Tuesday, November 26, 2013

It all begins at the table...

I will likely not be posting again until after Thanksgiving.  So I thought I'd pack this post full.  Okay with you?  Oh good!  Is everyone else out there as excited for Thanksgiving as I am?  I always kind of forget about it as I begin the behind the scenes preparation for the BIG holiday- Christmas... but then a couple weeks before, I remember, "Oh yeah... Thanksgiving!"  And then I remember how much I love it.  So I shove mental Christmas preparations to the back of my mind and start thinking about the food, the table, the games we'll likely play and getting the house cleaned and ready.

There will be pumpkin pie of course- one of my sis in law's are on that. (I made a teeny gf one for my Ava girl and I because we can't miss out on that!) There will be a brined turkey because that's a favorite in my household.  There will be green bean casserole (blech- so glad I am gluten free) because my man loves it.  Like.  LOVES it.  It may be one of the few things in life we disagree on. (Bless his heart.)  His other little sis is on that dish.  His mama will bring the sweet potatoes and another sweet sis in law will bring the fruit salad.  Little by little it comes together.  I love that part.

I am mostly excited about the place cards I created this year.  They are so fun! I wanted to make them inexpensive (you know me) yet cute.  I used little brown bags that had been cut with my pinking sheers and Avery tag labels.  Filled with goodies, hole punched and tied with yellow and white twine made for quick work.  I downloaded Avery's Turkey graphic and changed the color, then added each person's name.  SO CUTE!! 

 I'm excited to use a variety of brown and white dishes on the table top.  I love mixing things around and not quite matching, but my favorite thing is layering a tabletop.  I've got our everyday white dishes on top of seagrass mats from Ikea, with mis-matched brown Transferware on top.  It makes for a casual yet pulled together look and I do feel that Martha would approve. I've collected these brown and white dishes for several years and finally had enough for everyone.  (I'll have to get a few more as the family expands.  Ha!)

Today I set things out to see how I wanted them to look, because I always find that it makes putting everything together on Thursday morning a breeze.  I snapped some photos before putting things back into a pile... and I may have taken too many but eh... why not?

 Let's talk about the kids table for a second. I found the felt feather headdresses in the dollar bin at JoAnn's last summer.  I've got brand new crayons and Target supplied me with a color-on-me tablecloth.  It wouldn't be complete without fun striped straws.  My kiddos are at the eye rolling stage of the kid's table. They say, "Really mom?  We have to still sit at the kid's table?"  Until they see it and realize how fun it is.  Someday they will look back and have fun memories with their little cousins and they will love that I made them sit together.  Nothing better than goofing off at the kid's table, I always say.  And cousins are important.

This retro-inspired bell turkey made my day.  He reminds me of my childhood.  I found him at the grocery store and couldn't resist!

 I also wanted to share the easiest little recipe with you and you can make it gluten free.. or not, depending on your needs. This would be perfect as a make-ahead freezer meal too so head's up on that!  I literally pulled things out of my freezer and tossed them into a bowl, which is why I can't really give you a strict recipe since I made it up as I went, but just read through it and you'll get how easy it is.  Spices and seasonings are to taste but go heavier than you think you need on them.

In-a-hurry-Chicken pot pie.
Rotisserie chicken, cut up the breast meat.
Butter about eight personal sized baking dishes (I found mine at the grocery store) and set aside.
Prepare some pre-made pie crust by cutting it out with a pie crust cutter in a leaf shape.  You could easily use a cookie cutter or a biscuit cutter.  (I use the gluten free pantry brand of pie crust and keep some in the freezer for things like this, but if you're not gluten free, go easy on yourself and use the refrigerated kind.)

Into a large bowl, toss the following;
Cut up chicken pieces
small bag frozen peas
small bag frozen corn
small bag shredded carrots
1 diced onion (I used a sweet onion)
2 cans cream of chicken soup (I used gf soup)
a few chopped and boiled potatoes
salt, pepper, oregano, sage, poultry seasoning, garlic powder, thyme, marjoram.  I think we ended up using about a tsp of each, but doubled that (or more) for the sage, garlic powder and poultry seasoning.

Spoon evenly into about eight prepared baking dishes.  Then place prepared pie crust on top. (I brushed mine lightly, with some melted butter and salt and pepper.)  Bake at 350 for about 35-45 minutes, until bubbly and the crust is golden and flaky.  Enjoy!
 Adrain and I realized that we needed a little place for the laptop so when our hoodlums were googling things, writing papers, and researching, we could keep them under our watchful eyes, rather than tucked way in the office/guest room that Adrain and I share.  I had been looking for a tiny desk for this spot, and we found this little guy at Ballard Designs a couple of weeks ago- on sale!  It's a perfect fit and already being put to good use this week.

