Sunday, October 27, 2013


'Tis the season.  The season when my camera starts going everywhere with me again, that is.  (My man took this photo when we were out walking this weekend and I stole it from his instagram feed.)

As we close out the weekend, I'm reflecting on all the sweetness we were blessed to pack into it.  Some weekends are like that.  The kiddos don't fight as much, things get done, memories get made and life feels pretty amazing.  This was a rare weekend like that.

We enjoyed cool fall weather and went for a family walk in the crunchy leaves and fog, and headed to the pumpkin patch with my brother and his little family. (Oh how I love my nieces.  I've got three of them and each one is pure sweetness.  Love spending time with all of them and all of their parents too!  I especially love that my hoodlums are the "big kids" and love playing with the littles and getting fun squeals out of them.  Lots of laughter there.)

We came home with pumpkins to carve and the kiddos are working on that as I type this right now.  Do y'all ever read through the parable of the pumpkin when you carve them?  It's amazing.  We do it each year, and it's such a great way to share a deeper meaning to something like scooping the yuck out of a pumpkin.

Adrain and I got ALL of the Names of God Christmas garlands finished this afternoon.  (Can you say JOY?  What a blessing that big job has been!)  The last stamp was placed and the last invoice has been sent.  (I'm just waiting on payments to ship them out, but I am still taking wait list names in case of cancellations.)

It's been a gooooood weekend, and here it is, in photos, so come along and bask in the memories with me.

This leaf was suspended, mid-air, by a spider's thread of silken web. 
My babies. One of who is standing on tippy toe to be closer to my height. 
Maple leaves bigger than your face. 

This one and the kitties.  Oh how she wants one!

Purple berries.  I photographed it just because they were something I'd never seen.
Little miss got a hair cut this weekend.  This bob makes her look a bit more grown up.  (I don't like it.  ha!)
Little bundle of precious-ness, right here.  I want to say that I remember those days... but you know, I really don't.  They are kind of a blur.  One diaper after another, mashing food, wiping noses, running to the grocery store and planning life around nap time schedules.  It's very intense, meaningful work... but I just can't remember much about that time period.  I think it was the lack of sleep.  (grin)

Love these smiles. Cousins are so special. 

And that was my weekend dear friends.   

How was yours? 


  1. A and J are looking more and more grown up everyday. It goes by so fast, doesn't it? Thanks for sharing your sweet family with us.
    I never carved a pumpkin until about seven or eight years ago with my kids. Their first time too. Lots of fun. I have never had roasted pumpkin seeds either. I hear they are yummy. : ) Do you roast yours?

    So glad you were able to get all your garlands done and will be able to enjoy your family during the holiday season. You are such a blessing and it's always a joy to stop by your blog.
    Hugs to you sweetness. Have a blessed week.

  2. those leaves!!! we don't have those here. keep the autumn colors coming - i love these pictures. and your NAILS!

  3. They (your children) are getting so big! Beautiful shots!

  4. Awww, what fun. We had cousin time this weekend too. Special memories were made!

  5. What a lovely fall day. That big leaf is incredible! Love those magical times...

  6. Awesome pictures hun, love this time of year for sure! Thanks for sharing and have a blessed day! :-)

  7. Gorgeous photos, precious family!

  8. What a beautiful weekend!!! The kids are growing up so fast!! I love that Joe was on his tippy toes :) Ava's polka dotted jacket is adorable!!!! And I love your aqua bowl!! I have the same one in red <3 What color nail polish is that in your camera pic? It's pretty!! You're such a cutie with your braids and hat <3 Hope you have a blessed week my friend <3

  9. I love this Sasha! What fun! Your daughter's hair looks so sweet! Her big beautiful eyes just twinkle!!! That huge maple leaf....that need to be pressed and framed!!!! And might i add that I think we have twin dahlias????

  10. I LOVED seeing some of those pictures on IG this past weekend, while I sat there freezing at the CLF. :) Those leaves....they are HUGE. I showed that pic to Andy....and we both agreed! We HAVE to visit the PNW. HAVE to.

    Y'all had a FULL weekend. We haven't carved pumpkins yet....they'll rot. :)

  11. Your photos always capture such wonderful memories, Sasha. What a lovely weekend with your family.

  12. Your fall photos are beautiful. The pic of the children sitting on the pumpkin is perfect. I hope you print it out and frame it. Have a wonderful week.


  13. Beautiful photos of fall and your family!!

  14. we are doing our nature fall walk Wednesday Lord willing. it's a half day. sad I have to schedule it in:/ love ava's hair. I noticed it right away on IG.

  15. Tell ma about your lens... you pictures are awesome!!

    1. thank you! I used a 50mm lens for all of these shots. It's my favorite lens. :)

  16. Love your beautiful photographs! Your daughter's hair does make her look older. :) I had a fabulous lunch out with a great girlfriend (yay!), went with my son and husband to a fun Halloween shindig and got to sing on vocal team Sunday. PLUS a date night while my son's fabulous clinic provided a free parent night out. Great weekend!

  17. Beautiful! We had a good weekend too. I love looking at your fall photos. I'm with you on having a hard time remembering my kiddos being little. I totally agree it must be lack of sleep...and the brain cells that go with each pregnancy. ;)

  18. I love every single picture you take! They are gorgeous!

  19. This certainly is my favorite time of year for pictures! I love all that you have shared here, and your little gals hair cut too! Your boy looks so much like you! funny that he's on his tippy's! They grow too dang fast :)

  20. Cousin time is really special time. I used to love playing at my cousins' shoo use. I recently reconnected with my cousin and she came to stay for a while. We had such fun. I wrote a blog post about our time together. If you have time, you might like a quiet read ...

    I love reading your blog and the photos of your sweet children.