Sunday, February 23, 2014

One thing from each of my Pin boards...

Okay today is just for FUN!  I went through and found my current most favorite thing from most of my Pinterest boards... (and I've got a LOT, let me tell you, which is why I didn't do every single one of them.) Don't you just LOVE Pinterest?  It makes life so inspiring. My only problem is that I almost always forget (or feel too lazy) to change the caption when I pin.. so often it's not ME who says whatever you read below the image.  Oops!  Do you do that too?   I do laugh when I say something and then see other people pinning the same image with MY words because they didn't change it either... Somehow kind of feels like a group hug.  I can't explain.  Okay... It's so hard to choose my top favorite pin in some cases but I did my best to narrow it down and select my most favorite.  If you want to follow along and see all my pins, you can visit me here! 
From my "Gorgeous Photography" board- If you haven't checked out this Russian mother's photography yet you MUST check out her Flickr.  I can't help but drool... She shoots with a Canon (Yeah!) 5DMarkII and a 135mm lens.  Sigh... maybe someday.... 
From my "Summery Outside" board- When it comes to outside decor I am just lost.  We haven't ever done much with out yard... we have a fire pit and picnic table and I'm more drawn to how it feels than how it looks when I'm outside.  I want a kick back and stay up late feeling.  This is very "me" in every way.  I could do this every night of the summer.
via- original link not found
 From my "Style me Pretty" board- If you know me... you know I could live in cowgirl boots no matter the season.  I think my style me pretty board has been helping me through some mid-life style confusion.  Is anyone else having that?  I knew exactly who I was and what my style was not even ten years ago but then some things changed- my body, my tastes, my age, my stage of life and now I'm just confused.  I'm afraid I'm at the four way stop/intersection of frump-street, letting to of youth-drive, classy-avenue or trendy-parkway.  It's a confusing place. I'm almost 40.  Like... in 19 more months.  I don't know what I really like anymore so I'm working through it but the one thing that hasn't changed is my love of cowgirl boots.  So at least there's that.

From the "From my blog" board- One of my most pinned posts so far and I just shared it... apparently we all want a cute way to organize our jewelry without breaking the bank.  Huh.  We're kindred spirits, you and I.  (And how about that darling Stephanie Creekmur "Hey Y'all" print I've got going on in there?  Doesn't she do fabulous work?)

From my "A few of my favorite things" board- Mistah Bates.  When he was younger.  So adorable. If you don't watch Downton Abbey I think we can still salvage our friendship... just go find it on Netflix and get yourself all caught up, then we can talk about Bates and Anna.  M'kay?

From my "Garden" board- I'm about to go crazy with spring planting y'all.  I am feeling galvanized tubs, garbage cans, and all things metal, in a big way!  
From my "Christmas" board- I want to have this party.  The deer, the eats, the wall, the ornaments and framed words.  All of it.  Wanna come? 
 From my "Packaging and Little gifts" board- Not only to I love the tape... I love the sentiment.  It's kind of the point of gifts...

From my Photo-know-how" board- free photoshop actions.  I need more... love them!