So I think we're all set... and I know we're excited!

Psalm 95:2-3

Let us come before His presence with thanksgiving; let us make a joyful noise to Him with songs of praise!
For the Lord is a great God, and a great King above all gods.

Happy Thanksgiving my friends- I hope it's a wonderful day of rest, being with family and loves ones and enjoying the simple things we have been given. 

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  1. It all looks lovely, Sasha and the place "cards" are wonderful! Enjoy your family.

  2. you are so clever and creative and cute :). You make me want to be a better hostess and momma <3

  3. Everything looks awesome and I hope you and yours have a very blessed and special Thanksgiving! ~hugs~

  4. I love this. For it’s simplicity, and for the tangible love that it exudes. Families are imperfect blessings from which we were put on this earth to learn from. Sometimes it takes a while to figure out just what lessons we are trying to learn and from whom, and in turn, who can learn from us. This table, this love language you speak to your family - this “homemaking” (that I referenced on IG) is a base. A foundation that a family can break and rebuild on in times of change and learning. A platform for big and small celebrations. And a peaceful place to rest between the two. It’s not just a pretty table for a gracious holiday, it’s how you anchor your loves. It’s how you speak that they are safe with you. I know what goes into creating memories like this, and in case no one has told you lately.... It matters. Well done, Mama.

  5. Beautiful, creative and fun - just like you. I really like those brown and white dishes. Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family.

  6. Love that your pot pie recipe is like mine, but I add o'brien potatoes, either plain or with the green pepper bits. Delish with the cream of chicken soup...love the pie crust toppings. Love stalking your blog and Instagram.

    1. Oh my gosh girl so glad you said that... kept thinking I was forgetting something. I was!! The POTATOES. Just fixed my recipe to say "potatoes" too. LOL

  7. Oh Sasha, everything looks so perfect! I wish we were coming to your house for Thanksgiving!! The table, the decorations, the place cards, all so sweet! Have a wonderful time(: Susan

  8. Your Thanksgiving table looks beautiful!! What a lovely setting for the family gathering you're having!

    Also, I had to laugh when I read your comment about green bean casserole. Maybe we could start a club for women whose husbands like green bean casserole! Mine likes it, too, but I can't stand the taste or smell of green beans in any way - so he's stuck eating them when we eat out at country-style restaurants.

    Happy Thanksgiving!! =)

  9. You sure know how to make a table pretty. The table is perfect there. And that recipe sounds divine. Almost too good to eat. Love how prepared you are. I feel like all I do is chase my tail.

  10. Too pretty, not too good to eat. You know I'd eat it;-) Lol!!

  11. placecard perfection!! happy thanksgiving sweet woman! love you.

  12. Love how your table all came together for you! I sure enjoyed our day together and can not tell you how blessed I felt after spending time with you - you really encouraged me to hang in there and fight this fight! I LOVE your little secretary too! You all have a Happy Thanksgiving and blessed time with family!

  13. Just so right, happy thanksgiving!

  14. Everything about this is just beautiful! What is the name of the china - its so pretty for Thanksgiving. Happy holidays!

    1. Oh, I just re-read this (after coming on to gaze at the peacefullness again) and realized that you've mixed and matched different sets of brown dishes. So much more beautiful then!!!

  15. oh friend, your table is beautiful.
    your family will love gathering at your table...for the food and the sweet fellowship.

    happy thanksgiving.....

  16. Now that is a packed-full post! I love your transferware dishes! When i was a teenager, my friend had a collection of antique brown transferware tucked away in her hope chest, and I've wanted some ever since. So far I only have two green plates, one teal, and three blue, but no brown yet.

    I love that little desk! It fits perfectly in that spot, and your kids are just at the right age for needing something like that.

    I've been meaning to ask you for a while now: how high above your table are your lovely white pendant lights situated? In some pictures they look really low, and I love the look but my husband would have issues with something hung too low ;-)

    1. Thanks for the recipe too! I made it tonight, and my whole picky family liked it. My 4-year-old said, "I like the cookies on top!"

  17. Just the loveliest, from the dishes to the place cards. Love it all! Happy, happy Thanksgiving!

  18. I love both your tables! The kids' table looks so colorful and festive. Yes, they will have fond memories of that. :)
    And I will definitely be making those pot pies sometime. Yummo!
    Happy Thanksgiving to yuo and yours, Sasha!
    xo, Jackie

  19. Beautiful, as usual! You are so creative with the name tags, gifts, kid's table, etc.

    Wishing you and yours a very blessed Thanksgiving!


  20. Everything looks beautiful! Your home always looks so warm and inviting! I hope your guests know how lucky they are!

  21. I love the color on your bedroom walls. Would you please share the name of the color? Thanks so much! Love your home...so inspirational!