Friday, November 1, 2013

Glowing. (And way too many Halloween photos)

Good morning my friends.

I am dragging today.  I've got a ton of things to check off the old to-do list, and my kids were trying their hardest to get me let them stay home sick.  Funny how that plea gets tossed out the window when I remind them that if they are sick enough to stay home... they will need to lay in bed all day long so they get better!  

Little tricksters.  Too much party is what ails them.  Ha!

So many of you wanted to know more about the Glow station we set up in our front yard so I wanted to make sure and share some of that with you!  It was a HUGE success and more fun than I could have possibly imagined.  I definitely want to do it again next year.  We think about 300-400 people ended up passing by.  Our church supplied cocoa (which we gave out every last drop), cups with lids (awesome), candy and glow bracelets.  We gave out the last of our candy and a few extra glow bracelets to a little girl who didn't get an early start and ended up on our street with all the neighbor's lights off, as we were taking down the glow station. I felt so bad for her.  I'd say that was a pretty successful evening!  My friend Trudy provided us with some tablecloths, jack 'o lantern lights and other fun decorations along with the canopy.  My other friend Allison provided us with tables and a giant coffee pot for the cocoa.  It was a group effort and the neighbors LOVED it.  We were all just hanging out in the yard having a party. 

As you can see the hoodlums dressed up as Star Trek characters.  Alli and I let them go trick or treating early, before we put them to work in the glow station. 

Oh and that oompah-loompa?  That's my sweet sis in law.  Isn't she adorable?! Perfect costume for her too.  My son adores the fact that they are almost the same height.  Apparently that's a big deal these days.  I love that she showed up and just worked and helped and hung out. 

It's a bit of out of focus but my sweet photographer friend Amy once told me, it's better to capture the moment than miss the shot because you're messing with your camera.  Loved that advice.

We tried a Pinterest duck tape boot project.  It didn't turn out quite the way the Pinterest photo looked but eh, they worked.  If I wasn't so tired right now I'd go find that site and link it.  Ha! 
I loved this shot of my kids.  Just being themselves.

This is the tenth Halloween that I've taken a shot of my hoodlums gathering candy down this very road. (My favorite photos were from 2011.  Ava was a total ham that year.  You can check out that post here.)
My precious friend Trudy.  My once next-door neighbor who now lives across town.  Sad.  I remember when the house next to me was vacant (before she came) and I would walk past it and pray for a fun friend to move in.  I seriously did!  I hit the mother-load when she moved in.  We used to have regular porch time, a come-as-you-are, sit on the front porch and gab about life and motherhood time. And though she has moved... we still DO IT!  Not always on the porch any more, but I sure love this girl to pieces.  She's the one in a crisis standing on your door with flowers, chocolate, a hug, and something to lift your spirits.  She has a gift- a gift of thoughtfulness. 
Super Mom.  My Alli-girl. Friends since childhood, related in a round about way, she is precious to me and her girls call me Auntie Sasha.  My kiddos call her Auntie Allison.  She is truly the epitome of SUPER mom.  If you knew her, you'd agree.  I love that when I want to do something crazy or fun, Alli is the first one standing in line, not asking questions but just "Yeah, let's do it!"  It's been like that our whole lives.  And surprisingly we didn't get into a lot of trouble back in the day.  Or at least that's what I'd like you to believe....
And her cape sparkled.  That's the way she rolls.  You would love her.
 My favorite picture of the entire day.  Running for candy.  I laughed and laughed.
So that was our Halloween.   We got to have way too much candy, stay up way too late, hang out with neighbors, meet tons of new neighbors, and shine a light in the darkness. 

Psalm 36:9
"For with you is the fountain of life; in your light we see light."


  1. What fun! That is one thing I miss since moving to the country...a great neighborhood on Halloween.

  2. Oh this all looks great, love the fact that you had that Glo Station, that is so awesome! It was so rainy and dark here, we had a great time with a group of 11 people but I did not get to take any pics because of the pouring rain. :-( Thanks for sharing! Love your street, reminds me of Wisteria Lane in Desperate Housewives......LOL

  3. Such a fun idea for the glo station. I love how your kids outfits match the leaves exactly. Enjoy a restful weekend.

  4. Looks like your Halloween night was a huge success! And I think your friend Ali has the greatest costume! Super Mom! I love it! Happy weekend girlie!

  5. Looks like fun girl. Glow!!! We go after dark. We could barely find our kids going from house to house. They are looking big btw!!

  6. What a fun evening and all for such a good purpose! You kids outfits matched the fallen leaves on the ground, so cute! Enjoy your weekend!

  7. Super Mom...LOVE IT! Very creative.

  8. I so enjoy reading your posts Sasha. I love the glow station idea!! We live out in the country, but I may try to talk a friend into doing this at her house next year! Your kids are lovely and I love that you have such nice things to say about your friends. Blessings! Susan

  9. you guys had SO MUCH FUN!!!!!
    I love that you showed us pictures of your friends there!!!

    And, the homes in your neighborhood are so pretty....I can see glimpses of them in the pictures...what a great place to live!