Tuesday, April 22, 2014


Hi sweet friends.  This is my final party week and I'm so excited to share all of our rainbow party preparations with you soon!  (And take a nap.) I almost don't know where to start with this post, because I've still got so many to-do lists going, checking off items for the girls slumber party, items for the cake I've got to bake, items for upcoming events.. you get this right?  Wowza it can be wild as we near the last couple months of school.  I can hardly wait!! 

Okay, first things first.  Ava's party (which will also be a joint celebration for Adrain who kind of got skipped with Easter being the day after his birthday.) It will be a simple party with rainbow cake and shirley temples after our entire extended family has dinner together at Red Robin, so I don't have to cook!  I love how that one worked out.  (wink)

 Our Easter was (mostly) delightful and I'm throwing in a bunch of my 365 pictures into this post so if it seems random, that's why.  I'm so happy to be doing another 365 project.  I missed it and I missed the feel of my camera in my hands.  Ava helped me with this shot outside on the picnic table.  I might have gone a little overboard with Easter flower purchases... see below.
 Hmm. Yes. 
 I baked my man his favorite pie... banana cream.  I always forget what a mess it makes in the kitchen, with bowls to whisk dry ingredients, double boilers for cream, bowls for tempering eggs, yada, yada, yada.  As I stood surveying the mess from my labors I thought to myself, "That man calms the mess in my heart daily, so he is more than worth a bit of mess in my kitchen every now and again."  Love that man. And that pie was gone by Easter afternoon.  I have no idea how to make it gluten free so I didn't sample it but judging by the two day spread between making it and washing the pan it was once in, I'd say it came out alright. 
This was a 365 for our Seder dinner, as we were filling containers.  The light filtering in the window, hitting the bread and grape juice seemed a little magical.  I was rushing around and didn't focus on Jesus like I wish I had, but I do love this shot.
 I snapped this at our Seder dinner.  We always hand out questions for the littles to read and it's so sweet.  And I always wish I'd taken more pictures. Always.
 Speaking of littles.  I had all of my biological nieces (I've got a few adopted ones like my BFF's kiddos) and I loved having all three of these cuddly, precious girls around.  It's always so chaotic and loud that I don't get to savor it like I want to, but I also think there is something wonderful about the loud chaos too.  I just about turn inside out as everyone starts tromping in with warm casserole dishes and bags of salad and finding places for coats and shoes and kids clinging to our legs for hugs.  It's basically what I was made for.  I asked Adrain the other day if I love being an Auntie so much, how on earth will I be able to stand being a grandmother?  Will my kids have to kick me out of their houses at night so they can put those small people to bed?  He laughed and said probably.
 Little coordinating misses in their mint jeans.  Seriously kill me now because I can't handle this kind of cuteness.  And yes, my niece is carrying a dandelion.  Precious, cheek-squishing adorableness, right there.
 My mama was sick and had to miss our Seder dinner but she dropped off  huge chocolate bunnies for my hoodlums.  (My brother and I always like to complain to her and point out that we didn't get bunnies when we were kids AND we didn't get Easter baskets, to which she waves a wrist and makes a sound like, "Psh.") (I don't think she cares.)
 I got this book in the mail last week from a dear friend and I'm gobbling it up like there's no tomorrow.  Highlighting things, putting it down and saying, "Mmmm yes!"  Reading passages to my man because I am convinced he should know all the things in my head as they filter through.  (Somehow he still loves me and I'd like to think it has more to do with the fact that I bake him pies.) 
The other things going on... let's see... I just started a discipleship class and very excited to see where that leads, I hung fantastic party lights on the side of our house and promptly dubbed it the "party pit" and I'll be sharing more on that later.  Our remaining other half of the sectional is being delivered today and I'm so happy about that.  Oh and let's not forget how packed this week will be, preparing for the final party that marks the blessed end of birthday season.  Hallelujah, that's all I can say. 

So how was your Easter weekend?
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  1. I love Bread and Wine and Shauna Niequist. If you haven't already add Bittersweet to your reading list and Cold Tangerines (this one I haven't read yet, but with the other two being so great I'm sure it's great too!)

  2. dandelion cuteness indeed! always love when you share your heart & your world

  3. Beautiful sweet family pictures and I love the color of your couch sectional. Thanks for sharing.

  4. Family filled perfection:) Chaos that cute is totally manageable and appreciated. Your holiday looks lovely. Your home, inviting, as always. Have a great rest of the week friend!!!

  5. Lovely post and beautiful pictures as always. I was so intrigued by the book "Bread and Wine", that I read an excerpt on Amazon and then promptly checked my library for a copy. They had 1 copy so I downloaded onto my iPad and will spend the next few days devouring.

    Love your blog.

  6. You can never have too many flowers at Easter! I go a little crazy with daffodils from Trader Joe's, they're so cheap! Love the dandelion/mint jeans photo...so sweet. Your photos are great...you have lovely light in your home. Do you use automatic or manual settings with your camera? Happy Birthday to your sweet girl. I'm sure her party guests will want to hang out in your dreamy new party pit! :)

  7. Oh, my, I'm worn out just from reading about all the fun of Easter and the fun coming with the birthday celebrations. I've heard so much about the book, Bread and Wine and thinking I probably just need to order it. Happy planning for your next event!

  8. happy belated easter sweet sash!! beautiful pictures. i loved bread and wine. i read a year ago and still get out the book OFTEN for the words + recipes.

  9. It sounds like a wonderful Easter in your house. I can relate to the chaos as my daughter's birthday was the day after. Craziness, I tell you! Oh...and Bread and Wone...my favorite book in ages. Problem was that I borrowed it from the library and couldn't highlight it...I did think about it though. I will own it and reread it one day. So good.

  10. Love your photos of those sweet little girls...what a blessing. So glad we have Easter to celebrate and share about. I'm thinking you should be having a book out any time now! Happy Birthday Ava!

  11. Beautiful photos! I looooove the new couch!!