Sunday, May 25, 2014

Noonday GIVEAWAY and a plug for my friend

I first met Kelsey when my man was getting ready to travel to India, on a mission trip a few years ago, and the team of people he was going with were the sweetest.  Kelsey was just about to be married and in that space of time since that mission trip she has also had a baby!  She lives locally and has the most precious heart for others.  Just look at that sunny smile! 

Kelsey says, "I am mama to a one year old baby girl and my desire in raising her is show her what it means to be brave and what it means to really love like Jesus. We are called to literally be His hands and feet to the oppressed and I want her to see me truly loving on the orphan, the widow, the sick and the hopeless like He would." 

Yeah, I can get behind a girl with that kind of heart.  How about you? She loves being an ambassador for Noonday and has wanted to go to Africa for as long as she could remember, but it never felt like the right time until this trip opportunity opened up!  (Noonday is offering a spot along with some of my most favorite blogger ladies, and Kelsey is hoping to gather enough votes to go along with them.  I think she would fit right in and they would all just adore her!)  I would love to help my friend get to Rwanda and have this amazing opportunity and I wondered if you would mind helping her out along with me?! 

You can place a vote here, for my friend Kelsey, to travel to Rwanda with Noonday and IJM, and make a difference, and as a thank you for your votes, she wanted to offer a couple of sweet items in a giveaway for one of you!  She is giving away the Blushed necklace and the Charlotte's bag to one lucky reader!  

In order to be entered in this giveaway, please cast your vote for her here (it's a simple click of a button) and then leave a comment on this blog post, letting us know you did that! 

Kelsey will draw a random winner and I will announce it sometime over this next week! (Oh and if you want to order some Noonday fabulousness, you can place orders with Kelsey here!)

Thank you friends, for helping me support one of my personal friends! I adore you for that. 

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Jodi said...

Totally voted for Kelsey.What an awsome thing Noonday is doing.

Suzelle Kasaian said...

I voted. What a doll she is. I admire anyone who truly follows her their she is.

tamh said...

I voted for Kelsey. What an awesome opportunity and Kelsey is so inspiring.

Michelle Helsel said...

OK so I just voted and commented but I was signed in under my sons account. I am posting again under my account just in case I win and you need the correct contact info. Disregard tamh's comment. Thank you.

Jessica C said...

Voted for her! Hope it goes well for her. I am a little partail for my friend that is also hoping for the spot. =) Any of those 300+ hoping to go to Rwanda would be great though! Glad it's not up to me to decide.

Crossnote said...

Hi there, I feel so blessed to be able to vote for such a young lady as this.....
I sure you win Kelsey and may the Lord bless you in your desires to serve
Him and bless your precious little one!

Ellie said...

I voted for Kelsey.

Justin White said...

I voted for Kelsey! Blessings:)

Sarah Joy said...

I voted for her!! And you are so sweet to be helping her out!

Susan Jeffries said...

I just spent the last 30 minutes devouring all of this info about Noonday! I love this concept and the pieces are fabulous! I contacted them to host a show! I voted for your sweet friend ! I hope she gets to go along(: Susan

Jeannie S said...

What a great organization. I voted for Kelsey and pray God blesses her with this trip. Thank you for sharing!

Deb Abresch said...

Just voted for your sweet friend, Kelsey.

Marla Lewis said...

Just voted for your friend.

Jensamom23 said...

Done! What an amazing chance for her!

randomramblings said...

Voted! Hope she wins!

Gypsy Heart said...

Done! I hope that she is able to go ~ what an incredible adventure for her.


Shannon Tabor said...

Just voted (: best wishes! What a wonderful opportunity!

Yolanda Green said...

I voted! Blessings!

Rug & Home said...

I voted! I hope she gets it! What an amazing opportunity to give so selflessly. So inspiring! - Samantha

Jillian McVae said...

Voted! :)

Flying E said...

I voted for her and I so hope and pray that she gets the spot. Thank you for sharing and inspiring always!

Deborah said...

I voted for Kelsey.

Christy @ MCH PHOTOGRAPHY said...

I am a huge fan of Noonday, I voted for Kelsey :) keeping my fingers crossed for her

Andrea said...

Voted! what an amazing opportunity.

JAMIE said...


Mindy Whipple said...

I voted - what a blessing this trip will be!

Danielle M. said...


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