Monday, February 10, 2014

The arrow jewelry holder DIY.

Now, can we talk about jewelry today? Or rather the organizing of it?  I have to reign myself in because I have a lot to say surrounding this topic for some reason and I don't want to just go on and on too much.

1) I want to say that for a year I have been searching for a jewelry holder/system that wasn't ugly or cluttered looking and even with the aid of Pinterest, I found nothing that truly spoke to me about who I was, how I decorated and wanted to display my own jewelery on a shoestring budget. 

2) I need to say that this project feels very personal for me too, because I have been trying to make an effort with my appearance this new year.  I don't want to just throw on yoga pants and settle for what's comfortable and not all together cute because it's easy.  I'm not ready to give up, even if I am not coloring my hair any longer. Ya know? (Ha! True story.) (And this admission could become an entire post on it's own which is why I am reigning myself in because I'm here to show you how to make this, not go on and on about how not letting myself "go" before I even hit 40 is a personal mission right now.) My goal is to put on at least one piece of jewelry every day, let myself feel feminine, and know that as I age and change, I can still put my best foot forward.  You get this, I know you do. 

3) When I said shoestring budget I meant it.  This project ended up costing me under $10.00!

4) I had this blank, empty space in my master bathroom, and with a small bookcase that had been moved from another area of the house for towels and tissue storage, I suddenly had an open area for my necklaces.  (I had begun collecting inexpensive milk glass last year and using it for my earrings and bracelets.  I've found the pieces range from $3-4 typically which is an awesome price in my opinion.  My man bought me my first jewelry box from Target, for Christmas this year too.)

 5) But back to my necklaces... what to do exactly about those?!  My shoestring budget and I went shopping, and we decided to bust something out together.  I found a balsa wood craft dowel (7/8") at JoAnns for $2.49.  Then I grabbed a thin strip of wood (sized 1/32 x 3x24") for $2.99 but I used a 40% off coupon.  This was so thin I could cut it with a pair of scissors.  I went to Lowes next and bought a pack of gold assorted screw hooks for $3.97.  I had self leveling hangers at home, along with some antique gold paint that I planned to use but neither of those items would break the bank if you needed to purchase them.

I drew a simple triangle for one end of my arrow hanger and then just did an end piece that wasn't too complicated.  That's the best way that I can really describe it for you.  The first time, the wood split when I cut it but I had plenty of extra wood and finally got both a front and end piece for my arrow.
 I borrowed my man's hack saw and cut little grooves into the ends of the dowel.  (I needed to trim my length a bit but it took about one minute with a larger hack saw.) The grooves don't need to be very deep and the thin wood I used for the arrow ends fit perfectly into the grooves, with no glue needed.  (Make sure the grooves both go the same direction.)
 This is how it will fit together once your grooves have been cut and you have pushed your end pieces into them.  Now do a little dance with me because shoestring budget projects don't always work out this well.
I choose the smallest screw hooks for this and decided to place them 3" apart.  It turned out that the dowel wood was so soft I could press it into the marks I'd drawn, then screw them in all the way with my fingers.  (Again, time for another little dance. We didn't have to use a drill or anything.)

 I can not even begin to tell you my excitement at how easy and quick this project was becoming.  Then I attempted to hammer in self leveling hangers on the backside and my thoughts changed slightly.  That will be the toughest part of this project and if I'd been smarter, I might have thought to add those before putting in the screw hooks on the reverse sides.  It all worked out however.
 I wanted a soft antique gold finish, so I used this metallic rub.  (I didn't buff it. I painted it on with a brush and let that be that. I even painted over the shiny gold hooks so everything looked even.) 

I used some picture hooks that I already had to hang this, and it turned out so well that even though I was planning to post about gluten free baked doughnuts today, I couldn't wait! It's Valentine's week and I felt this arrow jewelry hanger would be very appropriate.  (I will post on the doughnuts next, though!)

