Sunday, September 15, 2013

I hope you LIKE it... (And Christmas Garland wait list OPEN)

 My heart is bursting as I write this.  Much work has gone into the reopening of my shop this week.  I generally close down in June exhausted and feeling like I have nothing left in the creativity department.  Then a few weeks go by, I begin seeing fun inspiration here and there and before I know it I'm relaxing and doing some creative things just for me.  My creative bucket is somehow restored and by about early August I'm starting to think about my shop and getting excited by what I can stock it with.

This season it was all about the watercolors.  They have always been my first love and I actually took the time to relax and paint on warm summer evenings, just letting ideas take form.  So with that familiar nervous knot in my stomach, wondering how they will be received, I present eight new watercolor prints, one ink drawing, a new dishtowel design and of course the old favorite items that continue to sell.  Below is everything you will find stocked in my shop this season and I hope you enjoy, maybe find something you love, or something to give away and bless another with.  I pray over each painting before I make it, generally during the process and I always give thanks once it's complete.  I pray that each piece adds something peaceful and sweet to the home it graces and I thank YOU for being my supporters, customers and encouragers.  Without YOU, there would be no shop. 

 ***And if for some CRAZY reason something is out of stock by the time you get there, email me at and I'll do my best to make sure you get it.  :) ***

Each print is 11x14 in size, printed on high-quality 80pound card stock.  Watermarks will not be shown on your prints (obviously) and they will come wrapped in brown paper and shipped in a tube.  Computer screen resolutions may vary, so please note that the exact coloring of your print may look slightly different in person.

All items and prints can be purchased here. 

Blue Moon Grateful Pumpkin print.  I sure love this one.  And we can always use that reminder to be grateful, can't we?

 Bon Appetit Cutlery print.  Just fun for a hard working kitchen.

 Hey Beautiful, smile! Vintage camera print.  I collect vintage cameras and this one is my favorite so I painted it.  It's cheerful and a good reminder.

 He Will Cover you with His Feathers print. I remember hearing a story years ago, about a forest fire that devastated a wooded area.  When the firemen walked around the ashes later, they saw a mother bird on the ground, her wings spread out wide, around her.  She was dead but they heard the distinct cheeping of hungry baby birds and when they shoved aside her charred remains, they discovered several small babies underneath her, alive and safe.  I think that is a very real picture of what its like when God promises to give us refuge under His wings, as life's fire rages over us.  Taken from Psalm 91:4.

 You Make Me Smile when it's Raining print.  This one was my mama's favorite.  Yeah, it rains a lot here in the Pacific NW.

 Give Thanks Wheat Print.  My personal favorite.  Who knew painting wheat stalks would be so much fun.  I want to create more with wheat!  Perhaps I will. 

 You & Me print.  Just a sweet one.

 Hello Circle Pop print.  This one makes my heart happy and I can't explain why.  Even the watercolor smears on the sides make me happy.

Butcher Selection print.  I do love some cows.  I've been seeing butcher selection things everywhere and I wanted my own version to put on a dishtowel and was inspired by a precious vintage cow graphic.  It turned out so well I decided to add him as a print.  He's so sweet... and dare I say, yummy?  (grin)
 Favorite dishtowels to DATE.  Love these guys. (Individually printed, so ink consistency may very slightly from pictured items, but all are LOVELY!)  I also have some irregulars (SOLD OUT) in the shop at half prices, as usual because some irregularities don't make the cut.  Which is great news for those of you pinching pennies.
 He has eyelashes.  I needed to point that out to you.
Makes me want to whip up a pot roast.

 (Sorry the butcher selection got in here.  My mistake.) These are all returning favorites.  Clockwise from top left: Watercolor cow, (butcher selection) O Come All ye Faithful (major favorite of mine) and Isaiah 40:11 sheep.  (My man lovingly calls that one the ransom note sheep.)

Clockwise from left: Ranuculus bouquet (also available as a canvas in any size, prices vary, by special order) White barn (also available in canvas) and the You Complete Me print.
Clockwise from top left.  There's No Place Like Home, Bushel and Peck, VW Love bus (also my personal brand) and You are my Sunshine print.
 Yellow Ranuculus prints.  (All available as canvas prints, prices vary and by custom request only. )  I have all three above my bed, shown here.

Christmas Quote print:  I may have sold more of this one, than any other print.  Which makes me smile.  Smiling's my favorite. (Also going to show y'all how to make that cute Anthro knock-off wreath here soon.... maybe Friday if I can get my act together?)

 And yes... because we love them, more blue ball jar towels.  I shall never be tired of this hanging in my kitchen. (SOLD OUT but more are coming NEXT week- hopefully by about Wednesday!)

Christmas Garlands... (8' tree shown above, strung with 2 orders.) (12 total yards)

The wait list is NOW OPEN.  It's already filling up fast because some of you couldn't wait and started emailing me your requests early.  You have no idea how that tickled me and made me laugh, you rule breakers, you! (grin) 

Here are the details. PLEASE READ CAREFULLY so that (hopefully) all your questions are answered. 

