Saturday, October 19, 2013

A cute way to update a basic pair of rain boots

Rain boots.  Farm boots.  Muck boots.  Around here, we call 'em "wellies."

And we use them a LOT, in the rainy Pacific NW. (Ironically, most people don't use umbrellas.  I do.  And I also get teased for looking like a tourist.  Whatevs.)

Not every girl can relate to this obviously... but I'm only 5'1," and boot heights give me fits!  They are almost always too tall for me and cut me off in all the wrong places.  (Thank you Lord, for making me short.  I know You had Your reasons.  And I do hope You explain them to me when I arrive at Heaven's gate.  Thanks.)

Anyway, I cut off my wellies so they were the same height as the only other pair of boots that seem to work for my frame, and they were a great height.  But er... ugly.  I mean, they do look like I cut them off.  I knew that a boot sock folded over "just so" would cover that part, so I wasn't worried.  A girl does what she has to do.  But it did occur to me that they would be just darling with a bow in the back.  And that's the part I'm here to share today because you could do this to any pair of rain boots regardless of your height and it would be super cute for little girls too! 

So, please ignore the not so even cutting at the edges of my wellies.  Just focus on the bow.  Mkay?  (grin)

Gather together the following materials: 
Your boots (duh.)
A length of ribbon.  I used about 1/2-3/4 of a yard for each bow.
2 grommet sets for each boot (so FOUR total.  A front and back piece.) and a grommet maker
Scissors for making a hole in the rubber
(A BandAid in case you slice your thumb like I did.  Be warned.)
Fray check

**I started by figuring out where I wanted my two grommet holes on each boot.  I pushed the round part of the grommet (that goes into the hole you cut) against the rubber to make a sort of "imprint," and then cut that out roughly with my scissors.  And be careful on this part.  You don't want to cut a huge hole, just one large enough to push the grommet through eye through. (And don't slice your thumb off.)

Follow the instructions on the grommet packaging to complete the grommet process.  If you've never done this before, try it out on a scrap of fabric first so you can get the hang of installing grommets.

Thread the ribbon through and tie in a neat bow.  Trim length if needed.

Use fray check along the cut edges of the bow.  Let dry. (Which obviously, I didn't do before taking the photos. Ha!)

 So fun!  These are perfect for kiddo field trips and visits to pumpkin patches, etc. 

Go forth and put grommets on things!  (grin)

Before I go... I wanted to update you on shop news.  Christmas garlands are nearly done and I'm gonna dance a happy dance when I have invoiced and mailed out that last one too!  (I am so grateful to your orders and to my helpers.  What a blessing.)  That said, I'm really not trying to rush any seasons here, but I decided to make as many holiday items available from Oct-Nov this year as possible so that I can once again lock down my shop in early December.  I don't have a definite date for that yet but probably around the second week of December, so make sure and get your orders in before then.  I sold out of the ball jar towels last week, and I'm going to make a huge batch once these garlands are done, as well as (fingers crossed-hopefully) give thanks napkins and eat, drink, be merry napkins.  I have also added a couple of cute holiday items like this vintage ornament print.  It's available as a photo print or as a wrapped canvas.  (Shown here as a 16x20 size) The canvas is amazing! I'm offering it in a variety of sizes from as small as 11x14" to as large as 24x36."  I am going to hang the 24x36" sized one in my house in December.  (Oooh I can't wait to decide where it should go!)

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Enjoy the rest of your weekend friends.  Tomorrow is our day of rest.. and I'm going to savor that! 


  1. Your boots look completely adorable! I just love cute rain boots. The one time I visited Seattle I was fortunate enough to sit on the plane next to a local, who filled me in on the odd lack of umbrellas use by locals. I hate looking like a tourist, usually, but I was so glad for my umbrella later when I was walking for miles in a deluge.

    I've never used fray-check on a ribbon before! I usually just burn the ends with a lighter. However, that does occasionally curve the edge if I'm overzealous with the flame.

  2. So adorable!!!!! And since I too live in the PNW I think I NEED to try this out!!!

  3. I love this! Where did you get your boots? I was born and raised in Oregon, but oddly never owned rain boots!

  4. perfect print!!! LOVE! and those boots - i'm thinking sage needs this done to hers stat!

  5. A seriously cute pair of Wellies. A great idea to chop of their tops to suit your height!

  6. I love this idea, I am only 5,1 myself and I guess I really never thought about cutting the tops.,LOL Adding the boot socks and the ribbon is just plain cute. Thanks for sharing! :-)

  7. What a cute idea for the boots! So clever, you are. Love the print as well. Happy Sunday to you and your family.

  8. You don't mention the boot liner, or I am missing it? Did you cut a thrift store sweater's sleeves and put the grommet through one side of them first?

  9. Seriously friend you just ooze crafty goodness. You can't help but better things:-) Love them. Would die if I saw you walking down the street in them. Like I think you're on to something. BIG!

  10. Wellies? I have never in my 40 years heard boots called that! I love it! It sounds British to me. I can't say the word without attempting a British accent! It must be a total West coast thing! I am only 5' 0" so I hear ya! I am actually wearing a pair of brown cowgirlish booths I found in the kids section of my local consignment shop. I will have to look for Wellies when I am there again! XO

  11. Love this idea, and the fact that we have a grommet maker already! I also have a huge stash of free is good!

  12. SO cute! I think I shall make a pair for both of my girlies! Thanks for the inspiration. xo

  13. What cute boots!! Brilliant idea. I'm only 5'2" and have the same problem and hate my wellies, so uncomfortable - now I have inspiration, thank you. Have a lovely week :)

  14. your ideas are endless.
    seriously. bows in your boots? they are adorable.
    fantastic idea!
    I have a feeling there will be lots of ribbons added to boots this week!!

  15. You are hilarious...i love that you write the way you talk...i love your boots...your print...your house...and i have decided i need to come have tea and make something with you... mkay?

  16. I'm a fellow petite gal and I love the idea! So creative with the wellies. I love the way grommets look on everything related to house decor and this is totally fun. By the way, love the pillow on the bed. Did you make pillow cover or purchase ready-made? I've been keeping my eye out for something like that and may just try to sew it.

  17. Cute just cute and practical.

  18. super cute. I have a pair in the closet that can be redone.