Saturday, November 30, 2013

It was...

It's cold and drizzly outside my office window this morning and the sky is nearly the same color as the wet pavement on the street.  Makes me all that more grateful for cozy warmth, twinkly lights and fond memories of Thanksgiving just days ago. 

 We hosted Adrain's entire side this year and thoroughly enjoyed it.  It was the very best kind of chaos.  Adrain has two younger sisters and a younger brother and they all came with partners.  Two of my nieces were there in pig-tailed cuteness, and after an excited welcome hug, made a bee-line for the toys and trampoline with my hoodlums.  There were squeals of laughter from the kids table, loud enough to give all the mama's headaches and prompt a lot of, "Hey sit down and eat your food," or "Okay quiet down over there."  (Which they totally ignored.)

Best kind of kid's table ever.  Wish I had gotten more pictures.  Dang.

After dinner, my three brother in laws took over the television and it's football game, Adrain finished carving the remains of the turkey, sis in laws portioned out leftovers for one another and kids ran back and forth in my tiny hallway.  It was fabulous and sweet and loud.  My house is little.  And we packed it full.  One of my sis in laws is newly engaged and they set a date last week- for the end of December!  We have a budget of around $200 and four weeks, so she and I took over half of the post-meal table with papers, lists, pinterest and plans.  Let me tell you something folks, I was made for that.  Her wedding is all but planned and it's only a matter of a bit of shopping and a craft night.  (If you've been following my Pin boards you've probably been overwhelmed by all the wedding pins. Now you know. Ha!)  It's going to be fabulous on a dime. 

After everyone trickled out at the end of the day, Adrain and I collapsed, kids donned cuddly jammies and we relaxed for the remainder of the evening.  My kids were almost giddy as they heaped plates with leftovers and that's the first year I've seen that. My kids both tried and loved gravy. What?  They ate! Normally they just pretend to eat.  So funny.  I  put up my Vintage ornament canvas in the guest room a bit early, but I am so glad I let Thansgiving be Thanksgiving and didn't drag any other Christmas decorations in- no matter how much I secretly wanted to.  I have to remember that next year when I have that itch to do that (like I do every year. Ha!) 

And before I go, let me talk about the food.  Oh my heavens.  I made everything ahead and all I needed to do was warm it in the oven as the turkey was resting and being carved.  It was the most effortless Thanksgiving ever.  Gotta love that. I made this chocolate coconut tart.  It's going on the make again and again list.  I made two pans of these fluffy potatoes.  Definitely doing that again too.  I made this cauliflower gratin recipe (and added bacon as a Sasha-twist) and used gf breadcrumbs.  It was to. die. for.  Didn't make enough and it was gobbled down by cauliflower haters and lovers alike.  Crazy simple too.  (Definitely add 1/4 cup crumbled bacon to it if you make it.)

We spent yesterday cleaning, rearranging furniture and pictures, and decking the halls a bit. Today  we are spending the day winterizing the outside vents and running your orders to the post office (Yay and thank YOU) before Saturday night church.  I love long weekends, don't you? 

How has your Thanksgiving weekend been?


  1. Sounds wonderful! And I can't wait to hear more about the wedding plans. Weddings can be so expensive and I love when people don't feel like they have to break the bank to have some grand wedding they can't afford. I hope you share bits and pieces of what y'all are up to!!! I made all of the sides and pies that I was in charge of in advance this year, as well and it was the best idea ever. Just like you, once the Turkey was resting and being carved all of the food went into the oven to be warmed. Happy Thanksgiving and have fun getting ready for Christmas!

  2. It sounds perfect. Love that it was all ready ahead of time, so no stress. That pie was the cutest. It looked very puff/snow bally:-)

  3. Love the cauliflower going to make it soon what a great day.

  4. LOVE these pictures, especially the first one...sounds like you had a wonderful Thanksgiving!

  5. It was lovely! We hosted thanksgiving, but all I did was cook the mashed potatoes (Mom mashed them), and do the turkey! The guests voluntarily brought the rest of the meal. The best part of that was that my kitchen was not filled with dirty dishes before the meal even began! Also -- the fridge was much more orderly -- at least until afterwards. Letting everyone pitch in is definitely the way to go!

    So glad you had a good day! BTW, that first photo of the steaming cups is FABULOUS! Love it! xo ~Sal

  6. Oh, I love all the white in your house, such a clean, crisp look and your clutter free counter tops. All so fresh! Sounds like you had a most perfect Thanksgiving, good food, family, football and making memories. Blessings to you!

  7. Thank you for sharing the delicious-sounding recipes, Sasha! I just looked them up and pinned them all. :)

    There must be something in the air because I, too, spent the weekend purging messy closets and overflowing storage rooms...a task that has been on my list *forever* but had been paralyzing me with how overwhelmingly large the task felt. But the thought of getting out my Christmas decorations and adding to the mess was about to send me over the edge--finally the motivation I needed, before we get our tree next weekend. I'm always so inspired by the pictures of your home--so simple (in a good way!) and fresh, which allows every cute little detail to shine.

  8. I knew you must be working on a wedding with someone…how fun!! :)
    Your Thanksgiving sounds wonderful. Definitely going to try some of those recipes, like the chocolate coconut tart and cauliflower…yummo!!

  9. What a wonderful way to spend Thanksgiving. Your kiddos will have those memories forever. We had a small celebration, but lovely and I did everything ahead also. LOVE that!

  10. I can't wait to check out your wedding board on Pinterest!
    I love that you're helping her do it on a dime, and let me just tell you, it'll be perfect!!!

    You would be an amazing event planner! seriously.

  11. That pie looks really good! :)

    Love that you and your family really enjoyed this Thanksgiving break! This was the first year that we did pretty much everything that was possible to do in advance, in advance and it was GREAT! It left time for games, a facetime session with my brother and my Aunt and her family on the other coast, and just less stress over all. If schedules allow, I hope to prepare the day before every year from now on!

    Enjoy the rest of the holiday!!! What are you guys doing for advent this year?

  12. Glad yours was a good one hun. ~Hugs~

  13. The picture of the empty plates after the meal is such a neat shot!

    Glad to hear your Thanksgiving was such a delight.

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