up and encourage them to be better people and that God will give them opportunities to shine His light through their schools!!

    I know that you will be a blessing to those teachers and I can't wait to see what you come up with for gifts throughout the year!!!!

    Be blessed!!

  2. Hi Sasha! Your blog is beautiful.... And ummm ~ I'm totally gonna have to steal your idea and get my book club to take a little get-away! :-) I'm with you on missing my babies ~~ middle school (esp on girls) is just a difficult time. I've spent time with tears and prayers already this morning.... and trusting God to hug both my babies all day to remind them that He is always near. I pray your babies will feel the same.

  3. I'm with you...I hate when my kids go back to school. I sadly feel horrible inside when I see other mother's post "woohoo school starts freedom" I adore my kids..fights and messes and chaos and all. When the older ones start school my heart aches. I truly love visiting and having this time to hang out with them. Since the older ones are teens (oldest is a senior and yes I've been crying for a year now hahaha) I adore knowing they still come to me to talk about things. I also like knowing their friends come over too...must be all the meals I cook and yummy treats. (pats thighs)

    Deep sigh...I adore vacation and school holidays!

  4. Yay for girl time and routine:) Two weeks in over here:) Hoping for the best year ever in middle school for JJ!!! I love how sweet my sixth graders are...even if it takes me two months to learn their names:( I guess that comes with the territory of working one day a week:/

  5. Kate is just lovely and this was a great tutorial. I have not had a girls night out in years. But, as my daughter gets older, nights with her count. And there is no one I would rather be with(: Blessings! Susan