Friday, October 4, 2013

A little chalkboard love.

I've missed you guys!  I love that so many of you are on Instagram and I get to keep up with you daily, there.  Do you feel like Instagram is kind of replacing blogging?  (I keep thinking that... and yet, the blogger in me boo's loudly at that idea.)

Okay so in wrapping up the world's busiest week, no lie, I decided to quickly jump on here and blog about a chalkboard.  (First, though- you see my hair?  I like to call this Phase ONE of "the process." You know.. the letting gray grow in process?  My sweetie pie stylist encouraged me today and said that I might be pleasantly surprised at the amount of gray I have- in other words I envision a blue-haired grandma...and I might be exaggerating that mental picture in my mind.  Ha.  Well, that would be the first time I ever did that!  She colored about 95% of my blonde foils with my "natural" color and since only the top of my hair was colored to begin with, I'm over half-way there.  You can see some silvery streaks through the bottom half, and a few shimmering in the sunlight.  It's actually darker than it appears in this instagram photo.  I think the filter I chose makes me look more blonde.  We decided a big chop wasn't a good idea for now- not with my attempting to coax some order from my natural curls and all- AND going gray to boot. (She styled me smooth and pretty here but I normally look like a lion these days.)  One change at a time, all with the right to change my mind at a moment's notice.  Amen.  (grin) And thank YOU for all the encouragement and advice.  You guys are the best.  I had no idea going naturally gray was such a polarizing topic.  Some ladies were adamantly against and some were the opposite.  (We'll see how I feel about it in six months.  Ha!)
 So Anyway. 

I made a chalkboard and it was so easy, quick and inexpensive I felt that I MUST share. 

I wanted something that we could write our thankfuls on in November, something I could bring out for special occasions and holidays to write menus on, or even seasonal quotes like the one on it now.  (I moved the sweet sign I had above this book shelf to a different dining room wall.)  I couldn't find anything long and narrow in size and rustic in finish, so I decided I could make one. 

I bought a pre-cut board at Lowe's and they have many sizes to choose from.  Then I bought three pieces of "trim" board.  (Two were the exact length of the board, so I simply cut the third into two pieces and fitted it in between them, nailing it all down like a puzzle once my finishes were dry.  I used a handsaw since I'm banned from touching my man's tools and it took me about five minute tops.)

 I took a hammer (front side and back) to the trim, making lots of dents.  I used a knife, screwdriver and a chisel as well, beating up all the trim pieces.  Then I used a rag and wiped two coats of special walnut stain over them, letting the stain gather in all the scratches and imperfections. While that was drying, I spray painted several coats of chalkboard spray paint onto the board, and wiped special walnut stain carefully around the edges of the chalked board itself so the trim would blend in once nailed down.

I let everything dry overnight and then I used some trim nails to secure the stained trim pieces onto the chalkboard.  I seasoned the chalk surface, by running my chalk sideways over it before using too.
 It's the best size and I guarantee it will find a dozen new homes by the end of next year.  Because it's narrow and tall, it could go anywhere!  So handy.
 And just because I was standing there with the camera, photographing something all pretty... I wanted to show you this area to my left- the catch-all space.  There is truly no long-term solution.  We drop everything right here on the island, because it's the natural path and the way our home design works as we walk inside from the garage.  No place to put a little table for mail and such...   It is, what it is and everybody uses it! 
For the following week, I'm going to be starting production on your Christmas garlands so if you don't hear much from me... I'm probably buried under hundreds of yards of fabric and stamps.  Oh... gonna be a fun week ahead!  

By the way, I have been having such a ball getting your new print orders out in the various sizes... I wish I had been able to offer different sizing earlier.  And I'm so pleased you guys are loving the little reindeer print!  Just blessed me to my toes.  Thank YOU!