Garlands are going to be listed at the same prices as last year, $35 for a 6 yard total roll (arrives in two separate 3 yard-long pieces) and shipping/handling cost will be $4.00.  There is an additional $1 shipping charge for each garland after the first one. 

Individually hand-stamped onto white crinoline fabric (for durability and pretty light filtering) with archival ink, each garland reads, "wonderful counselor, mighty God, everlasting father" and then "prince of peace, emmanuel, king of kings, lord of lords."  I have separated this garland into two pieces, each approx 3 yards long, for approximately 6 yards, total. These would be lovely woven into a large wreath or banister railing as well. Stamped in black ink onto white fabric in lower case letters- the "g" for "God" has been raised slightly in height, out of respect for the Name. Each garland is 4" wide. 

Because each letter has been hand stamped by imperfect people like myself, each garland is charmingly imperfect and ink transfer varies slightly from letter to letter resembling that of old typesetter fonts.

Care: Do not wash, or use outdoors. If dusty over time, gently shake out, or run through a cool dryer cycle.

Helpful hint:  I have used two to four garland orders for a huge, nearly 8 foot tree, and  as little as 1 or 2 garlands for a much smaller 4-5 foot tree. Because they come in 3 yard lengths, it makes it easy to place them and space them out to look esthetically pleasing!) 

The wait list closes as soon as I have all my open garland spaces filled up so first come, first serve and there is no limit on how many you can reserve. Please reserve what you think you will want because though cancellations do happen, changing your mind is not necessarily recommended and I may not be able to alter your reservation if spaces are already filled. Production for the garlands begins in early October, and will be shipping out from mid October through November.  I will send a PayPal payment invoice as soon as they are ready for you and will ship them as soon as Paypal notifies me of your payment.  

To get on the reservation list, please email me at  Include the following: Your full name, and the number of garlands you want reserved in your name.  That's it! 

**Please do not reproduce this item in any way, as it was my own original design.**
You may purchase items in my Etsy shop... here. 

And now I shall go nap... and maybe hide for a day.


  1. GORGEOUS! I adore the lettering and how you used the negative space with the water colors around them. It's hard to pick favorites. The pumpkin, the You and Me colors are exactly what I am going for in the house but the Hello, oh that might be my favorite. It makes me smile every time I look at it.

    B is requesting that you add a pig butcher selection tea towel to next year's shop :) He would like them both!

  2. Beautiful~ Lovely~ Inspiring~ Scrumptious!!
    All of them just so happy. Well done friend!
    Your creativity continues to make me smile :-)

  3. LOVE!!! Do you have a favorite place to get your white frames or do you often paint them?

  4. This is a great collection, this makes me smile big for my Dad. Love that you used the little pitcher.
    Happy shop opening!

  5. Oh my goodness!! I went to visit my grandson in Vienna, Austria this summer and every single night I sang: Bushel and a Peck AND You are my sunshine!! I may need BOTH of these!!!!

  6. Yay your shop is open and I got my towel! I may need to visit again tomorrow when I have more time. :)

  7. Sash!! These watercolor prints are stunners. You are amazing.

  8. I'll take one of everything...I WISH! Your art is heartwarming. I adore everything.

  9. Sasha you are so talented! I am humbled and honored to post for you today! I am reserving my garland today too! Blessings! Susan

  10. Sasha you have such a gift! How blessed we are that you share it with us!! Reserved my garland - yay!!

  11. Wow love each and every one of your watercolors. Wish I could take them all! :-) I got on your garland list so that is good for now. Have a blessed day hun. :-)

  12. I love the garland!!! Just curious if you make others with different sayings, like perhaps a favorite Christmas song?

  13. Beautiful work, Sasha! I bought a couple dish towels and dinner napkins several months ago and love them. Those paintings are amazing- If I could right now, one would be mine for sure!

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  15. I just ordered your precious Blue Moon Grateful Pumpkin print. I am excited to hang it in my kitchen and I especially love that you prayed over it! :) May God continue to bless you and your family. You are such a sweet blessing to your reader friends in ways you may never know until you get to heaven.

  16. Beautiful work, you are truly a gifted lady and I am loving my dish towel, can't wait for the garland.

  17. I ADORE that grateful print! So perfect for Fall! :)

    Amanda Jo

  18. Wow, everything is so beautiful!! I just ordered the No Place Like Home ~ have wanted it for eons. Next, I'd love the Grateful print. You are so talented!


  19. Beautiful items.....wish I could get them all :)

  20. Sasha, I just want to say thank you for the beautiful work that you did with the garlands I received....I have them ready to be placed on our tree as soon as Thanksgiving is over....they are just as beautiful in person as they were on your website..(which isn't always true with some of my other purchases from other sites) thank you thank you thank you. I would love to see some piece of art done with one of your favorite verses...Jeremiah 29:11...because it's my favorite too!....