Tuesday, May 13, 2014

As I chat my mantra, "Please don't die..."

Well Hi.  

I decided it was high time we had a little chat about things that are going on because I've been missing you.

I've been bouncing around thoughts about my very full plate and things I've said yes to.  Because of that, I've actually said no to a couple things I loved.  It is one of those seasons and I think it's important to know when you can actually do something about the feeling of being overwhelmed.. and do something about it.  Yes?  First time I ever had to say no to things I didn't want to say no to- but afterward, a great calm descended.  Guess that's how I know it was the "right" choice.  Relief! (I won't be quitting my blog but probably blogging once a week or so like I have been.  It works.)

* We finally have a house exterior color chosen.  Er, well the general color is chosen and we decided not to worry about it working with the neighbor's colors!  Which meant I got the exact color that I wanted.  Happy day.  (We are still attempting to nail down the exact shade and figure out we can sweet-talk friends and/or family to come help for a day... hmmmm.  Working on that.) (wink) More on that whole thing soon.

* I am working part time now, for a friend and mentor, who also happens to be a professional organizer.  It's been the best!!  I seriously love this gig and the ladies I've been working with are just amazing.  I have an entire post in my head about how God provides in ways you never imagined.  When I have time, I'll knock it out and I bet you'll be as encouraged as I've been. 

* I am sharing the depths of my heart over here.

* Our herbs, veggies (or as I like to call it- my salsa garden) and cutting garden are officially in.  I decided to plant tomatoes again.  If you're a long time reader you probably remember a couple years back when we had "TOMATOGEDDON."  We got 200+lbs of tomatoes, unexpectedly.  It was a bumper crop that sent me door to door daily, with flats of tomatoes, and finally forced me into a corner in the fetal position, sucking my thumb and crying for my mommy- who then arrived on my doorstep, apron in hand, and helped me can those suckers.  Then my missionary friend stripped the vines of all the green tomatoes that were threatening to never end, and took them home to her window sill and reported later, that they were delicious.  By then I didn't care.  I didn't plant any tomatoes the following year but two plants rose up from the dirt and produced- I am not even lying.  I had nightmares about tomatoes chasing me out of the garden.  True story.
 *Now, a little about my yard.  Adrain and I aren't really city-yard types.  We don't care overmuch for mowing, edging and perfection.  Both of us were country kids and I grew up on a gravel road.  At one point my dad "hired" our neighbors ponies to come eat our backyard grass because he didn't like to mow.  Do you see what I'm getting at here?  (I could write an entire post about those poor ponies.) (Like how we took turns jumping from our tree house onto their backs like the Lone Ranger.) (I'm not saying we were the brightest kids on the block.) (But it sure was fun.) (Until they decided they had enough and started bucking us off.) (We didn't care for that so much.) (We still fed them carrots from the garden when mom wasn't looking though.)

My point.  Our yard is a work in progress and we only spend so much time on it.  So if you're super into landscaping just try not to cringe too much.  (grin)

I do have a plan.  It's a color scheme that I've been incorporating little by little each year.  Blues, greens, purples and whites.  (Does that qualify as a plan?)
 I finally have a clematis.  I hope it doesn't die.
 Replanted lavender after my last doggy ate it all.  I'm working on getting peonies again after my first doggy ate that!  My favorite things are peonies, lavender, lilacs, and hydrangeas.  I want all of those in my yard eventually!
 Our garden/campfire pit area.  We love this spot as the garden begins to bloom.  I lined the fence with lights and it's so fun at night! I also did an ombre spray paint treatment on our plastic adirondack chairs. Each chair is a shade of blue.  

 These two.  Our entire neighborhood was out clipping caterpillar nests from our trees last night and burning them.  It was almost a party!
 This is the bed that I still haven't raked up all this yucky red bark from along with these red prickly bush things.  Adrain's going to yank them out and we are putting in a half fence and hopefully a lilac bush in it's place.

 I have a major passion for lilacs. I dream of huge jugs of them on the table and in every room.  Someday...

 Cutting garden evidence!  I don't even know what we planted.  Zinnias of course... can't wait to see what else pops up!

* I just finished a project I waited eleven years to complete- my laundry room is finally streamlined for the way my family works and I can't wait to share it with you next!

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  1. I love it! I feel like my backyard is my little haven away from it all, but it's not one of those beautiful park - like yards either (though the hubs does a great job keeping it tidy. BTW totally stealing your idea for labeling the veggie garden!

  2. Looks great and is the perfect haven for your family and friends. Funny story of the Lone Ranger jumping!

  3. Always enjoy your posts! Love the tomato story, sounds like my husband. He always grows tomatoes but grows enough for our whole town. I don't even eat tomatoes but apparently everyone else in the world does. :o)) Happy rest of the week!

  4. It looks so good. Wish I was hanging out back there with you! I can't wait to see your painted house. It's going to look awesome. Glad you aren't worrying about the neighbors;-)

  5. Is that Brunnera in the last picture? I just bought some of that but it hasn't bloomed and this picture makes me excited for future years! Beautiful! I love your flowers. The theme is totally working!

  6. Lovely photos, great tomato dream! Your article on the other site and this post have inspired me. It's ok to just abide and not always be doing something. Blessings on your family!

  7. You have so much going on in your garden! We need to do some work on ours, but not sure when it will happen... I love your firepit, and I see you love the same flowers I do. Can't wait to hear about your part time work and see your laundry, I'm in the process of tidying ours and am always wondering about changing things round in there. Have a good week.