Friday, November 15, 2013

Lisa Leonard Christmas Collection and COUPON!

I am so excited to share these darling, darling, darling Christmas Ornaments with you today.  Lisa Leonard, someone I admire and respect in so many ways, is the beautiful woman behind Lisa Leonard online,  a site where you can find lovely jewelry, prints, totes and other goodies. What I love most about Lisa, is her sweet heart.  Mother to two beautiful boys, one who has special needs, she shares pieces of her life and heart in her blog.  If you haven't visited her there, you should change that as soon as possible and I guarantee a blessing. 
 Today I get an opportunity to share something new to Miss Lisa's shop- Holiday ornaments that are personalized for you!  She sent one for each of my little hoodlums and I must tell you what a fun treat that was for my kids when they tore open the box.  Fun mail can really make your day and they always love things with their name on them!

Joe helped me with these photos so you could see how cute the ornaments are.  He even cut a piece of greenery from a tree outside for me so we could have a little "mini tree." 
 Each initial is stamped with their name, and the backside has the year.  Every year one set of grandparents give my kids a special ornament and I love that when they leave home they will have their own special box of tree decorations.  These ones are extra special because they aren't made of breakable glass or cheap plastic- they are created with sterling silver/fine pewter and made to last. 
 These would make a really special gift for nieces and nephews, kids and grand kids.  They would also be gorgeous gift toppers too, because everyone loves a unique monogram.  Lisa is offering a coupon for 15% off anything in her shop right now until December 5th.  Use the code "hollyjolly" when you check out to save, and make sure you scope out all of her jewelry pieces and other items for those festive gatherings and loved ones on your shopping list.  Click here to shop.
And speaking of shop... I listed these festive flour sack dishtowels in my shop yesterday and mentioned it on Instagram... and they were all gone by last night before I got a chance to share them here!!!  (THANK YOU SO MUCH my friends.  You continue to bless my family so much!)  I will be making more next week,along with one more batch of the ball jar towels, but it will probably be my final batch before my shop closes on December 13th so plan your gift giving accordingly.  (grin)  Is anyone else feeling like the time is flying past? I think my to-do lists are getting longer and I'm accomplishing less.  (And I'll probably blog on this at some point, but I'm getting to the point where I'm making "weekly" lists, rather than daily ones so that I feel less pressure.  It has actually really helped.  I feel a bit less stressed when I think, "At some point over the next five days this needs to get done." I am committed to making this holiday season a less intense one.  I'm going for simplicity and thankfulness.)

Okay, I've got a full day today of errands and working in the kiddos' school ahead, so I'd better close this and get myself ready for the day.  Next week I want to share something I made with you and a fun DIY Christmas project if it turns out!

Happy Friday sweet things and don't forget to go check out Lisa Leonard and all of her goodness, and use her coupon code "hollyjolly!"    


  1. Dang you for showing me that super cute stuff! I just placed an order for my BFF for Christmas! SUPER CUTE!

  2. Hey cutie. December 13th?? That's late for you. Can't believe how fast time flies. I'm getting excited about the holidays. Ready to get stuff out.

  3. Darn I can't believe I missed getting one of your festive towels. Very cute.

  4. Yes, Lisa is a sweetie for sure and so, so talented! Love the ornaments and I also love your towels. You two would make up a "dynamic duo" for sure! Happy weekend!

  5. love her stuff...haven't looked at her blog in a while...need to go spend a few minutes catching up!!!