Tuesday, November 12, 2013


 Last weekend I had the happy adventure of road tripping with some of my favorite women, my book club, up to Whistler, B.C. Canada.  I didn't even bring my camera!  It felt a little weird but I took a few fun photos on my phone and shared them on my Instagram feed.  (Did you know that you can follow me there even if you don't have a smartphone?  Just go here!) (I am @lemonademakinmama if you do have Instagram) From the left it's Kristin, Kristin, Me, Alli, and Nurse Nicki. 

We laughed, and laughed.  We sat in Starbucks and talked for hours.  Deep, good talks that make you feel like you really got to the bottom of a person's heart. (I tend to thrive on that... I bet you totally get that too!) We ate yummy things, sipped yummy things, window shopped, and walked all over.  We watched a few good movies, talked some more and laughed.  It's always relaxing with these girls.  There are no expectations, no drama, no weirdness.  It's all about hanging out, refreshing and enjoying one anothers company.  I've never had a group of friends like this and I know what a rare gift it is.  We don't always get to see each other regularly outside of book club but these girls are so precious and I love knowing that they have my back if I need them.  
Canadians have such pretty money.  I lived in Canada in high school, for two years, and it was a fun change from what I was used to.  

 Gorgeous suspension bridge.  I am so freaked out by bridges.  I literally have to have my finger on the button that rolls down the window as I pass over one. 
Canadian chocolate.  (Apparently you can get some of these in the States but I've never seen them.) My man is a coffee crisp addict.  I instagrammed the above photo and he commented, "I know who that coffee crisp is for. #betterthanashirt"  LOL  I should have brought him a case.  Dangit.  Aero is my fave but I only bought three.  Everyone shared a bite of theirs with me, so don't worry... (Should have bought a few more of those too!)
 Lush.  Super cool bath bomb bar.  How can you not love this? Ava was so excited when I gave her one.  The ladies in this store pampered us and did a hand treatment on us.  It was fantastic.
 If this is Canadian humor... I dig it.  We spotted this on the side of an ice machine. 
 Dinner at the Mongolie grill.  Always fun.
 Pretty displays in some of the shops had us drooling and feeling inspired. 

 It's just gorgeous there.
And before I left, I made some of these four ingredient- sweet treats for my man as a thank you for his willingness to hold down the fort without me.  He is so precious- always encouraging me to go and get refreshed.  Happy wife=Happy life.  :) He even had to deal with ballet rehersals, homework stuff etc and he did it all with a smile.  Such a good man! (The peanut butter cups were fantastic, easy and quick. (and all gone when I returned)  If you haven't made these yet, you should!) 

I'm looking forward to sharing something lovely with you in my next post too, so I'll see ya soon!


  1. i am so glad you had a good weekend. i was away too for a break and it was so stressful i ended up with a migraine and a cold sore! praying one day i will have fulfilling friendships!

  2. Oh looks like you had a great time who couldn't so beautiful!

  3. Well that looks like a really nice time and I am glad you got to go and have a little fun. :-) Have a blessed day!

  4. Who knew Canadians were funny;) I'm so glad you've got that fun group of girls. Your annual trips are awesome.

  5. so happy you had a break and are recharged...what a swet hubs.

    p.s. I just bought an aero at our local shaws market and ate the entire thing!

  6. I am so happy you had a great time! The picture of the snow is beautiful! Funny thing is, I have also commented each time I have been out of the country that the foreign currency is pretty! Why is our American money not? :)

  7. LOVE LOVE LOVE candy bars from Canada!! My fam is from Canada so when I was little we'd go there over the summer to visit....I love crunch bars and coffee crisps were a close second!!! I love the lipstick you're wearing in your pic ... can you remember which one it is? Friends make life so great.. you're blessed!!!!

  8. You can purchase Aero at World Market! It's my daughter's fave, she loves the mint.

  9. I am so glad you went and had so much fun with your friends!!!
    It's beautiful.

  10. Ya know what's super fun to me? When I haven't been over here in a good while and then get to catch up all at once! So refreshing and makes me want to know you....for reals!!! lol We've been at this quite a while now, huh? Weird how being so cyber-y with people tends to make you "know" them. LOVE the ornament canvas pic.Wow. And I'll be making the chocolate cuppies to devour this weekend. Here's a good one for you: when I see your kitchen or that guest room, I always "feel" like if I walked in there I could actually breathe better because of it's crispness. lol I know you think in quirky ways like that, too. Enjoy your weekend. Hugs from Texas!!

  11. I'm glad you had a great time in my home and native land! We do have gorgeous money, don't we ;-) The new plastic stuff is weird though.