Tuesday, February 25, 2014

That time my man built something...

We got snow this past weekend!  Crazy amounts of snow, falling all day long and though it's half-melted, it's still not completely gone.  My kids had a blast playing in it on Sunday and then we had a snow day on Monday and late start today so I'm way behind in work.  It was worth it though. 
 (He's laughing because I had just taken a photo of him catching snowflakes on his tongue.)
 Both kids are fighting colds so I really should have kept them inside... they kind of look happy-miserable here, don't they?  Poor things. 
 And now... what we did while cooped up with snow coming down...

If you knew my man in person, you would know that he has an overabundance of fabulous qualities.  I have written posts like this one, talking about this amazing person I get to have my life tied to for eternity, but last week he did something that pretty much surpasses the majority of his finer qualities... he uttered one sentence to me.. but I'll get to that in a minute.
Backstory- Adrain wasn't really raised by much of a present dad, it's a long, private story, but most of what he knows about being a guy, he figured out along the way or by watching other respectable men appearing to "get it right."  That said, building wasn't ever really high on his list of things to learn or do so he's not crazy about working with tools, though he is very capable.  {He built some amazing shelves in our garage that I love to this day, so I kind of brush his "I don't really build things" feelings aside, not because I don't take him seriously, but because I know better- deep down and think, "Eh.. he's got this."}

Anyway.  We have this old (darling) antique-looking cream painted, queen sized headboard.  It's got a few scratches on it from life but it's been our headboard for nearly 20 years and I have been craving something different for a long, long time. (Local peeps, I'm selling our old headboard for $50, and if you're interested you can message me before I list it on Craig's list.) A week or two ago, I found a small piece of paper and sketched out a simple design, showed it to Adrain, and asked if he would be willing to tackle an upholstered headboard project with me.  He shrugged and gave a mostly noncommittal answer but he didn't say "no" so I had hope for a weekend project. 

Then.  One evening last week, Adrain disappeared for a while.  I didn't know where he had gone (and our house is tiny, so one can't really get that lost) and when I called out for him, he was in our office.  He said, "I'm looking up building instructions for our headboard." 

That was it for me.  I suddenly wanted to marry him and have his babies all over again.

I know you get this.

A trip to Lowe's and JoAnn's fabrics and a fun day of project-making later, we've got ourselves a new headboard.  It wasn't that difficult to make, and we got all our boards cut at Lowe's so Adrain just came home and assembled the frame.  He painted the base of the legs gray, using our leftover kitchen island paint,  and I used a bunch of coupons for batting, fabric covered button making kits, and a pretty textured gray fabric.

I couldn't find the site my man used for building this but it's just a few 2x4's and plywood cut to the measurements you want.  We wanted an extra tall one so it's 60" tall. (This site isn't the one Adrain used but it shows the basics.)
 (Please ignore my kids.  They are doing some weird dance routine on the wii.  They had no idea I was taking their photos... cracks me up.) Here is the padding on it.  We did three layers because I wanted it extra soft.
 Once we used the staple gun to attach the batting, we covered it with our gray fabric and stapled that too.
 I made these buttons out of the same fabric.  So pretty!

 Adrain figured out the grid we wanted for our button pattern... we kind of laid all the buttons out so we could get a feel for where we wanted to place them.

 Once everything was measured and marked, we stapled them down with criss-crossing staples.  I know, we should have probably drilled holes into the plywood backer board and then used strong upholstery thread to attach the buttons. 

Yeah. We didn't do that.  

We stapled the fabric down and hot glued the buttons in the tuft indentations.  It worked...
 I did sew the end corners because I wanted a nice finished look there, rather than folded fabric.
I realize we probably did a decorating no-no because we chose fabric that is nearly the same color as the wall but I really wanted this fabric because it goes so well with our bedding and I am very happy with it, decorating rules be hanged! Ha!  

 We also have a Maasai spear hanging over our bed from Adrain's travels to Africa.  (That was Adrain's big part of the decorating.  He is very pleased with himself... )

 You may have noticed that I'm missing my side table.  Sigh.  I really do miss it.  And my matching lamp to Adrain's lamp... We had to rearrange the room this way for other reasons, and this is the only other wall we could put a bed against... sadly it's not wide enough for two side tables so for the moment I've got a stool and no lamp. (I think I'll live.  First world problems, huh?)
These lovelies are still hanging on the same wall they used to be on, however, and they aren't coming down any time soon. 

I suppose if my man gets a Maasai spear, I can hang flowers in there to offset things a bit. Ha!  (Everybody wins.)

(Bedding from Ballard Designs, Paint color "stormy sky" by Benjamin Moore, lamps and shades from Target.)


