Friday, June 27, 2014

Havens, Boy Rooms, Courage and Chicken Salad. The End.

Hi Dear friends!

Doesn't it feel like our chats are few and far between lately?  I'm still settling into the groove of Summer, not to mention having my new part time job so when I had this week mostly "off" to do swim lessons with my kiddos I brought my camera along and got reacquainted with it.

Being on Summer break and having the hoodlums around has caused me to think about homes being our havens.  How I want our home to be a haven- and what that means.  My main goal is always welcoming others in and making my family feel soothed and restful, but I've also been carving our my own little haven for sipping iced tea and chatting with my man or anyone else who wanders into it, each evening. It's my front porch. I don't know why I have never used it much- probably because it's narrow and kind of an awkward space.  I potted some plants in an inexpensive planter (which I spray painted with a color I had on hand) and also in a hanging basket.  I put out some pillows stolen from the backyard, along with a camp blanket and moved an inside chalkboard and metal stool outside.  I love it! 

 And that's my mama's iced tea recipe- the one I cut my teeth on.  (2 bags "Lipton" and 4 bags "Constant Comment."  She used to make hers in a milk gallon and set it in the sun to brew.  I use the cold water brew and do it in the fridge but it still tastes like home to me.)
 Now.  My boys' room has a been a bone of contention with me for some time.  He is the hoarder in the family. Ha!  I finally convinced him to let me help him lighten his load and transition it from little kid toy-hoard-land to teenage room that speaks about WHO he is.

He loved it!  I used some of the techniques we use at my new organizing job- a bin for donations, trash, and items for him to sort and it worked like a charm!  All of his Lego creations are on the shelves in his closet rather than all over his floor.  Much safer because when they get stepped on, it's like the sky is falling.  They are his prized possessions! (And for good reason too- this kid is a Lego wiz!)
 We made him a music wall- though he plays upright bass at school in the orchestra and we don't have one of those expensive babies... yet.  I keep hunting Craig's list for a used one.  Still, this represents JOE very well.

 The gorgeous sign that hangs in his room came from my good friend Tara, over here.

 And let's talk for a minute about his bookshelf.  I might have a bit of a love for bookshelf organizing and styling... and making books flow in a color pattern... see below...
 See?  The one in my bedroom....
 And the shelf in our little cozy bedroom nook area.  (More on the progress of that space soon.)  I just love books.  Adrain scored a set of antique volumes at an estate sale last weekend and I'm working on a shelf/display for that in my head.  Can't wait to make that a reality as well!
Here are some of our swim lesson pics.  Some of them were beautiful and some were inspiring. This kid's eyes blow my mind.

He is so fearless. 
 This one needed to work up her courage just a bit.  First dive of the season... in the rain!  She stood there with her toes curling over the edge, shoulders curved in nervous giggles...  Made me think about how often I do this.  Stand before a big jump in life, drawing together all my courage and then... mentally regroup and plunge.  It's always worth it!  So easy to hesitate though and worry for just a minute. 

 But then... when you let go and jump, it's that blissful moment of freedom and joy. She came up smiling. 
 Now, before I go... my mama's chicken salad.  It is THE perfect summer salad to serve.  You can use leftover chicken, or rotisserie or whatever you've got.  It takes five minutes to whip up and you can serve it on lettuce, on a croissant if you're not opposed to those, or in a sandwich.  There is really no recipe but you'll want about 3-4 cups chopped cooked chicken, a small sweet onion chopped, and a bag of dried cranberries.  Then, just stir in some mayo, enough to make it wet, and salt and pepper to taste.  It's the best.

Happy Weekend all... may you have courage and chicken salad!
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  1. Your boy's room is fabulous! My youngest is a hoarder ~ gah! His eyes are beautiful ~ they are your eyes ~ equally beautiful! Keep drinking tea ~ I love black tea also, and just found out there are chemicals in it that help calm you ~ who knew??? Have a blessed weekend!

  2. I love Joe's room! I think you've been bitten by the organizing bug. Doesn't it feel fabulous? Enjoy the rest of your summer!

  3. Joe's room looks great!!!! It totally is him- great job!!! My Joe is a bit of a hoarder too, man it's tough to help them let go of that stuff!!! Your front porch looks great too <3 You have the magic touch girlie!!!

  4. Oh Sasha! Making our homes a haven is so important...the place to feel safe and welcome. You do such a great job. Joe's room is fantastic! I'll feed you if you come and do my son's room! Might try the bin idea.
    Have a lovely day!

  5. That chicken salad looks so delicious. I want that now!

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