I can't tell you how much more I am grabbing a little sparkle for my wrist or around my neck, now that I have everything within reach.  I love being able to see these items and it's helping me take just a bit better care of myself. So... how do you organize your jewelry? 


Barbara said...

Good one! I have an amoire/dresser I put little cup hooks on one side for necklaces and just put my cuffs on a trophy Bruce got at work for some project. I don't accessorize as much as I would like need to work on it. I updated my paypal.

Steph @ Three Loud Kids! said...

Omg! This is so super cute, I really wish I had an area to put one of these! said...

What a good idea! I love it! I'm not particularly crafty, but I think with your instructions and pretty photos, I could pull this off :)

Melodee said...

so darling! I love how you have all of your baubles displayed! oh, and your leather cuffs are soooo cute!

Mrs.Marie said...

LOVE it! I'm needing something different to but earrings seem to be my downfall, I have one of those jewelry organizers that's on a hanger it's nice but running out of room so Mason Jars tend to be my fall back lol (or the bottom of my purse if I'm completely honest)

Lorraine and Jessica said...

Wow that's clever and.cute!! I have a jewelry armoire but whatever I wear usually ends up sitting on my dresser until I feel like putting them all away! I love your arrow!!!!!

carissa @ lowercase letters said...

this is just lovely! i just want to step inside your house every time i see it. so basically, now, i want to pee in your toilet because that bathroom is amazing!

Christina said...

Adorable, Sasha! I use a necklace stand from pottery barn that was a Christmas gift a few years back. I also have a jewelry box that was a bridesmaids gift for earrings. I love your arrow so much I have to think of a reason to make one! Congrats on your shop opening and new blog with the radio!

Ashlynne Hixon said...

You could also use decorative shower curtain hooks if you're like me and have a never ending supply of necklaces and a need to organize them a certain way. Lol :)

Ashlynne Hixon said...

You could also use decorative shower curtain hooks if you're like me and have a never ending supply of necklaces and a need to organize them a certain way. Lol :)

brockey said...

Very cute! Are you going to put Y"all in your shop ? I also did something smiler. We put hooks on a old wood picture . Love the milk glass !

Mel said...

First of all, I love the arrow hanger. But let's just talk about your necklace collection: I want all of them!!! Especially the two on the far left!

Jeannie S said...

Wow, very creative idea! Your house always looks so sparkling. I don't how you do it all, but you do it with a special touch.
I love my Home Sweet Home picture, found a really cute red frame at Hobby Lobby for it. Now there is a very cheery spot in my kitchen. Blessings! Jeannie Selian Schlitt

Victoria said...

Love it!! And, GENIUS idea with the vases! I've never seen them used like that before, but they're perfect!

LittleMuses said...

Love the arrow! It looks great in gold against your pretty gray wall. I've been wanting to get my both my and my daughter's jewelry organized, thanks for the inspiration. Congratulations on your new, how fantastic! You deserve it! I love your blog posts -- you are super creative, have a great way with words and I love that you tell it like it is! :) You have a fresh, unique voice and that is hard to come by in this crazy fast-paced world of ours. Best of luck to you! :)

Melody Olson said...

I love this whole DIY and the way you do the milk glass vases with all your pretties. I am in awe!! LOVE it. I even pinned this to my inspiration for my home!!! :)

Robyn Burke said...

it's adorable. love, love, love it. I used to sell jewelry through the private home show venue and when my hubby surprised me one year with one of those stand up jewelry armoires to store all my cute stuff in, I was thrilled. (still am!) Can I tell you one very important thing I learned when I was selling jewelry? Most of us tend to keep it in our bathrooms for some reason.. and apparently it is the worst place to keep it. the moisture from the bathroom lingers and will tarnish the metals, causing them to lose their sparkly cuteness much quicker. the oils from just our handling them is bad enough (polishing cloth is a must!) so adding in bathroom moisture is not the best. Oh dear. :( I don't want to rain on your cute parade because you do have a beautiful set up there. I just felt so compelled however to offer this jewelry keeping tidbit. Have a great day Sasha... and may I also add, totally THRILLED for you over your new adventure in the radio/blog thing!! whoot whoot!!