Wendy said...

What a wonderful story about your amazing hubby. I LOVE your headboard! Your whole room is stunning.

Fiona said...

Ooh that is exactly what I'm wanting to do in our bedroom, too! Yours looks great, you are both very clever. Loved that you stapled and glued the buttons. Your bedroom looks so happy and restful. Love your snow photos, am jealous! Hope you have a good week.

carissa @ lowercase letters said...

how are you both so good at making things?! it's kinda not fair. ; )

Natalie Land said...

That's brilliant. I want one too.

Susan Jeffries said...

This is lovely Sasha!! I am still trying to duplicate your spare bedroom! You have the best decorating style! Susan

Sally Kelly said...

Wow, love it!!!

Msmoozys Open House said...

I think the colors look great together, it is the same color as the wall but a different shade so it really makes the headboard stand out! :-) You guys did an awesome job! Thanks for sharing with us, have a blessed day. :-)

Lorraine and Jessica said...

You guys are so cute!! Great job with the headboard!!!! Its amazing! The stool nightstand is adorabke.....not a bad compromise!!

Farmgirl Paints said...

Brilliant. Looks perfect!!!

Maria Isabella said...

I must say I'm thoroughly impressed. You could have paid hundreds more for a ready-made headboard, and it wouldn't look any different than this beauty of yours. Great job!

Jeannie S said...

Looks beautiful....makes me want to say "are you going to love it or are you going to list it?" Really you should be on HGTV!" I think you're going to love it!

Kathleen said...

This is a beautiful headboard! I am considering making one myself. Do you mind me asking how much this project cost you?
Lovely room by the way!

Tonya said...

girl, you write the decorating rules! and some of us try to follow them! ;-)

simply fabulousness!

Melissa Marie Head said...

Looks amazing! Great job! What wall color is your room? I am trying to find a good deep dark grey.

Jensamom23 said...

Discovering your husband perusing the internet to build a headboard, might just be the most romantic thing I have heard in a long time! He is a keeper and I love the final result. Lovely.

Deborah said...

I really love the look. Coincidently, I'm redoing our bedroom in grays and I'm also looking for a gray headboard about the same color. I'm having a hard time finding the shape I want. Thanks for your great inspiration. Love it.

Lisa @ Fern Creek Cottage said...

Wow, cool headboard! You guys did a great job! The room looks beautiful!

Lemonade Makin' Mama said...

I know, right? LOL

Lemonade Makin' Mama said...

Stormy sky, benjamin moore.

Lemonade Makin' Mama said...

I think it was under $60 in all.

Lemonade Makin' Mama said...

LOve that show!!! (And I'm always wrong too.)

Lemonade Makin' Mama said...

That is the sweetest compliment girl! Thank you! Yes, I had been eyeing the ones for hundreds... not in the budget so you make do! :)

Gypsy Heart said...

You two are professionals! The headboard is beautiful. I really like your bedding too...colorful and "happy".


cheryl said...

Room looks great with the new headboard. It exhausts me just watching the way you are always changin' things!! I chuckled when I read "decorating rules be hanged"...how long before you paint those walls (teasing)?

cheryl said...

Room looks great with the new headboard. It exhausts me just watching the way you are always changin' things!! I chuckled when I read "decorating rules be hanged"...how long before you paint those walls (teasing)?

Between You and Me said...

love it….looks really good, Sasha!
love that he hit your target with the DIY project..he loves you well. :)

Mindy Whipple said...

I love how you stapled and glued to get the tufted effect - very clever! I also have a hubby willing to tackle most any project with me (and talking me out of a few) - so grateful for that because I may or may not occasionally get some wacky ideas : )

Erin J said...

I LOVE this room! ...and I love how he spoke your language. What a wonderful way to show his love.

Girly Mom said...

Wow! I love the project and what a great guy you have.. I love your quilt on your bed. Where did you get it?

kay_mol said...

Love your headboard! Can I ask what that fabric is called? I've been looking for some in the same colour!

Ashley Cardoza said...

Where did you get the fabric?

Emily Oneto said...

I NEED to know where you got your quilt and bed linens!!

Emily Oneto said...

Oh, wait. I found your note the 4th time I scoured the page. Ballard designs! Thanks

Mahers said...

How much fabric did you need?

Lisa said...

Your headboard is the best looking DIY headboard I have seen and I've seen alot...lol. I have two questions. Question 1: Is the headboard 60" from top to bottom of legs or from top to bottom of plywood and if so how tall is it in total? Question 2: Did you only use batting for cushion (not foam)? Your blog is fantastic!!!!!!!!

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