Friday, February 7, 2014

With a full heart, I blog...

Hi Peeps!  Been missing ya!  I've been half-buried under truly delightful work this week with my shop re-opening and I can tell y'all are enjoying the giveaway I've got going! (If you haven't entered it yet, make sure and do that, here.) That work I've been doing for my shop... holy cow you guys!! I get teary just thinking about how much you have blessed us with your orders!!  How can the words "thank you" even begin to express what I feel today as I sit here packaging things up with strips of washi tape and tucking little thank you notes into them?  You make our ends meet and make possibilities that you will never know about become a reality for my family with your orders.  Thank you doesn't even begin to cover it.  Not even close.  I am wildly thankful for YOU.  Anyway I'm not here to get all blubbery about that but I did want to say a huge thank you.
 Okay so today... It happened.  That brave thing you all encouraged me in... it happened, I said yes and I finally get to share about it with you right now!  Let's start at the top, shall we?

Last year a local Seattle radio station was looking to recruit/hire a few Mom bloggers for a site they were beginning to put together. The idea was that they wanted to create a little team of us to write about all things that pertain to life in motherhood and let's be honest the topics are vast. It's such a terrific way to give and get that dose of daily encouragement we could all use. A sweet, sweet reader of this blog dropped my name off to them, and I was humbled to the core, surprised and shocked when I got a green light to be a part of this fun thing. Fast forward to this past January. They wanted the four of us mom-bloggers to meet up over lunch and get to know each other.  We also got to the behind-the-scenes of the radio station, get photographed, interviewed on air, and then video taped.  (Which I totally suck at in every way people. I wasn't made for video.)

I am a massive extrovert except when I'm a major introvert.  And I'm a major introvert when I don't know you well.  (It's hard to explain.  I'm a walking contradiction and it's weird, but I bet I'm not the only one.) So this was a stretch for me to force myself to be brave and do this.  But I truly felt that God was nudging me into new territory and asking me to trust Him and His plan for what's next.  I was scared to death because first of all, how on earth would I come up with something to blog about outside of my regular blog, once a week? And being video taped and interviewed... what?!  That's just crazy talk right there!  I don't do that sort of thing.  I hide behind a safe, quite keyboard and pretend there is only one friend reading what I say. (If I think about the reality of that, and how there might be more than one friend reading right this minute it will totally freak me out so let's not go there. Ha!) As soon as I laid eyes on the three other mom bloggers, I knew I would adore them and you will too if you want to come check us out.  We range in ages with kids in different stages so there is something for everyone which I personally LOVE.  (I'm one of the older moms with older kids.  Yikers! LOL)

Here's the thing.  None of us know what our future holds and all we have is right now.  We all face moments of  unknown where we get to choose.  We can either choose to be brave, step out, have a little faith, do a new thing, say yes, try it out, jump in with two feet, commit to that thing you can't believe you're about to do, see where the path will lead and take those shaky first steps into the unknown...  or... close the front door, walk into your bedroom and hide under the proverbial covers of life.

We are meant for adventures! I am scared stiff about mine but I have had so much confirmation that this is right where God wants me, right this minute. So I'm doing it and relying fully on Him for strength, inspiration, help and wisdom.  I have had so many of you write out your stories in emails and comments as I've talked about being brave and courageous, and it seems like this topic is hitting a nerve with you.  Your stories about working up the courage to step out of your comfort zones have blown me away! I know we all have to resist the temptation to choose life "under the covers" where it's safe and warm and unexciting. We seldom get anywhere in life by choosing the easy and predictable route though, do we?  (At least that's the verbiage I'm constantly spewing out to my kids.)  But it's true.  The hard thing is almost always the thing that grows us and shapes us and changes us in ways we could never have imagined. Even something as simple as making new friends is an adventure that seems fraught with scary unknowns when you're an adult.  But it's always worth it in the end...

“The purpose of life is to live it, to taste experience to the utmost, to reach out eagerly and without fear for newer and richer experience.”  - Eleanor Roosevelt

(print can be purchased here)

So... on Mondays I'll be blogging here, at "All Mom Does," a website for Seattle's Spirit 105.3FM!  (For now I might be sharing some repeats from favorite blog posts in my past until I get my shop opening all settled in.)  (And please ignore my crappy hair day that day we were shooting profile photos.  Ugh. Whatevs.)

All mom does has a Facebook page and an Instagram account (@allmomdoes) which I hope to be popping in on every so often.

And of course you can always still find me here on this blog, at our LMM facebook pageInstagramming (@lemonademakinmama) and on Pinterest.

  “Life is either a daring adventure or nothing.” -Hellen Keller


SimplySoap by Alyce said...

