Thursday, May 22, 2014

Quick storage DIY project

 I know, I know... I've blogged more this week than I have in months!  I love that about blogging. Sometimes there is nothing to share and sometimes I feel I should enroll myself in overshare-ers anonymous.  (If there was such a thing, I'd probably be the president.)

I have to say it... Your kindness on my previous post and my stupid car crisis (I say "stupid" because it could be so much worse) really lifted our spirits and encouraged us.  I wanted to respond back to every comment within the comments but I haven't had time to finish that yet.  Hoping to finish that up today as I'm home with a sick kiddo today but no promises.  We came up with a temporary solution (borrowing a car for a few weeks) and what we fear might be our only other solution long term, short of a miracle. We won't know for a few weeks if we can even pull it off and I fear... (and this is the raw part that I wish I wasn't struggling with) that God might not allow the solution we came up with because He might be better glorified by us being at rock bottom-no solution, long term, and struggling and struggling and struggling.  Did I really just admit that?  Yes. Yes I did.  I am doing a study on the "God that Jesus knows" and I feel like all of my ideas about who I thought God is are being challenged right to the root system with this present crisis and man I hate that because I thought everything was all figured out and now I'm realizing that just because my mouth and brain know something, my heart might actually fear and believe otherwise.  Ugh.  Anyway, that's an entire post for another day but we'll have to chew on that at some point because I don't think it's going anywhere in a hurry on me.  Right now it still kind of makes me weepy and afraid.  Which I don't think is what God is intending from all of this.  So yeah, I'm workin' on that.

I actually came here to share a DIY project that I had finished before the great car debacle of 2014 and I didn't mean to get sidetracked vomiting out the ugly in my heart right now.  Thanks for liking me anyway.   

Anyway.  Sometimes I do things and think, "Oh that's not really post-worthy" but then later I think, "Well why not? Someone out there might like to read about that!" Today is one of those days.  I've got a small project that probably isn't really post-worthy, but I'm posting on it anyhow. Because I can.
The project is making any basket into a rolling basket with casters.  Incidentally, casters are one of my love-languages.  The other day I came home and saw four huge industrial sized casters on the garage shelf and I asked my man what they were for.  He responded, "They're for you.  I saw them and knew you'd find a use for them."

I think I want to marry that boy and have his babies. 

And I will find a use for them, never fear. 

The basket is from Target, several years ago, and I taped it off and painted it to make it look dipped a while back.  I love baskets that are big and can be moved from place to place, season to season, as you need them.  I might store some games for summer table-top use in it... or I might move it over by our sliding glass doors and use it for the in and out summer paraphernalia that needs a temporary home. 
 I began by purchasing four casters in the size I wanted, a box of screws and bolts, and a pre-cut slab of wood for the bottom of the basket.  (I had mine pre-cut at Lowes.)

You'll want to make sure and get screws that are long enough to go through the basket, the wood and the caster base.  You wouldn't want to buy the wrong length and then have to make a whole separate trip to Lowe's to get the correct length.  Trust me on that.

 I lined up all my casters and eyeballed where I wanted them.  Then I drew circles for the drill holes and had my man drill some holes for me.
 Once that was done, I placed all the screws (facing down) into the holes of the board, and laid it in the bottom of my basket.  I had to use a hammer to press the screws all the way through this sturdy basket.  (and you might want to only try this on somewhat sturdy baskets).
 This part was a two person job.  On person needs to use a screwdriver to press and turn the screws while another person uses a pair of pliers to hold the bolt in place.
 Once it was done, this is what the inside looked like.  It was a quick and inexpensive way to turn a favorite basket into a more functional rolling item!  (Oh and the gorgeous sign above our desk was made by Tiffini over at House of Belonging.  Cause I know someone will ask!)  (grin)

Also, I've updated a few of this season's  house tour pictures, here, and some changes there are soon to come as my mother's day gift (again, before the GCD of 2014 happened... was the purchase of subway tile for my kitchen.  Apparently it's all been taken care of, though I felt guilty and tried to return it or prevent the install earlier this week, saying, "Let's just put that toward the Great Car Debacle of 2014" and my man said "No" and that it was too late anyway since it's already been taken care of. 

