Friday, March 14, 2014

Simple spring centerpiece and an awesome recipe

It's almost spring!  Can you feel it in the air?
I am so drawn to bright pops of green this time of year, and I kept thinking about a fun yet simple (and affordable, and quick to put together) spring centerpiece.  I love simple.  I crave it- especially about now when there's mud everywhere and rain outside and chaotic schedules.  You get that, I know you do.
Do you remember this simple wood tray I built in the fall for candles during the holiday season?  I dragged it back out because I wanted something to hold my candles that wouldn't get in the way of our plates and such.  This thing is so practical!  Before, I haven't added anything to it with the exception of some antlers after Christmas.

See? I told you I like simplicity.

That said, I wanted a bright mass of green and knew I wanted to go with moss.

When I got to JoAnn's with my fist full of coupons, they had darker sheet moss (Real- preserved.  Don't do the fake stuff!) and bright green reindeer moss which is my favorite. It's soft and puffy.

This project is so simple that it doesn't need much explaining.  I laid the candles in my tray and got them positioned how I wanted them.  Then I ripped all my sheet moss into pieces and tucked them all around, gently stretching and breaking them up a bit so that it didn't look like one flat chunk.  Doing that gives it a lot more texture and helps the quantity stretch a bit further too which is great when you're trying to be thrifty.  After the sheet moss was laid down, I started filling in gaps with the brighter green reindeer moss and arranging it in a pleasing pattern.  Then I was done.

Well, except for the huge mess of dirt and moss bits all over the table.  I used a dry cloth and just swept it right into my JoAnn's paper bag and was done.  Five minutes people! 

 I think it's brightened up the entire house!  I plan on keeping this until the start of summertime.  And though I could add a bunch of eggs and such to it for Easter... knowing me, I probably won't.  Ha!

Speaking of tabletops... we must talk about this recipe.  It's my NEW go-to company recipe.   

Honey Lime Tequila shrimp Tacos with Red Cabbage Slaw and Chipotle Crema.

Soooo amazing.  I felt like it had been a long time since I'd cooked, set the table and not rushed through the process to pick someone up from ballet, or choir or drag a gigantic bass home, or prompted people through showers, lunch making, and homework.

We just sat.  And ate. And moaned over how good our tacos were. It was heaven.

I did have to make a few alterations to this recipe for my family.  Plus I didn't have tequila.  I'd sure like to try adding it next time because I think the flavors would marry well, but since I don't drink it, I'm not sure if I'll ever do it.

One doesn't really go next door and ask to "borrow a cup of tequila," does one?

Also, the Chipotle Crema.  I used plain greek yogurt instead of sour cream and I added about 1-2 TBSP honey and 1 TBSP lime juice to it.  I used yogurt because it's healthier and I added the honey and lime because I tasted and it and it was not good.  I knew my family (two small people who shall remain nameless) would make faces once it hit their tongues and hey, we know what our people like better than anyone so if that means doctoring a recipe to get them to enjoy it, I say go for it!

I would definitely make this again but I would also definitely add the tweaks that I used to make this Chipotle Crema next time too, because they were awesome. 

And hey guess what?  It's FRIDAY!!  We can all try and get caught up on that one piddly little hour that was robbed from us last weekend and has totally wreaked havoc on us all! Seriously. 

Happy Weekend dear friends.


  1. Love those pops of green with the moss, I might have to go and check it out myself. I hope you week is ending on a sweet note, I know for me it was not a good week at all but I am hoping to recover with the family this weekend for sure. ~hugs~ Have a blessed day.

  2. Love the bright green with the white candles. Simple but elegant! Might have to see if I can get Hubby to make me one of those trays. Really like it. Happy weekend and do hope you find that hour you lost.

  3. Mmmm, those tacos sound delicious!! Definitely adding that recipe to my list of "need to make's"!

  4. Love the centerpiece and your dinner....can not wait to try it. Sounds divine!

  5. Ohhhh, love that centerpiece. I'm patiently [not] waiting for that first spring rain to GREEN things up around here.

  6. love green this time of year, too.
    green and yellow. :)

  7. Very NICE! Thanks so much for sharing your new favorite recipe! It sounds SO good! I can't tell you how many times I've made your teriyaki turkey burgers...we LOVE them. :)

  8. Je vous suis depuis quelques temps et c'est non seulement un vrai plaisir de vous lire, mais un bon exercice de lecture en anglais ! Quelques touches de vert mettent le printemps dans la maison...pas de déjà chez nous qui vivont en Afrique. Du vert toute le journée...
    Joli centrée table et belle idée comme vais demander à mon menuisier de faire lel même ! Thanks...I could have written my message in English, but it could a good exercise for you !

    1. merci beaucoup! J'espère que vous êtes capable de faire cela pour votre table.

  9. Great centerpiece! I crave that bright green this time of year, too. Target has a pretty moss wreath right now, maybe you've seen it? Even on sale it's expensive. Maybe I'll head over to JoAnn for some of your moss and make my own! Love that shrimp taco recipe, I will definitely make it WITH your tweaks. :) I've been looking for a good sauce for fish tacos, so I'm going to try your sauce on those, too! Thank for you another inspiring post, and Happy Spring!

  10. LOVE your centerpiece! Not sure how I missed it in your original post (as a loyal follower). But I think I was meant to find it today. Gonna work on making one for my mantle - and eggs for Easter. thanks!

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  13. I think the link to the recipe is broken.... =(