Tuesday, May 27, 2014

This goodness

It would happen almost weekly.  Still and dark, wind whispering through the trees outside our bedroom window, my baby fast asleep in his little crib, I would burst out of the same frantic nightmare, my heart racing with heaviness.  It always had the same setting.

I would be standing in front of the bank counter where I had worked as a teller and my hands would be full of money as I counted.  Phones would be ringing and there would inevitably be a line of impatient customers all the way to the door.  I'd be working as hard as I could but there at my feet I would suddenly discover my small son, nestled in a basket.  As soon as I noticed him,  he would wake up squalling, demanding my immediate attention and I would begin to panic.  How could I take my break with all those customers and how could I nurse my son as I worked?  The panic would wrap like a vise around my neck and I would stand there paralyzed by it.

Suddenly I would awaken, to a house filled with calm and quiet. My husband's regular breathing and the familiar weight of his arm draped across my waist would help me distinguish dream from reality.  It took some time, after I left my job in banking to be a mother, for those fears and nightmares to ebb.  I had enjoyed my job for the most part, but it never filled any of my creative side and I think that part drained me over time and created a huge wall of stress around me.  I was a mother at 25, having been married for five years at that point and still discovering myself in many ways. We were broke as could be but we worked and worked to make it so I could stay home with our son- something that had been my dream job since I was a tiny little girl.  At the time, I could hardly believe I finally got to do this after five years of working to support my college-attending man. 

I never understood why I had such stress-filled nightmares, post-working to be honest.  I didn't even like talking about this subject with my working mom friends very much.  We all have a story about work, being able to stay home, not being able to, wishing we could, wishing we could leave... there's no right answer because it's all very individual.  All I knew was that I really didn't ever want to go back.  To work.  Ever.  Period.  Just thinking about it would put that deep panic in my heart and I'd start having that same stressful banking dream where I'd find myself inexplicably nursing some baby (mine were grown) and counting cash to a stranger.  Super weird. 

A few years ago, I started selling my artwork all while still being a mostly stay-at-home mama.  After that, I began publishing a monthly decorating Ideabook for Houzz, and later got hired to write weekly, here.  Countless opportunities that have helped us make all the ends meet have come from this little 'ole blog such as being hired to photograph items for people, sharing products and promotions, etc.  Recently, I got the amazing opportunity to begin working part time, for a friend who also happens to be a professional organizer.  One night a few weeks ago it occurred to me that I've been given an amazing gift.  I love my jobs!  All of them!  I've had to drop a couple of commitments that I loved in the name of balance during this season, but I'm still able to do many of the things I enjoy that help our household.  Which got me thinking.  This car situation... if I am seeing the way God has worked out part time work on my behalf  these past few years, how on earth do I ever justify working myself up into a tizzy about how He is going to work out all the details about that!?



The point is this.  God has opened crazy doors that I'd never have dreamed up on my own, and I'm thankful and realizing that His plans for me are far better than the ones I'd have written on my own behalf if I was in charge.  So because of that I will be thankful for His plans and I will continue to choose to trust.  I'm sure I won't get it right every minute of every day, but hopefully I can keep this truth in mind when I begin to panic because all I have to do is look backward and see His faithfulness to this family and how He has filled this life with GOODNESS.

How about you- anything you're looking backward on and tucking away as a reminder for today's unanswered questions?

(**In the mean-time I've been working out some of that waiting time with the unknown in the studio, and I've got a few new items on my shop shelves . (pictured, above)  (I'm finishing a few summery prints and hope to get them listed soon.)  For now I've got my new logo image (the ball jar and lemons) in my shop, along with those cute laminated grocery lists.  (Click here to shop.)**)

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Sunday, May 25, 2014

Noonday GIVEAWAY and a plug for my friend

I first met Kelsey when my man was getting ready to travel to India, on a mission trip a few years ago, and the team of people he was going with were the sweetest.  Kelsey was just about to be married and in that space of time since that mission trip she has also had a baby!  She lives locally and has the most precious heart for others.  Just look at that sunny smile! 

Kelsey says, "I am mama to a one year old baby girl and my desire in raising her is show her what it means to be brave and what it means to really love like Jesus. We are called to literally be His hands and feet to the oppressed and I want her to see me truly loving on the orphan, the widow, the sick and the hopeless like He would." 

