Saturday, December 28, 2013

Christmas feels so long ago...

The remainders of dropped food and silken flower petals have been swept up.  Folding white chairs have been collapsed and stacked neatly in the garage, awaiting their Monday return to the rental store.  Furniture and wall hangings have been dragged back in from the garage, and are slowly resuming familiar places.   Family members have been hugged again and again as well-wishes were called out to them.  Car doors have been slammed, horns honking at one another, and goodbyes have been waved from my front porch.

Quiet descends.

The wedding of Adrain's younger sister is over tonight, and you're talking to one tired woman right now.  Ive you have been following me on Instagram, (@Lemonademakinmama) you've seen a bit of the play-by-play of the day's events.  It was lovely. 

And Christmas?  That blessed holiday that consumed my thoughts for the past month or more... well it seems like it was decades ago.  I realized that I hadn't shared any photos or thoughts from Christmas, when we were suddenly thrust into "Operation Have a Wedding on a Dime."  I will be sharing a ton of sweet photos and memories from the blessed event, but before I do that, I wanted to share a bit of our Christmas with you before the New Year hits and I totally forget. 

 Thankful for... a man who takes over breakfast making duties on occasion. 
 Thankful for funny memories over a ham grinder.  This is the very same grinder I used to help my mama with when she made her special ham-pineapple loaf for Christmas.  Loved making it for my kiddos. 
 Thankful for... moments of celebration.  Reasons to celebrate... Jesus being born.

 Thankful for... sunshine pouring into my kitchen.

 Thankful for... gf monkey bread.  Mmmm.
 Thankful for... sweet moments mid-Christmas morning as kiddos play and relax.
 Thankful for- your Christmas cards.  I can't tell you how it blesses our hearts to get your sweet cards even though most of you, we've never even met!  So fun! (And next year I am going to TRY to get some cards out myself.)
Photos.  I didn't actually take that many.  I don't know what  my deal was... no, actually that's not entirely true.  I do.  One child was requiring a LOT out of my husband and I, (most of you have been there so you know) a cold was starting to settle into my chest, and a good book was sucking me down to my uncomfortable (and slightly odd-smelling) sofa.  What can I say?  I snapped a few here and there, but only in the quiet moments, not the flurry.

We hit the candle-lit service which is always sweet.  I love singing Silent Night and lifting my single candle in unison with hundreds of other candles and sweet voices.  Then we rushed to grandma's house for Christmas eve celebrating.  Then home to bed.  Then up again with grandparents on the doorstep for breakfast (and mimosas) at eight.  And then we let the kiddos tear into their gifts.  The weekend highlights included laughing over this book.  Eating eggnog french toast made by my man.  Watching my man set up a hiking tent in the kitchen.  Opening up a box of slippers that contained three slippers.  Going to see Saving Mr. Banks.  Crying during the movie. (It was very sweet.) Dealing with the child that was requiring a lot from us, as he was in full blown meltdown by the evening of Christmas day... and finally sinking down on my mattress, mumbling a prayer of thanks for family, loved ones, and children's bedtimes before hitting the ground running for wedding prep the next morning. Ha! 

And now... I shall nap. 

(But...I will return soon with tons of great wedding ideas that will save $ and look cute.)


  1. beautiful. thankful for your blog and the cheer it brings when I read it.

  2. Thank you guys so much. I can't wIt to see pictures of the beautiful wedding you all put into our special day.... And now we also rest too...

  3. Sounds lovely...meltdowns and all because it's all a part of the journey:) can't wait to read the wedding details. Looked absolutely lovely on IG!!!

  4. Sounds like a lovely Christmas! You deserve that nap. Can't wait to hear more... when you wake. xo ~Sally

  5. It sounds like you made glorious memories in the midst of chaos. Rest and savor that knowledge.

  6. Love your posts and your home decor. Where did you find your rusted truck? I have been searching high and low.

  7. It's actually Kelly not Ken :)

  8. Love your posts and your home decor. Where did you find your rusted truck? I have been searching high and low.

  9. sounds like not only were you blessed but YOU blessed!! no surprise my friend. you do that so seemingly effortlessly. you are a blesser of many!!
    happy new year almost & happy nap first

  10. Sounds like a lovely holiday :) You've got me curious, what good book were you reading??

  11. what a beautiful christmas you guys had…..
    i'm OUT of it over here…..been so busy catching up on making photo books and organizing my whole house and taking care of sick ones that I now find myself in a blogging funk.

    hope you never got full blown sick!!