Chrystal said...

I love the milk glass holding the jewelery! Such a cute idea. I may just have to steal that one. The arrow idea is inspired. I will have to make somethinglike this to hang my few little necklaces on.
My husbands aunt collects brooches and every gift-giving occasionpeople know it so she has close to a thousand of them. A few years ago we found a lifesize wire dressmakers mannequin and now it is covered with the brooches. I will have to take a picture for you, but trust me it is the coolest thing ever. If you have a thousand brooches to cover one in. I love seeing it and she can quickly find a perfect one to match her outfit every day.

Chrystal said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Stephanie Creekmur said...

This is adorable!! How clever? And I love that you have your Hey Y'all print above it! Yay!! :)

Lisa said...

Cute idea - a few years ago we received at work (don't know why they would have sent us one) a magazine full of display racks and in it we found displays for jewelry!! The other girls and I placed the one and only order this company will see from us but needless to say all our jewelry is organized and I for one couldn't be happier!! NO more tangled necklaces for me....Wheweeeeeeeeee

nancy john said...

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Joanna Clark Dawyd said...

That is gorgeous! It's a lot simpler than the jewelry hanger I made a few years ago, and I love the simplicity of it. If I had any room to add a shelf or flat surface in my bedroom or bathroom, I'd copy your milk-glass jewelry display. It's perfectly lovely.

Diana Trotter said...

This is so cute, I saw this on Kristen Duke's pinterest and just loved it! I saw your note about the giveaway and it said no new comments allowed! I love your prints, love the's actually my maiden name and would love that!! I pinned it!

Thanks! xoxo

JR04 said...

I have to ask, did you buy one of those necklacses off of etsy... shop nestled? The multistand blues and gold looks exactly like a necklace I've been eyeying.

Love this though! Great idea :)

JR04 said...

I have to ask, did you buy one of those necklacses off of etsy... shop nestled? The multistand blues and gold looks exactly like a necklace I've been eyeying.

Love this though! Great idea :)

Beth Johnson said...

I love this idea in that it is a) cute and b) easy. I found an old shelf with hooks on which I display some of my necklaces, so I'm kind of covered there. I do like having them where I can see them! My question is: Where did you get that adorable "Hey y'all!" pic? My sister would love that!! thanks! beth

hapinesswherever said...

I wish my bathroom looked like this!!

Ocie Kauffman said...

Great stuff n great ideas. .

Laura said...

This is so adorable! Where do you buy all of your milk glass lovelies?

Wren @ for the Love of Lillian said...

Great idea to add a wonderful accent to a room while keeping things in order. I think this is going to be the perfect thing to surprise my daughter with. Thank you for the tutorial!

Jocelyn said...

I saw this on instagram and couldn't wait to read the tutorial here. You have the cutest style ever girl!. My necklaces have been needing a cute hanger...I can't wait to try this!!!

Debra Hunter said...

LOVE IT!!!!!

505eaed6-2eee-11e4-924a-cb524c23126a said...

Okay love the ideas here! But random, what color and brand is the paint color on the wall??? I've been searching for a grey for our bedroom and I love that one!!!!

Ashton Teague said...

How did you hang them?

kate said...

Where do you find most of your milk glass?

Lovellie Sugar said...

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Sandy Hicks said...

Where did you get 'Hey ya'll' pic?

Anonymous said...

Trying to make this for my gf for christmas. Having the hardest time finding the 1/32" thin wood though. Any suggestions? I tried home depot, target, walmart and several crafts supply stores.

Sarah Elizabeth said...

I have been looking for a way to display my jewelry and also get rid of this enormous jewelry dresser my grandfather made. I love him for making it for me, and he's always making me amazing stuff, but it takes up too much room in our small trailer and it's got to go - to at least storage, for now. This is SUCH a great idea. I'd love to make this myself. :)

Marlene Detierro said...

LOVE this! This is awesome and so easy. PERFECT!

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