Yeah, I can get behind a girl with that kind of heart.  How about you? She loves being an ambassador for Noonday and has wanted to go to Africa for as long as she could remember, but it never felt like the right time until this trip opportunity opened up!  (Noonday is offering a spot along with some of my most favorite blogger ladies, and Kelsey is hoping to gather enough votes to go along with them.  I think she would fit right in and they would all just adore her!)  I would love to help my friend get to Rwanda and have this amazing opportunity and I wondered if you would mind helping her out along with me?! 

You can place a vote here, for my friend Kelsey, to travel to Rwanda with Noonday and IJM, and make a difference, and as a thank you for your votes, she wanted to offer a couple of sweet items in a giveaway for one of you!  She is giving away the Blushed necklace and the Charlotte's bag to one lucky reader!  

In order to be entered in this giveaway, please cast your vote for her here (it's a simple click of a button) and then leave a comment on this blog post, letting us know you did that! 

Kelsey will draw a random winner and I will announce it sometime over this next week! (Oh and if you want to order some Noonday fabulousness, you can place orders with Kelsey here!)

Thank you friends, for helping me support one of my personal friends! I adore you for that. 

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Thursday, May 22, 2014

Quick storage DIY project

 I know, I know... I've blogged more this week than I have in months!  I love that about blogging. Sometimes there is nothing to share and sometimes I feel I should enroll myself in overshare-ers anonymous.  (If there was such a thing, I'd probably be the president.)

I have to say it... Your kindness on my previous post and my stupid car crisis (I say "stupid" because it could be so much worse) really lifted our spirits and encouraged us.  I wanted to respond back to every comment within the comments but I haven't had time to finish that yet.  Hoping to finish that up today as I'm home with a sick kiddo today but no promises.  We came up with a temporary solution (borrowing a car for a few weeks) and what we fear might be our only other solution long term, short of a miracle. We won't know for a few weeks if we can even pull it off and I fear... (and this is the raw part that I wish I wasn't struggling with) that God might not allow the solution we came up with because He might be better glorified by us being at rock bottom-no solution, long term, and struggling and struggling and struggling.  Did I really just admit that?  Yes. Yes I did.  I am doing a study on the "God that Jesus knows" and I feel like all of my ideas about who I thought God is are being challenged right to the root system with this present crisis and man I hate that because I thought everything was all figured out and now I'm realizing that just because my mouth and brain know something, my heart might actually fear and believe otherwise.  Ugh.  Anyway, that's an entire post for another day but we'll have to chew on that at some point because I don't think it's going anywhere in a hurry on me.  Right now it still kind of makes me weepy and afraid.  Which I don't think is what God is intending from all of this.  So yeah, I'm workin' on that.

I actually came here to share a DIY project that I had finished before the great car debacle of 2014 and I didn't mean to get sidetracked vomiting out the ugly in my heart right now.  Thanks for liking me anyway.   

Anyway.  Sometimes I do things and think, "Oh that's not really post-worthy" but then later I think, "Well why not? Someone out there might like to read about that!" Today is one of those days.  I've got a small project that probably isn't really post-worthy, but I'm posting on it anyhow. Because I can.
The project is making any basket into a rolling basket with casters.  Incidentally, casters are one of my love-languages.  The other day I came home and saw four huge industrial sized casters on the garage shelf and I asked my man what they were for.  He responded, "They're for you.  I saw them and knew you'd find a use for them."

I think I want to marry that boy and have his babies. 

And I will find a use for them, never fear. 

The basket is from Target, several years ago, and I taped it off and painted it to make it look dipped a while back.  I love baskets that are big and can be moved from place to place, season to season, as you need them.  I might store some games for summer table-top use in it... or I might move it over by our sliding glass doors and use it for the in and out summer paraphernalia that needs a temporary home. 
 I began by purchasing four casters in the size I wanted, a box of screws and bolts, and a pre-cut slab of wood for the bottom of the basket.  (I had mine pre-cut at Lowes.)

You'll want to make sure and get screws that are long enough to go through the basket, the wood and the caster base.  You wouldn't want to buy the wrong length and then have to make a whole separate trip to Lowe's to get the correct length.  Trust me on that.