Ugh.  I suppose I'll have to just sit back and relax about that one and let myself get excited... because I really have wanted to do get subway tile for years.  Though I can't help but feel heavy guilt thinking, "Well if only we had known... we wouldn't have put the $ down for that! (Not that our tiny tile project cost would have made much of dent in the car situation since my man gets a screaming deal on tile and instal through his company... still.) (I feel I have to explain this all to you.) (This is what I'm talking about when I say overshare-er.  I care way too much about not being judged falsely or harshly and I hate that kind of stupid insecurity but there it is. Raw honesty.  I'd better stop now before one of my BFF's tell me to knock if off.  It's been one of those weeks.) By the way, my friends would be hugging me by now after telling me to stop.  Just so you know.  (Can you say basket case?  Goodness.)

On a different note, I did just add a few new flour sack dish towels into my shop- they have been sitting in my bin for months and I haven't had a day to get my self in order to finish and list them. (I've got a few irregulars as well for half price) *I WILL NOT BE MAKING ANY MORE OF THESE AFTER THIS BATCH SELLS OUT* 
I also added a sweet laminated watercolor grocery list (which I've only got a limited supply of as well.)  It is the most useful thing I've made in a long time! You can attach it to a clipboard or add adhesive magnets to the backside and keep it handy for jotting down things before you forget them. The best part is that it's a 5x7 in size, so it's not too big for a fridge face.  I head of someone who just takes a photo of what she's written down with her phone, and then heads to the store.  Love that.

 You can click here to shop!

Okay friends, that's it for me, for today.  I want to share a bunch about my new part time job but it's going to have to wait until I can figure out how to share all that encouragement in one small post!  God is good.  And that's what I keep reminding myself of with this car crap. Ha!
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  1. Ok coolest thing ever!! Will you please come and be my neighbor?:) Susan

  2. What a simple and useful thing to do to a basket! And the fact that your honey bought the casters for your use made me almost swoon! Wave a lovely weekend, Sasha.

  3. Great idea with the basket and cute dish towel! It is hard to get our mouth, brain and heart all together, I think that's the whole journey of our faith walk. I'd like to think God wants to give you an even better, more reliable car so you and Adrain are safer in your travels, at least that's what I pray for you. Thanks for sharing!

  4. I have been searching for a farmhouse table and yours is just lovely, I adore the two-toned white & wood combo. Where did you score such a great find?

  5. Cute dipped & castored (is that a word?) storage basket! I'll have to send you a photo of my dining rm/kitchen sometime, Sasha. Our spaces are very similar...cabinet colors, furniture, etc. But yours is nicer of course, and larger! I have a honey-colored maple dining table that I need to refinish. I got white chairs last summer, thinking I may paint the table legs white. Did you paint your table? On another note, I've been thinking about you, and praying for you and your family with this whole car mess. Though I'm not in your situation right now, I've been a hopeless situation. Questioning God. The older I get I see so many horrible things that I just can't justify why God would let them happen...especially when it comes to kids. The only thing that helps for me is to keep talking to God. And keeping my family and friends close. You are so creative and it sounds like your husband is, too. You came up with your temporary solution, and I know an opportunity for a permanent solution, will present itself to you as well. Just keep putting positive thoughts and intentions out to the universe, and to God. I'm finally realizing it really is OK to ask him for help. I know everything will work out for you guys! :)

  6. Darn! The dish towels sold out already!

  7. Sasha, I love your heart and the ease with which you share your fears--they run through all of us but reading them here helps me to know its not just me! The most interesting thing about walking with Jesus is that the journey is never over. You are never "there" and every crisis can refine you and take you to a different level in your faith (maybe a level or type of understanding you never would have found if you'd not had a crisis?) Anyway, its so nice to read your blog and I am sorry you are going through a hard time but I know He will provide and you will look back with your characteristic wisdom and see what He was doing for you and Adrain. Lots of love! P.S. Love the basket!!! Also this is my wordiest comment ever, sorry!!!

  8. very cool!!! btw I loveee the new header with :D

  9. Love the idea of casters on a basket - and how easy to roll out and clean under. AND no dust bunnies on the bottom of the basket (which are hard to clean off...). Thank you too for sharing you heart in good times as well as the more "challenging".

  10. What a great idea! The dish towels are adorable. I've had lots of technical issues the past couple months so have not been able to visit. I haven't read about the car issue but I will. Please know that God has this! Sometimes it's the 11th hour when He reveals the solution so please keep the faith...and keep thanking Him in advance! My favorite mantra is "let go and let God". I hope that you will be able to do that.


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