Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Pieces of Fall.

Hi Friends!  Look it's me.. blogging on more of a schedule again!  It's amazing what a person can accomplish when they are not spending their day stamping yard after yard of garland fabric. (grin)

I'm pretty sure I'm going to drive my sis in law's and mom in law crazy between now and Thanksgiving.  We're hosting Adrain's side of the family this year and I'm doing my best to blow up their Facebook messaging with my excitement, as we all choose who is bringing pumpkin pies and green bean casseroles.  I just realized that my last message was signed "Giddy!!"  It's nice that they love me anyway.  I've got all my Christmas shop items done for the most part, so I can just focus once again on the next thing at hand. Er, the holiday coming up that I like better than Halloween. Ha!

Halloween... yeah, I'm not crazy about it.  I look at it as an awesome opportunity to shine our light into a dark world seeking some kind of light out there. 

This year we get to participate in something cool that our church is helping us with.  We are hosting a neighborhood glow station right in my front yard!  We'll be gathering several friends and then setting up a little canopy to shelter us from the rain that they say is moving in tomorrow, and we'll be passing out a ton of candy, cocoa and glow bracelets.  I can't think of a better way to not only love on my neighbors, but also help make it safe on a night when mayhem can get out of hand.  I'll try and snatch a few pictures to share with you and if you're local, come on by!
That rain I briefly mentioned?  Yeah it's a-comin!  We can't escape it very long, living in the Pacific NW.  I'm bracing myself for the gray but I'm in a much better place this winter so I'm praying that it's not as hard on me.  Last year was a tough one for most people that live here.  The rain and gray was kind of relentless.  The sun is brightly shining this afternoon so I took the opportunity to photograph a few things I had going on.  I wanted to make my kids some yummy dipped apples as an after school surprise (since they will probably not get enough sugar this week. Ha!).  I have never made caramel apples before but they were super easy.  I just followed the instructions on the package of caramels.  I also added a Sasha twist by double dipping them into melted white chocolate and then sprinkling them with pumpkin pie spice.   

Um. yeah.  I am going for that Mother of the Year award.  I admit it.

 I let the apples sit for just a few minutes and then followed the microwave melting instructions for the white chocolate.  I dipped the apples and sprinkled them with pumpkin pie spice while they were still glossy. 

 Seriously do it.  You'll come back and thank me.  You're welcome.
They are sitting on the counter waiting for those big smiles I'm sure to get when the hoodlums walk in the door.  I love that part of the day.
I also planted my first batch of paper whites this afternoon.  (Also something I've never done but they say it's super easy.  I'll say that after they have grown.)  (grin) I'm planning to plant a few more batches every couple of weeks through November so that I have blooms all during the month of December.

One of my sweet bloggy friends suggested that I follow the advice here, and use a few drops of alcohol to stunt their growth and keep them from getting too leggy.  (I'm doing it!  I hope I don't kill them.)
You just need some pebbles, water, a container, and bulbs.

I like things that are that simple. 

I had these white pebbles in my garage so that's what I used but I think they should maybe be smaller?  I don't know really, I'm just going with what I've got. 
 You will want to fill up your container about half way and settle the bulbs into the pebbles with the roots facing down and the tiny green tips up. 

Then you water up to the base of the bulbs.  (Apparently they will rot if you immerse them so don't do that!) I'll keep ya posted on if they grow for me.  Fingers crossed!

So that's me today... basking in the sun for the moment and checking FUN things off my list now that Christmas garlands are done!  What are you up to today?


  1. Oh my.......they look awesome!!!! I am so in love with caramel apples and those with the added chocolate are just to swoon over....LOL Thanks for sharing and have a blessed evening. :-)

  2. I am at work but I'm all caught up so rewarding myself with some blog stuff, those apples look good. Ive been wanteing to try the ones that are scooped out and filled with caramel.
    Have a great day.

  3. I have some paperwhites planted too -- bought them from my DD's school fundraiser! Those apples look amazing. Nice touch w/ the pumpkin pie spice! Enjoy your sunshine! xo

  4. you are the best mother! love the special treats you make to surprise your sweeties with. and pumpkin pie spice on the apples is GENIUS. i love you.

  5. Not a white chocolate fan, but that speckled lookin apple made me hungry!!! I'm just a mother cuffer girl. That's alllll I've been doing. That and homework. I hate school;-)

  6. Those look delicious...I think our family needs to make them!
    What a great idea for Halloween, bringing light instead of darkness!


  7. OH.MY.GOODNESS! Those apples look divine! Wish I could pop in and eat one with your kids. :) I will definitely have to put those on the list for the weekend.

  8. I LOVE the *look* of paperwhites, they are so pure and beautiful and I'd fill my whole house with them if I could! Maybe I'm in the minority here, but they have a definite smell and to me it's so strong that it's overwhelming, similar to the strength of gardenias. If only there was an odorless version! :)

  9. I cant wait to see your paper whites! I have never even heard of them, so this will be new to me!! Your apples look divine - just like everything else you do!! I feel your pain about the gray. We have long, dark winters here too and it can be tough. Here's to more sunshine!! Susan

  10. those caramel apples dipped in white chocolate will soon make an appearance at my house!

  11. I REALLY hate it when my comment gets posted before I want it to. :)
    Anyway, I love that you're feeling back on a schedule with blogging. I've taken the week off so far. :) TIRED from the fair...catching up on housework and rest.

    Okay..about paper whites. Do they smell bad to you? I bought them one year, and they smelled like, ummmmm, cat pee.

  12. Those caramel apples look amazing! Oh my! I wish you delivered! :) I love the idea of what you are doing for Halloween! Once again your kind heart shows through like a beacon light sweetie! I was wondering if my husband, Ava, Caroline and myself can be part of your extended family for Thanksgiving? Lol! You always out do yourself and I am pretty sure this year will be no exception! We are also having Thanksgiving at our house. Sasha, one of my fellow teachers is reading a book called Unstuck. I feel like you may have mentioned before that you read it but I can't remember!

  13. Those apples are adorable!! What a great idea adding a little extra yum to them!!! I'm sure J and A went crazy :) My friend (who is great with plants, uses pea gravel for her paper whites....she also uses mason jars to plant them in (super cute and right up your alley) Try it!!! and let me know <3

    Today is wednesday, it's my short school day, my run my oldest daughter to college day, but it's my last one of those since she'll be getting her drivers license next Wednesday!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I'm feeling very sentimental these days as my littles are not so little anymore.....sniff sniff! It's gray and rainy here so I'll be looking for my own Sunshine. Thanks for kickstarting the glow <3

  14. Yummy!!!

    We always gave out glow sticks at our trunk or treat at church so the kiddos could have something fun and stay safe. My hubby always loves ordering them.

    I wonder if any other bulbed flowers would grow the same way...