 I lined up all my casters and eyeballed where I wanted them.  Then I drew circles for the drill holes and had my man drill some holes for me.
 Once that was done, I placed all the screws (facing down) into the holes of the board, and laid it in the bottom of my basket.  I had to use a hammer to press the screws all the way through this sturdy basket.  (and you might want to only try this on somewhat sturdy baskets).
 This part was a two person job.  On person needs to use a screwdriver to press and turn the screws while another person uses a pair of pliers to hold the bolt in place.
 Once it was done, this is what the inside looked like.  It was a quick and inexpensive way to turn a favorite basket into a more functional rolling item!  (Oh and the gorgeous sign above our desk was made by Tiffini over at House of Belonging.  Cause I know someone will ask!)  (grin)

Also, I've updated a few of this season's  house tour pictures, here, and some changes there are soon to come as my mother's day gift (again, before the GCD of 2014 happened... was the purchase of subway tile for my kitchen.  Apparently it's all been taken care of, though I felt guilty and tried to return it or prevent the install earlier this week, saying, "Let's just put that toward the Great Car Debacle of 2014" and my man said "No" and that it was too late anyway since it's already been taken care of. 

Ugh.  I suppose I'll have to just sit back and relax about that one and let myself get excited... because I really have wanted to do get subway tile for years.  Though I can't help but feel heavy guilt thinking, "Well if only we had known... we wouldn't have put the $ down for that! (Not that our tiny tile project cost would have made much of dent in the car situation since my man gets a screaming deal on tile and instal through his company... still.) (I feel I have to explain this all to you.) (This is what I'm talking about when I say overshare-er.  I care way too much about not being judged falsely or harshly and I hate that kind of stupid insecurity but there it is. Raw honesty.  I'd better stop now before one of my BFF's tell me to knock if off.  It's been one of those weeks.) By the way, my friends would be hugging me by now after telling me to stop.  Just so you know.  (Can you say basket case?  Goodness.)

On a different note, I did just add a few new flour sack dish towels into my shop- they have been sitting in my bin for months and I haven't had a day to get my self in order to finish and list them. (I've got a few irregulars as well for half price) *I WILL NOT BE MAKING ANY MORE OF THESE AFTER THIS BATCH SELLS OUT* 
I also added a sweet laminated watercolor grocery list (which I've only got a limited supply of as well.)  It is the most useful thing I've made in a long time! You can attach it to a clipboard or add adhesive magnets to the backside and keep it handy for jotting down things before you forget them. The best part is that it's a 5x7 in size, so it's not too big for a fridge face.  I head of someone who just takes a photo of what she's written down with her phone, and then heads to the store.  Love that.

 You can click here to shop!

Okay friends, that's it for me, for today.  I want to share a bunch about my new part time job but it's going to have to wait until I can figure out how to share all that encouragement in one small post!  God is good.  And that's what I keep reminding myself of with this car crap. Ha!
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Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Where the rubber of "faith" meets the road...

Ugh. Raw, real life faith. 
Last night Adrain was working in the office, on a letter of great significance for our family, while I laid on the guest room bed vomiting out my heart to every girlfriend that called me up, and honestly, that's better than free counseling.  I'm not even kidding when I say that I would hang up and then another friend would call.  It was like they planned it.  Then another friend showed up with a london fog and doughnuts for my kiddos before school today. Friends are the best. Earlier yesterday (6:30 am to be exact) my phone rang and it was my man, calling to let me know his car engine had blown up and he was stranded on the freeway of his daily commute.

Nice.  Happy Monday morning.  Hours later we realized that this was no small thing- the car repairs would be in the $6000+ ballpark and well... that wasn't going to happen in this season of life. But of course neither was a monthly car payment and we work in two different towns so sharing a car means one person is stranded.  Stuck.  I felt instantly stuck and cried and felt sorry for myself all day. (My gracious girlfriends said that I was "just being real." Okay, I'll go with that. It sounds better.)

 As I laid my head on the pillow last night, bone weary, heart weary, cried out, emotionally tired... I told my man that it was the first time since we were newlyweds that we had a problem with no immediate solution.  The word hopeless just kept floating around in my head all day because we are facing a problem that we honestly have no hope of solving on our own.  We just don't.  We need a miracle and for the first time in a long time, we actually can't get by without one in some capacity.  We have a borrowed car for a few weeks and we've got to magically come up with a solution in that amount of time.  It scares me.  

My heart knows that God is able, capable, mighty to save, yada, yada, yada.  My head is quietly whispering, "Yeah well just because He can doesn't mean He will." As if this problem is too big. It shames me, this lack of ready faith and it shows me just how much I still depend on my own self and not Him for my answers.  I once read that Jesus can't be all you need until He is all you have. 

