Tuesday, December 3, 2013

THREE for 30% off SALE!

Hi sweet friends!

I wanted to get a big thank you up on the blog before Thanksgiving.  I wanted to explain in great, poetic detail, how much you, your comments, your readership, your support, encouragement and your business has meant to my family this year.  I wanted to thank you and thank you and thank you, because you made all the difference for us and I love that about any type of buying handmade.  I love being on both sides of that scale.  Life interrupted and I never did get that post up... come to think of it, I never got it up in time for Black Friday or Small business Saturday or whatever they are calling Sunday... or even Cyber Monday.  What can I say?  It happens.  

  My shop officially goes on vacation December 13th... which is already next week (what?!) so I wanted to take this chance to extend to you, the biggest sale of the year, and I'd love to get a few goodies into your hands with this coupon!  I am offering  30% off for the next THREE days ONLY, starting today.  This offer is good toward anything in my shop so go crazy!  (Have fun and stock up on anything you like, or want to give away or think you might want to give away at some point to teachers, friends, kids, relatives, parents, in-laws, mailmen or whoever else you need to come up with a gift for...  because my prices don't get lower than this EVER.)  (Pictured are only a few of my favorites but there are lots more items available right now) I've got three ball jar towels remaining.  I've got a variety of fun prints in many sizes to suit your needs.  I've got post cards and even gift tags with stripey red and white twine, that are so cute I can hardly stand it.

Click here to shop, and use the code "3FOR30" when you check out, to get your discount.

And from my entire family to you... thank you. I am so honored to serve you and I deeply thank you for being our customers and sharing us with others.  You have given me my dream job and that's something I will forever be grateful for.  


  1. Hun I am so glad that you have been so blessed at being able to do something that you just love to do! And I might add you do it sooooo well. I love all your stuff and I just wish I could afford to purchase more from you. THANK YOU! :-)

  2. Yay! Sale! I just purchased some super sweet stuff. :) I'm so glad you are talented so I can enjoy your creations!
    Merry Merry Christmas from the South.

  3. Ummm...December 13th is NEXT week? HOW did that happen!???!!