Monday, May 5, 2014

In which I had no idea what I was doing...

I feel like I need a special tee shirt that reads, "I survived my daughter's first slumber party." 

Let me break this down for you.  I love tweenaged girls. 

Like, LOVE. 

They giggle about the most adorable things and most of them involve puppies and horses and American Girl dolls.  Seriously, they have no idea what's around the corner, do they?  It's my favorite age so far.

When I agreed that my daughter could invite three of her school friends to celebrate her birthday overnight, I had no memory of what I was actually agreeing to.  I forgot that four eleven year olds could eat gallons of food. I forgot that their dance off would last for hours.  I forgot that they could stay awake until three am and then be up at the butt crack of dawn wanting breakfast and dancing... again. I forgot that one special little eleven year old would melt down in tears later that night when it all caught up with her.  Ha! 

Anyway, it was a really fun time for Ava and she survived. So did I.  My man had to knock on her bedroom door a few times and tell them all to "settle down in there" and it totally reminded me of my sleepovers as a girl.  (You know it was serious when the DAD was the one to say it.) Everything would hush for a few minutes and then someone would inevitably giggle and it would all start right back up again.  Yeah.

(I didn't find that quite as adorable at two in the morning. Just saying.)  

I put together a few cute ideas and I had several Instagram peeps ask me to share, so here they are! (And btw I am totally not a junk food mom so the fact that Ava requested tons of junk food items like bright orange cheeto puffs (shudder-what even are they? And how do they make them that color?) along with candies for ice cream sundaes and pizza and sugar cereal in the morning was completely opposite of what I would normally do.  I just hoped nobody would throw up.  (Thankfully, nobody did!)
 I loved the idea of putting together a little breakfast tray.  I poured their cereal into an old jar I found at Michaels a couple years ago, and cute milk in a bottle from our local grocery store.  Some small milk bottle jars from, polka dotted bowls (from TJ Maxx years ago) and a striped straw with a powdered sugar doughnut on each milk bottle, completed the tray.

 I didn't want to take a bunch of kid photos during the party because parents don't always go for that... anyway it was cute and they gobbled it down.
 The night before I gave them a little snack and ice cream sundae bar. It wasn't anything very fancy- just m&ms, marshmallows and starburst candies (Again, Ava's request) along with popcorn and cheetos.  Ava wanted to use pretty glasses (mine are from pottery barn's summer collection, and thankfully, unbreakable) for shirley temples.  I made a pitcher of those bad boys and they loved them.
 Every girl got a bottle of nail polish and a headband covered in glitter. (JoAnn's dollar bins) We sent them home with baggies of rainbow popcorn, seen here, at Ava's family party. (I miss that rainbow cake.)
I instragrammed this picture right before the party... my little girl sitting quietly in her bedroom playing with her dolls.  I know the time on this is short and I'm savoring... savoring... savoring. 

It's so weird because Ava just got to join the middle school youth group at church this past weekend as they welcomed graduating fifth graders in, and I was having a moment.  Our former babysitter (My kiddos FIRST babysitter, in fact) who is now married, is a leader there. Don't even get me started on the fact that she was Joe's age when she started babysitting my babies!!!  We were hugging and trying not to get all emotional while Ava ran around and had a blast, totally ignorant of the passing of time. 
 Dance off.  Slumber party staple, amen?
 (It's probably a good thing this one was blurry... that way you can't see the HUGE tired bags under my eyes quite as well!) #mamaneedsanap

 I have a new print in my shop, and it's available as art prints and postcard sets.  This one is personal.  Well, aren't they all?  This one though.. it's my heart this year.  I have so much that I want to blog about and share about this year so far.  I am waiting for the right time, and the right words.  I painted this as a life statement reading, "live adventurously." My hope is that it will inspire those of us who tend to live in fear and seeking safety rather than embracing bravery and the grand adventure that awaits when we shake off that which holds us back and jump forward into the unknown of life. To have faith is to live adventurously, knowing Who holds your future.  My entire year so far has been a faith walk and one brave step in front of the other.  It's changing me.

I am learning to be brave and TRUST with my whole heart.  If this speaks to you, you can purchase it here, in my shop

In closing, one of my brave moments this year was joining a Seattle radio station's website and blogging weekly with a team of other moms.  Last week I shared something close to my heart, here and I hope it deeply encourages you!  (I post every Monday afternoon, and I'll be posting here again, later today.  Stop by if you've got a minute!)

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  2. You are so sweet Sasha! This post touched my heart because I have a special needs daughter that chose a glittery headband from a fabric store one day (probably JoAnn's bin) and she had it on yesterday. It is so precious to me to know that other girls her age are into the same things. Love that part!
    You are a good mother!

  3. Lucky girls. I'm sure they were spoiled rotten:)

  4. What a cute, cute party! And, I must admit that reading about girls slumber parties makes me glad that all that is behind me. I won't trade those times for anything when I was going through it, but it makes me tired now. :o))) And, let me assure you that I didn't have the flair with parties that you have, but that was 25 years ago and I'm sure the girls thought I had flair. "o)))

    And, love "Live Adventurously!" I might have to have that...................Happy week Sasha!

  5. I just whole-heartedly love your whole heart: ) SO sweet this age our girls are. Living adventurously is about to be my motto as I plunge into a whole new arena as the earth shifts around E's job at the same time. Terrifying. I feel like I want to climb back in the boat. . .as Oceans by Hillsong is my anthem. . . but I just keep trying to be brave with my life. . .thanks to your pretty little print.

  6. I love the doughnut idea and the new print is amazing!! I will be getting one of those soon(: I love my daughter's birthday, but it is such an emotional time. While I love watching her grow into a beautiful young lady, I would give my eye teeth to be able to rock her to sleep again - just once(: Beautiful post. Susan

  7. I just found your blog recently and have been thoroughly enjoying it, but this post? THIS post I adore. I have two little girls and sometimes (OK ALL the time) I worry about the middle school years (they're 5 and 7). But reading your words, feeling your attitude about all of it, seeing how you made such a fun day/night for your daughter and her friends, I was actually excited about this time. Not so much because I'd do the exact same thing, but because you showed me how to see what it is my girls will want/need and provide it for them. I think this post really captured your "makin' lemonade" motto. I'm really glad to have read it. Thanks for writing it!

  8. I read your article and it touched my heart deeply....sometimes it's so hard to believe that He really will take care of me...I love the reminder of the birds. JJ picked a good part of God's creation to focus on. Love your party pictures. Your kids are very blessed!

  9. What a fun party! Girls that age are just about perfect! Thanks for sharing, Sasha.

  10. You just have such a knack with party decor!! That tray of cereal with all the details was just too sweet for words. :)
    And I LOVE your new print!! I see that one in my future. ;) xoxo

  11. hi, just fyi, your header is upside down on your home page