I have lived that in a rather metaphorically lofty way but never in an actual, present, reality kind of way.  Like, "Dear God, I have no car or funds to purchase one, can't afford a monthly car payment and don't know what to do about it because I see no solution, please Help" kind of way.

I guess this is where the rubber of faith meets the road.  I am swimming in the failure of my lack of faith and I'm sorry I can't get my act together and present a better facade for y'all, but this is real.  At the same time, I have been able to thank Him deeply and honestly, because I trust Him. I know that makes no sense when I say it like that because the two contradict one another.  I can't explain that.  I don't have to like it but I can trust it. And I don't like it.  Not at all. I don't know what God has planned but ten years ago if you had told me that a car problem would break me into pieces and have no solution, I would have laughed at you.  We hadn't experienced a downsize yet, bought our cars new or fairly new, and breakdowns were things we laughed about from high school days when we drove old crappy cars.  Life changed after our downsize (I know many of you relate heartily to this) and on the whole we've adjusted mostly and I would even go so far as to say that we're even happier... but I still struggle with not worrying about things that I can't control.  Worry solves nothing. I know this.  I do.  So I'm working on that.  (And trying not to worry about my worrying problem.) (ha!)

I guess I'll close with the verse that popped up yesterday, when I googled "a bible verse when things feel hopeless." 

"God is a safe place to hide,
    ready to help when we need him.
We stand fearless at the cliff-edge of doom,
    courageous in seastorm and earthquake,
Before the rush and roar of oceans,
    the tremors that shift mountains.
Jacob-wrestling God fights for us,
    God-of-Angel-Armies protects us."

{Psalm 46:1-2 The Message}

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Sunday, May 18, 2014

Making our laundry room practical

 Talking about laundry rooms today.  Mine, specifically.

Can I just say two things about laundry rooms before I go on?  1) Laundry rooms are very difficult to photograph.  There is pretty much no natural lighting and they are cramped and tight.  2) Laundry storage (unless it's in a magazine shoot) is rarely drop dead gorgeous.  If it's real life and practical, well... it looks it.  So I give you my "as pretty as I could make it, very real life and practical laundry room."  (grin) 

This laundry room happens to be the go-between from our garage (which we actually use for parking both of our cars) and the kitchen/hallway area.  You are pretty much in the heart of our home when you walk through this room and into the house, with our kitchen island directly in front of you.  To your left is our hallway to the front door, and we've got some terrific Ikea shoe storage located there. Which we use.  But it's not enough.

There has also always been the matter of storage in this room.  Or rather, lack of storage.  One flimsy wire shelf hasn't cut it but we've made it work, stashing other items under cupboards and cramming them onto random shelves in random places. (Such as first aid items and cleaning supplies.)   I knew we needed to stack our washer and dryer right after we got them, several years ago.  However, life happened and that project went on a back burner.  We finally decided to get things figured out in this room last month, and purchased a stacking kit from the store we bought these from.  It was around $20.  (They were also available to install it for us and we were thrilled to get that part done by someone other than ourselves, but it didn't seem particularly difficult.)  (Also, that family hub just hasn't been used to it's fullest by anyone but me after the first few months of school began, so I have moved it and am working on a better solution currently.)

I began by identifying how this room functioned for my family specifically, along with what it lacked or needed.
1) We never fold laundry in here.
2) We come inside from the garage daily, bringing coats, shoes, and seasonal items.
3) Shoes are our biggest problem and my kids don't work well with drawers or anything that requires anything more than flipping the shoe off and onto a surface.  It's true.
4) More storage was needed.  (I listed the following in need of a "home;" a small stack of campfire blankets, cleaning supplies, laundry items, seasonal clothing and accessories and first aid items.)
5) I preferred the open shelving concept rather than something with cupboards because this room is more of a practical space, than a pretty space and I wanted things I could grab quickly. I looked at both options.
6) Better coat storage that was more out of the way, now that the washer and dryer were stacked on the wall we used to hang coats against.
7) Better hiding spot for brooms and mops.
8) Hanger for my iron so it would quit falling over and leaking water on things.
9) Some kind of memo board for jotting quick notes, maybe even magnetic or chalkboard-ish when we walk in.
10) A laundry hamper for cleaning rags, wet dishcloths, random socks.  (You get this, I know you do.)