From my "Yum" board- I need these in my life. That is all. No I don't.  Don't let me have them.  Yes.  Let me have them.  No.  YES dangit! I'm just going to run away now.
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From my "Joe"board- I need to remind myself of this sometimes.  It's a good one to tuck away.  As a mom sometimes I've found the best solution to obnoxiousness is a really long hug because they often want attention but don't know how to get it.
From my "Laundry room" board- I have my eye on this idea... you just wait...
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From my "I love ecards" board- First of all, I love ecards. I have been known to bury my head in my pillows at night because I was laughing so hard over them.  (Because I tend to go on Pinterest right before turning my beside lamp off for the night.) This one goes out to my husband.  And he knows why he deserves it too.
From my "Farmy" board- maybe my very favorite board ofalltime since I wish my husband would become a farmer someplace, and we could have an old farmhouse B&B and you could come stay with us and we could go collect eggs together at sunrise.  (This is where my man would add, "And you could hold hands and eat cookie dough." If you love the movie Elf you just got that.  If not, you probably think I'm a freak-wierdo and no way would you come stay at my farmy bed and breakfast. Ha!) Oh and I was just kidding about the sunrise comment.  I don't do sunrises because I still need something like six more hours of sleep after that. But you're welcome to go get the eggs if you want, in my fictitious little narrative...
From my "Pinter-DONE!" board- I like to move things I've tried or done to this board.  Sometimes I forget. This has been my favorite thing.  Keeping all my Instagram photos printed and current with the use of Prinstagram.  I've got a growing wood bowl filled with our life moments.  I love that.
From my "Ava" board- Just wait for it... I've got a plan...
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 From my "Bed and Breakfast" board- All I can say is... one day...
From my "Closet Makeover Ideas" board- because you know, someday, it will have some order in there.
From my "It's my Party" board- Because if I could, I'd make every occasion a pretty one and we'd celebrate everything.
From my "New Year's" board- every year I want to throw a party.  And every year I don't.  And every year for that party that I want to throw, I want to make fun hats like these.  There's always next year...
From my "Twenty" board- we will celebrate twenty years of marriage in November of 2015... so, we're talking about taking a trip someplace.  We'll have a 12 and 14 year old along with us... so we're debating a few possibilities.  It's fun to dream.
From my "Hair?" board- eventually it will be this long again. And the color will have all grown out.  And it will be just me, and my waves and curls.  I can not wait for that day but until then, this is my hair "goal" picture. We've all got one, haven't we?
From my "Thanksgiving Dinner" board- I just love the simplicity.
From my "Blogging layouts and branding" board- such prettiness.  Very inspirational.
From my "Inspire me" board- pretty much in love with all things painting and flowers these days. 
From my "Studio of my dreams" board- There will come a day (mark my words) when I will go full-girly on my studio.  For now... I am just creating the perfect Sasha space in my head and in my Pinterest boards.  I know exactly what I want and what I will do when I have more than a corner of my bedroom... and it's going to be so girly you won't be able to stand it.  Think pinks and pretty EVERYwhere.  Cause that is ME to my core. 

Did you enjoy that?  Any favorite pins or pin boards you want to share?! 


Lorraine and Jessica said...

That was super fun!! What a great idea Sasha!!

Sally Kelly said...

That WAS fun! BTW - love the new(ish?) photo in the sidebar. Your hair is lookin' great! Also... I will be there for "that" Christmas party -- or the B&B. What fun that would be! xo ~Sal

Flossie said...

I love the idea of a "done" board! Never thought of that!

Kerri Jacobson said...

Fun post...and yes, what a cute picture of a 'young Mr. Bates'..... I luv that show! However, I have become attached to Lady Mary...

Jen said...

Oh, that Mr Bates was a cutie when he was younger!

Sheri said...

How fun. I love love love Pinterest. I'm a pinning junky - lol. Loving all your boards. Have a great week. xoxoxox

Jackie at Roots and Wings said...

What a fun idea! I do LOVE me some Pinterest. I've got spring fever majorly right now...loving that laundry room, too.

Lara said...

Oh Sasha. Something about this post just makes me want to be your little mentee/best friend/let's hang out a lot. I just love ya! Your house is so pretty, yet simple, and it doesn't come off as pretentious or unattainable. I love how you make everyday occasions into special things with little touches of thought and beauty. I'm going to be 30 this year and have a six month old. Could you just move to Missouri and pour your extra decade of wisdom and experience into me? :)

Farmgirl Paints said...

I have that same desire with the galvanized planters... I want a huge horse trough to make a moving wall patio divider thing. Love Pinterest. :-)

Jennifer said...

Yes, super fun post! I love Pinterest too and love your idea to have a 'completed' board for all the pinned ideas I finished. I always feel so good when I actually tackle a project or recipe and it would be fun to keep track! May have to go back and look through them now...I also can't wait to start Downton Abbey as soon as my Maternity leave starts in two weeks!!! Netflix here I come ;)

Kirstin said...

Bates! I think that you would love the BBC mini series "North and South" with Bates (Brendan Coyle) and Richard Armitage. It's romantic. : )

Between You and Me said...

this was really fun.
great post idea!

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