Happy Weekend dear ones,


  1. girl. I know its none of my business, but I just think you are way too young to go grey!

    ok, just had to get that off my chest

    the chalkboard is the perfect size, you are so right. he doesn't even know how many homes he's gonna see in his chalkboard life. he's going to be like a military family chalkboard :)

  2. Great choice with just coloring it for now. Baby steps, right? You look lovely as usual.
    Love that chalkboard. Thanks for sharing how you made it. Looking forward to all the places you find to put it and the different quotes you will write.
    Have a great weekend!

  3. I love the little reindeer print and hope to pick one up next month. I LOVE the way your hair came out! The chalkboard is such a great idea...and includes one of my favorite quotes!!!!! Happy Saturday!

  4. Your hair looks great! And I love that chalkboard and quote. I'll have to change our chalkboard saying out to that quote. All I could come up with at the time was "Welcome Fall." I've got baby brain! haha

  5. Lovely do! I love the trim on the chalkboard...that's what is missing from mine...duh. Have a great weekend!

  6. Hi Sasha, loving your chalkboard, it looks great in your home. This is good timing as I happen to be pondering over chalkboards. I made one over the summer (yep and beat the frame up too to age it!), I used chalkboard spray, carefully making a few light sprays, letting it dry in between, till it was a good solid black colour. Then seasoning it by rubbing chalk over, like you did. However, I'm not happy because each time I write on it and then clean it, it's not cleaning up good. I don't expect it to be perfect but I was kinda expecting to be able to clean off the writing and not have it show through too much. I've tried with a dry cloth and a slightly damp cloth. So, I was wondering what your experience is and do you have any tips for me? Thank you for your thoughts :)

  7. Well, you have a gorgeous head of hair, regardless of the color.

    The chalkboard is such a cute idea and the frame just sets it off.

    We all struggle with "catch all" areas in our house. I thought once my children were gone it would no longer be a problem, but I was wrong.

    Happy rest of the weekend!

  8. If this is gray, darling, you are magnificent.

    Now I want to make a chalkboard, but I'm moving next week and all I can do is pack. Yuck. But then!!!! Then I can do all the fun things I've been meaning to do. Once I get out from under the boxes, that is.

    You. Are. Spectacular. You are.

  9. You are so very cute. Very. CUTE. And I really wish you were here cause I want a really big green chalkboard. Really big. Loved this tutorial. Maybe I'll tackle it;-)

  10. I have to agree with pioneercynthia...if this is gray you are magnificient. You don't have a thing to worry about in the hair department, because your heart shines all over you. Love the chalkboard. Will be searching your blog for gluten free tips. Thanks!

  11. Your blackboard looks wonderful. I get the trim board part but what did you use for the "blackboard"part?

  12. your hair looks gorgeous. but i'm certain you could do anything with it and it'd look amazing. i'm getting my hair cut on tues for the first time since jan. EEEK! can't wait. your chalkboard is unreal. SO beautiful!

  13. There's nothing wrong with your island, but if it bugs you, why don't you put a pretty hook for your purse and hang a basket or two for your mail? Or even just a cute tote bag for the mail? I've convinced myself that the mini madras tote bag that lives on my dining room bookcase and holds dear husband's blood pressure monitor is "décor." Lol. - your friend Nancy

  14. I have to say that I love the real life picture of your island. We all have spots just like that regardless of how much room we have. You are so right when you say "it is what it is". Blessings to you and your family.

  15. we have a ton of countertop space in this house.
    it's awesome when i'm entertaining, but it's ridiculous when i'm not.
    you can only imagine how filled up they get with our stuff.

    your hair looks fabulous and so does that chalkboard.
    i'm with you. i foresee him experiencing nearly every room in your house in his lifetime.

  16. Hello Cousin Sasha....just wanted to tell you that I think you are gorgeous!!! All of your pictures have inspired me to come up for a visit. Your namesake ( my daughter Sasha), is also a gorgeous gal. Congratulations on your success and your sweet testimony that is shared as well.