After the appliances were stacked, we hunted and hunted for the right cubby or cupboard solution.  We ended up checking into a new and used office supply shop and nabbed this rustic woody cubby set for a steal.  I may have danced in the aisle.  It even came with label holders, which I took home and stamped out.  (Adrain gives me under six months til I paint this shelf white... but for now I like the rustic wood look. And of course I'll eventually paint it.  Who am I kidding?)

I found two small baskets at TJ Maxx with burlap liners and even though I'm not a huge fan of burlap, I liked the look and size of these, and thought they went with the shelf nicely.

I stole Joe's old sports basket (From Land of Nod, years ago) and hot glued some burlap into the shape of a basket liner.  Then I stenciled "Laundry" on it.  It was the perfect size- tall and slim and easy to move.

The best part, everyone got their own cubby for shoes and we should have plenty of space now along with the hallway storage we have been previously using!

I love having space for extra cleaning supplies and a bin for the ones currently being used, along with a cubby for our campfire blankets.  They come in handy on chilly nights with friends over, toasting marshmallows.
I put our clothespins and laundry pods into jars (Sometimes I still make my own laundry soap) because it was cuter and why not?

When you enter from the garage, there is a hanging coat rack over that door now.  It's a perfect spot and out of the way now. 
 I painted an old WWII radio parts box that I wasn't using, white, with red cross details, and tucked all of our first aid and medicines into it. It's so much handier in here.  I'm always bandaging a scraped knee on the sidewalk or front lawn anyway, so I don't have as far to go for the Neosporin anymore.
 In the winter we'll hold mittens and hats in this bin.  For now it's beach towels, sunscreen and swimming goggles.
We use this laundry bin daily.  I love having it in here. I think I still need a tiny garbage can for dryer lint but so far I just make people turn right around and place it into the kitchen (under sink) garbage can.

Also, I relocated our old hanging broom/mop organizer behind the door that opens into the kitchen.  It's a perfect spot really, and totally hidden from view. 
This was a project fail.  Eh, we all have them.  I decided to give my beloved chalkboard a couple coats of magnetic paint with hopes that I could top it with chalk paint and we'd have ourselves a magnetic chalkboard.  Yes, well... I followed the instructions to the letter but it just didn't work out and magnets kind of slid slowly to the bottom, rather than staying put and being magnetically useful.  In the end, I sanded it back down and re-coated it with chalk paint again and now we've got a four-part chalkboard that probably nobody will use.  Regardless it's there if we need to jot a note to someone.  Ya can't win em all. 

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Thursday, May 15, 2014

Outdoor entertaining- & a TIKI® Brand GIVEAWAY


We have lovingly dubbed it the "party pit"- a little narrow mostly unused space next to our house.  Adrain and I have adopted the idea that we should find ways to use every part of our spaces to the max, so when I suggested that we move our picnic table beside our house, rather than the logical teeny patio area that was crowded with a BBQ and potting bench, he was willing to see how it would work.  I strung gobs of mis-matched light strings above it, connected from the house to the fence and placed gorgeous blue-glass TIKI® Brand Torches here and there, and in planters and the whole thing suddenly became rather magical. 

I love entertaining.  But I think outdoor entertaining is my favorite.  It's got a relaxed, casual, come as you are and stay as long as you can feel to it.  Our backyard tends to have about four zones to it.  (I think having zones is a great way to entertain effortlessly and that's the key to enjoying yourself as the host.) We've got our eating zone, our cooking/prepping/BBQing/Serving zone, our campfire/hangout til it's dark and the kids are dragging zone, and the play zone- ours includes a giant trampoline.  We've strung lights and placed TIKI® Brand Torches all over the place, which sets a festive atmosphere.  (And with the lights, don't worry if they don't match. None of ours do, and it makes it quirky and fun.) 

The other thing I do at the very start of BBQ season to make things easy and enjoyable, is create an outdoor entertaining box.  I've got a sturdy basket that holds round placemats, (Ikea) shatterproof dishes and glasses (Pottery Barn) along with some no-fuss yet coordinated cloth napkins (Target) (no ironing necessary) a tray (Ikea) and utensils.  *You can include tea lights and matches, salt and pepper, a table runner or whatever else helps you set a cute table in just a couple of few minutes.  This has been very handy when friends are over and we have a spontaneous dinner together, as I can just grab the whole basket and I've got everything I need already in it, without having to make constant trips back inside the house. 