Congratulations Sweet Friend!! You have so much to offer...full of wisdom. You will be a blessing and be blessed back!

Jensamom23 said...

What a wonderful adventure this will be for you! Congratulations, Sasha. Well deserved and you will bless so many more people than you do already! God is good.

Arriving said...

Your bravery inspire. Your words encourage. This is fantastic! How fun :-)

Iseult said...

Sasha, followed the link to the allmomdoes blog, did they spell your last name incorrectly? I thought is Brodeur no Bodeur...

Wendy said...

Yay! So excited for you. Spirit 105.3 is so cool and so are you! I can't wait. Hugs from Arlington. xox

Wendy said...

Yay! So excited for you. Spirit 105.3 is so cool and so are you! I can't wait. Hugs from Arlington. xox

Alison Agnew said...

Well, shut my mouth-how exciting! I'm thrilled for you and know you will shine in this new venture. You have a unique and engaging voice that is sure to resonate with your new radio readers. Question: do radio listeners read?'ll be great mama!


Tonya said...

beyond happy for you!!



now everyone else can see what the "lemon nation" sees, knows and loves!!!

have a great weekend!

Sally Kelly said...

How EXCITING!!!!! I have to admit, when I saw "blogging with a full heart," I thought maybe you were going to say you were leaving us. Thank goodness THAT didn't happen! Love ya girlie! You'll be AWESOME!!! xo ~Sal

Momma Bug said...

Well done Lady! I bet the Lord blesses a lot of socks off though you~ I am always edified by what I witness in your life :-)


Laura said...

Congratulations! How very truly exciting for you. This post make my heart smile . . . as do you :-) XO

elizabeth said...

That's wonderful! Congratulations. You're going to be amazing!

Andrea said...

See I knew it was something totally amazing and you will be totally amazing!! 1Thes 5:24 The One who calls you is faithful and He will do it.

Andrea said...
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Joanna Clark Dawyd said...

That's exciting! It is so hard to be brave. The very idea terrifies me, and I don't even know yet what I will be called to be brave at! Congratulations on your new gig! I loved Seattle the one time I was there...that was a brave thing I did, going to Seattle alone. And your profile pic hair looks perfect.

mamakt said...


mamakt said...


adrienne said...

Yeah!! Woohoo! Go you!!!

Susan Jeffries said...

Oh Sasha I am so happy for you! See what happens when you are brave with your life?! Go girl!! Susan

daisy g said...

What an asset you'll be to the team! They are darn lucky to have you! Sending good karma your way!

Maria Isabella said...

Good luck to you, Sasha! Way to spread your wings!

Between You and Me said...

I'm so excited for you!
Way to get out of your comfort zone and be BRAVE.
I love that the watercolor was birthed out of a story God has been writing for you. :)

It's hard to believe we're becoming the "older moms!" Right?!

paige said...

sasha, that is AWESOME!!!!!
absolutely awesome!! you are so gifted with words and encouragement. so perfect for you!!!!!

{A*very} Blessed Home said...

Sasha, I am so thrilled for you and I am also excited to see how God is going to shine his light and love to others through you! You are an amazing writer and encourager of others and I know that wonderful things will happen through your willingness to allow God to use your gifts and talents. Thank you for taking that step and for being "brave with your life."

Jeannie S said...

Wow, God is so good. Congratulations and may God bless this new brave chapter of your life! Spread your wings and soar with Him!

Kerri said...

Sasha, they couldn't have picked a sweeter, cuter momma! I am so happy for you! And those flowers are bee-you-tiful! I am so ready for spring!

Barbara said...

You and god are good together! Have fun and enjoy the journey!

Jackie at Roots and Wings said...

Woohoo! So happy for you! You will just continue to bless more people now through this opportunity. So glad you said yes!

Bryn Shoff said...

YOU GO GIRL! Congratulations! Stepping out in faith... no better place to be, right in His arms where you will be well taken care of and given so much more to be faithful with! I can not wait to follow you at Spirit 105.3.

Lea said...

All the best, you will do so well with this and I'm sure the Lord has more of this type of venue in your future. Blessings abundant!!

Jamie said...

Congratulations! I'm so happy for you!

Farmgirl Paints said...

i'm so glad you can finally share. you were adorable in that facebook headshot thing. bad hair day...whatever;)!! i'm so excited for you friend. God's got great BIG plans for you. it's coming true!!

Fiona said...

What exciting news! I think you will be just great at that. So good to know where God wants you to be.

Mindy Whipple said...

Congratulations - one of my favorite local radio stations!

Kerri Jacobson said...

They have chosen well... You will do awesome, you are inspirational, you are you! xoxoxo

Jennifer said...

Yay good for you! What an exciting adventure! I look forward to reading more of your words!! :)

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