Monday, April 7, 2014

Real life rest.

My sweet peeps and I just returned from a few days on the Olympic Peninsula. It was restful in so many ways.... but with real life moments that made me feel like a nap was a good idea by the time we walked in the front door of home.  I bet you get what I mean if you've ever been anywhere in a car with two kids for more than an hour, right?  We made some awesome memories at a game farm where you get to feed wild animals from the comfort (and safety?) of your own vehicle. (I rolled my window up when we got to the huge bison and said, "nothankyou" to the experience at that point... a little too close for comfort- though they really seemed to like my husband.)

We tromped around a few beaches, had epic foosball tournaments, enjoyed the great outdoors, had a little fondue party on a rainy day, and had a few good laughs. My son photographed humming birds to his heart's content.  We ended on a great note when we stumbled upon the cutest little town ever.  A historic settlement, Port Gamble, abounding in history and fun finds, not to mention darling shops.  I was in Sasha heaven.  (We fed the kids milkshakes so they were also in heaven.)  (Of course, we also had major meltdowns that derailed entire days, sickness that effected the energy level, and some hard challenges... but you know what I'm coming to realize? That's just real life and I'm choosing to focus on loving that we got to sneak away to a fairly inexpensive place and "camp.)  

(I consider it camping when I have to pack my own food, wash my own dishes, make my own bed and there is no room service.  I was just happy I wasn't in a tent. Ha!)

Okay so here is our vacation... 

 I was so sick at this point, we'd missed our first ferry so Adrain took the kids and toured Fort Casey while I slept in car, in the ferry line.

 The Olympic game farm.  A do not miss experience...These yaks were so smelly and dopey looking.

 Lake Crescent. 
 Hip shot on a little forest hike.
 My son stood under this bird feeder for hours shooting photos of these little guys. 
 Ignore my sloppily made bed- just wanted to show the huge window that we slept under, and the stars on the first night were incredible.
 La Push.

 Rialto Beach- we made our kids get driftwood and then had a little campfire.

 Joe made a hideout.
 Ava was loving the foamy surf.
 They didn't want to take a group shot.  Whatever.

 Someone was totally over being photographed.  However, that's never stopped me.

 Port Gamble, before we hit the afternoon ferry.  I loved this house and the history of it.  The plaque said that they had it built to face the sea because the husband was a sea captain and they wanted it to serve as a welcome when he returned home- and to welcome other weary travelers!  Loved that.
 My son... with is nose to the grindstone.  Yeah, bet that's the first time anyone's ever taken this photo. Ha!

 Ferry ride... headed back home. 
 Passing ferries.

It was nice to go... and as always nice to come back home.

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  1. I'm so glad you were able to get away and make some memories with your family! What a beautiful place! I can't remember if I ever mentioned that I grew up in Washington (and I miss it!). I have sweet memories of visiting a drive through game farm as a little girl. It was scary, but very cool when bison surrounded our car and drooled all over it!

  2. How beautiful!! So glad you got away and then got to come home. That really is the best part!! Love youuuuuuu :-)

  3. Looks like you had an amazing time! That home is gorgeous! If i had a house like that I would probably be so excited every time I pulled up in the driveway.

  4. What a lovely getaway! Beautiful pics and I do love that house. Oh, my! And, yes, it's always so good to get back to "home sweet home." Have a wonderful week!

  5. Sounds lovely! Enjoyed your Instagram pics as I've stepped away this Lenten season:) Glad you feel refreshed and renewed for round two until Summer:)

  6. Sometimes just a change of scenery can make headaches of real life seem easier or better. Glad you had fun and are home safe and sound.

  7. I live very close to Port Gamble (Poulsbo) and we love it here! I'm glad you came to visit our peninsulas! :)

  8. Pretty much all I see here are cornfields. There's nothing wrong with that, but I can't imagine looking at all the beautiful scenery that you posted here! I'm so happy for you and your family!

  9. Oh my GOSH! What a gorgeous trip. I am SOOOOO glad you guys enjoyed the Game Farm. Weren't those bears a hoot? Where did you stay? I love the idea of going over and renting a house, versus a hotel in Sequim. . . . not the highlight of our last trip over.

  10. the west is the BEST. so happy you finally got a vacay!!!!

  11. Darling...where is the place you stayed? It looks SO incredibly cozy and family friendly! And yes, I know all too well about riding in cars with kiddos...our last vehicle purchased they only asked (begged) that whatever it was have a 3rd row seat so they could span out rather than be crammed in to the rear seat together. Priorities & Problems for this house apparently ;)

  12. We were blessed to visit the west coast last summer and it is amazing. It is like being in a different world for us. The landscape is gorgeous. You have such a knack for photography - oh heck , you have a knack for everything Sasha! I am glad you had a great trip! Susan

  13. First, Joe and Ava are really looking like teenagers these days!!!!! I know, I'm sorry - we don't like to hear those things :) They are beautiful and handsome!!! Second, I'm soooo glad that you were able to enjoy your week away despite starting out sick!! God is soo good! Third, what gorgeous pictures and memories you've captured!!!! It's great to look at so many highlights, but also humbling to remember that they come with some lowlights too -real life for sure!!

  14. LOVE these pics! so funny: grindstone pic!!! great place! i want to go there! LOVE the game farm!

  15. Some of our family's favorite places to visit too. Great photos!


  16. you live in one of the most picturesque parts of America!
    Amy, from the flat, land-locked mid-west

  17. This looked amazing!! I'm keeping this little gem tucked away in my brain. We are unable to afford our traditional family camp vacation this summer, but something like this looks doable....and BEAUTIFUL!!!

  18. Beautiful shots! I love the color of the ocean this time of year! I'm so glad that you all got to get some time away and have such a great time! :)

  19. Cute little place and very cool candy store I loved getting a nickle or dime and doing the same thing.

  20. what a wonderful vacation…
    everything there seems HUGE.
    the rocks. the beach. the driftwood. everything.

    hope we get to visit that part of the country some day!

  21. We visited the Game Farm a few years ago and had the BEST time!