 There are a few food items I like to keep on hand all summer long for just such an occasion.  I often have a jar of my salted caramel sauce in the fridge, good vanilla bean ice cream in the freezer and if you want to go a little beyond that, simple ingredients for a cobbler are always a crowd pleaser. (All you really need to keep on hand is a box of Bisquick (we use the gf mix) and a couple cans of peach slices.  The staples used are sugar, eggs and vanilla.  That's it.)   

 In a Pinch Peach Cobbler:
*Drain can of peaches and reserve juice. 
*Divide and melt 1/4 stick butter into 4 ramekins or oven safe soup mugs, in the oven @ 350°. 
*Mix the following batter while that melts; (1c bisquick+1c sugar+ 1tsp vanilla & 2 eggs. - If too dry add 1-2tbsp of reserved juice.)
*Once butter is hot drop spoonfuls of batter in; then arrange peach slices over all and bake 35 min @ 350°.
*For extra fun scoop vanilla bean ice cream on top and drizzle with salted caramel sauce. 


 If you're hosting a gathering and don't want to waste money on flowers, I love taking something that I'm planning to put into the ground soon, and wrapping it with brown paper and gardening twine.  Having a grouping of these is simple and sweet.  (And when the party's over toss the paper and plant them in your flower beds.  Win-win.



 I love setting up an area for buffet style foods and drinks, as well as listing the menu for our guests. (I made this simple chalkboard and hung it from my potting bench with cup hooks) I love the way this TIKI® Brand Table Torch looks off to the side, and coordinates with the blue glass TIKI® Brand torches near our picnic table area. It actually has a button you can push to make the blue glass ball glow.  (My kids were enthralled with this feature and I finally had to stand there and tell them they weren't going to get any cobbler if they kept pushing it off and on.) 




 I used watercolors to create little place cards.  That's not something I do very often but I was itching to paint. (I love putting extra little touches on the table to make my friends feel special and to be honest, place card painting is one of my very favorite things. You could easily print them off the computer, of course or try this super easy version!)  




  One thing I will say, is how much we love the look of these TIKI® Brand Torches in the blue glass.  They match my outdoor decor perfectly and can be found at Target.  Plus, we used TIKI® Brand Torch Fuel and because it had citronella IN THE fuel (genius!) it helped keep all the pesky mosquitos far away.  Love that, cause there's nothing that ends a party quicker than mosquito bites.  Right?


Okay now let's talk food. 

First of all, we gave all the kids hot dogs before hand, and then let them jump on the trampoline while we ate.  The grown-ups got a steak salad because it's the easiest thing in the world, which is what outdoor entertaining is all about.  A bowl of spring greens, some heirloom tomato slices, slivers of red onion, freshly cracked pepper... then some thinly sliced grilled steak and honey mustard dressing on top.  Heaven.  (My man uses a bottle of Worstershire sauce along with a huge amount of garlic to marinate his steaks.  They are amazing.)

We served herbed fries in tiny buckets lined with parchment paper alongside our salads. (Sprinkle chopped cilantro, garlic, salt and pepper over frozen fries and bake as directed.) 

Our favorite fry dipping sauce is about a cup of ranch, a huge handful of cilantro, a squeeze of lime and one avocado blended in a food processor.  Everyone always eats it til it's gone and I caught the guys dipping their leftover steak slices in it.  Love that! You can use it as a dip, salad dressing or just all around non-boring condiment.

 A pitcher of blackberry-coconut juice and vanilla bean sodas for the kiddos were perfect.







 I guess if there's anything that I can encourage you about when it comes to outdoor entertaining- it's this.  You don't have to have a big space to make it a regular, yet special occasion.  A few simple food dishes whipped up from what you have in the pantry, a few festive touches like cafe lights and TIKI® Brand Torches, some good conversation, and you've got a memorable evening to tuck away and treasure. 

TIKI® Brand torches would love to help you make your outdoor entertaining season the best ever. And to do that, they have a fantastic giveaway to offer to one lucky winner! (You can also find everything I've shown in this post at Target.) 

The giveaway package will include 4 TIKI® Brand Glass Torches + 1 TIKI® Brand Glowing Table Torch,+ 1 64 oz bottle TIKI® Brand Torch Fuel + 1 Snap & Pour spout.  (= retail value $107.93) (You can check out the TIKI® Brand inspiration gallery here if you need some ideas on how to use them, along with checking out all the great options and accessories they offer!).

In order to be entered to win this giveaway, please leave a comment on this post answering the following question-  "How does the TIKI® Brand help to create the perfect environment for your outdoor entertaining?"

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