Thursday, December 5, 2013

Milk Painting... with the Ironstone Nest

My Holiday home is officially decked and I've been spending lots of time wrapping up last minute shop details as my sale ends tonight.  The shop closes next week.  Eeek!  I'm ready for a sweet little break.  I'll be taking y'all on a bit of a house tour via photos, very soon so hang tight. (And if you want in on the sale,  today is the final day so use the code "3FOR30" for 30% off.  Click here to shop)

But before we walk through my home and talk all about holiday decor, I have got to share this post with you.  My girl Laura, from the Ironstone Nest, asked if I'd like to try out a product from the Miss Mustard Seed Milk paint line.  At first I said "no," because I was in way over my head with shop stuff and I couldn't even think what to paint in the first place.  (I know right?  Me.  Shocking.)  Then sweet Laura left a message on my phone suggesting a stool and something connected in my brain.  Why yes... I should paint a stool!!  It was the perfect, tiny yet useful item to slather with a pretty new color.

 All my goodies came in the mail, and I can't lie.  They made my heart skip a few beats.  I get excited about "supplies" of any kind.  Not to mention that Laura tucked in the sweetest little treats for the hoodlums and some peppermint twist marshmallows for me.  Just made my day. 
This is our stool. (The grand "before" photo.  I told it to look sad.)  Joe sanded it down completely for me.  He didn't really need to but it gave him something to do.  I'm just saying. Ha!  Don't tell him I told you that.

It's cracked and yet I can't toss it because it's so cute and my babies stood on this stool for years to reach the kitchen counter.  I know you get this.  So I got to thinking, and decided I would use it on the front porch, and put a wee Christmas tree on it.

(Have you noticed that I like to use the word "wee?"  I don't know why that is. Just thought I'd mention that because this is the sort of conversation I'd have with my man.  Something totally random, in the middle of another conversation.)
Okay so anyway.

(Sorry the holiday lights make me lose my train of thought a lot these days.)

The milk paint.  What I LOVE about it... besides all of the amazing colors a person can choose from... is the fact that it's in powdered form, so you only need to mix up the amount you will need, and then store away the rest, in a nice, tidy way.  (I happen to like this very much, which I'm sure doesn't really surprise the majority of you.) I mixed up mine in a mason jar.  Loved watching the water hit the mixture and instantly change the color! It's basically one part water, to one part milk paint.  You stir and mix and let it sit and then mix some more and it gets thick, like paint.  I mean... because it is paint. 
 It's prrrretty. 

 I painted two coats of "Kitchen Scale" milk paint onto my precious memory-laden old stool, and let them dry.  Then I applied the hemp oil and it does all kinds of wonderful things.  The finish of milk paint is kind of dull and chalky looking.  I loved it. 
Finally, I rubbed on some of the furniture wax that Laura sent me to seal and protect it.  Love this stuff.  Everything I used from this line is natural and smells that way- rather than full of chemicals. 
I can't tell you how much I adore this color!!  It totally transformed my old stool that nobody can stand on anyway, since it's cracked.

(I shall find many uses for a stool nobody can stand on, mark my words.)
Now here's the thing.  There are a ton of cool tools and products you can buy and a ton of colors in the Miss Mustard Seed Milk Paint line, and a ton of cool finishes you can achieve with all of these tools and products and colors.  Laura sells antiquing wax- Gasp! (tuck this away for another use someday) and crackle mediums, and wax pucks and cute brushes and sampler kits and paint colors that will have you dreaming about projects for weeks.  But don't take my word for it, go check out all of the amazing things in this line and get yourself all hooked up for your next project.  Laura is not only about the biggest sweetheart I know, she is also very knowledgeable and I am sure she will answer any questions you have, or guide you in your project if you need it. I am in love with the colors "grain sack" and "typewritter."  (They all have fantastic names too.)

The best part... Miss Laura is offering you guys 20% off your orders from the Miss Mustard Seed Milk Paint product line, AND free shipping on all orders over $50, from now until midnight on December 12th!  All you need to do is go here to shop, and use the code "LEMONADE20" when you check out. (I also wanted to let you know that her value kits are not included in this special, as they are already priced at a reduced rate.)

What's your favorite color from the Miss Mustard seed choices... and what would you paint with it if you could paint anything? 


  1. I love the metal basket the tree is in. So cute!! I made my own chalkpaint once and I didn't like how clumpy it was. I'm sure I did it wrong. I've been meaning to try that Annie Sloan paint for years. Need to get on it.

    1. You're so funny... silly girl- don't buy the Annie Sloan stuff.. buy the Miss MUSTARD SEED MILK Paint!! :) You'll love it.

  2. that metal basket. WHERE did you find it? I LOVE how you put the tree in it with the craft paper. genius! Why haven't I thought of that?????

    That stool....the color is amazing. I'm thinking your front door would look grand that color!!!! I can't believe I haven't tried milk paint yet.

    1. Thanks sweets! I got that metal thing at Marshall's this summer. I have two of them and they both have trees and paper in them this year. I had been using them for candles previously.

  3. I just recently ordered some sample paints from Laura (she's such a doll, isn't she?) and I can't wait to try them.

    Love the way your precious stool turned out. Miss you!

  4. I love the way your stool turned out! And I love working with chalk paint/milk's all wonderful! And what a great sale! Your front porch is just the cutest!

  5. Soooo cute!!!!!! That is the color of my kitchen and I love it, such a great color for a sweet little stool too!! It looks great holding that darling little tree! I can NOT wait to see ALL of your holiday decorating -please don't make us wait any longer <3

  6. Love the color but also loving the door mat - where did you get that?

  7. Love the stool! I have never used milk paint but have always loved it...might need to remedy that. The "tricycle" and "artissimo" are my favorites.

  8. I love it! We had a stool like that but after 5 kids using it, it broke beyond repair this summer. It was a sad day.

    All the colors are so pretty! It's hard to pick a favorite but I think the blues are especially beautiful.