Sunday, June 8, 2014

In other house news...

Home. It's my family's favorite place to be.  In spite of the fact that I'm constantly moving things around in it.  As we enter week four of our (can I call it this please?) car breakdown crisis, waiting and working on various solutions in what feels like a forever place, (I'm pretty much over the whole darn thing) I find myself looking for things that I CAN control.  And one of those things is my environment, I'm just being honest.  It feels good to do something that doesn't cost anything, yet yields immediate results.

I've been kicking around the idea of moving all of my studio supplies and shop items into the room Adrain and I use as an office, which also happens to be our guest room.  Currently all of those items have been in our master bedroom which has worked but I don't especially love because I feel like a bedroom is mostly for two things. Savvy? (Sorry if my dad and brother just read that.) (Ha!) Anyway, it makes sense to have all of my studio items nearby the computer area where I blog and print orders and write convos with customers and readers, etc, so I've wanted to move them for some time now- yet I wanted to keep the guest room a pretty space.  This post is how I combined function and pretty into one space. 

Our big kids are starting to stay up later and they don't always want to do what we're doing or watch what we're watching, or be near us.  (Ha!)  And it's got me thinking about how nice it might be to have a tiny second tv someplace in the house, which got me thinking about creating a little den space hideaway corner in our bedroom where my studio has been housed.  (Obviously that's a project that will have to wait until we have dealt with our car situation but I figured I might be able to do a little thrifting and deal hunting this summer and see what I can come up with.) It will eventually be a cozy little spot for Adrain and I to go, in this 1500 sq foot house so we don't feel like we're all right on top of one another.  Stay tuned on that project, as I've got a ton of great ideas and when I finally start, I'm certain to be doing it on a skinny budget. 

In the meantime, I moved things, shopped my house, changed things and came up with a thrilling solution to it all... and the only $ I spent was for a yard and a half of 40% off white fabric and a can of glossy white spray paint because the one I had in my garage ran out. I will try and anticipate and answer all the questions that I might get asked or emailed within this post, with sources at the bottom, because this week is our last full week before school is out and it's going to be a WILD one! (Can you say SUMMER COUNTDOWN?)  Yahoo!!! (Can you say happy mommy?!)

The bedding I had in here basically stays the same, all the time.  I keep a few pillow covers on hand in my linen closet so I can swap them out occasionally with the seasons but the basics don't change.

 I had a huge leaning mirror in our bedroom but it didn't really fit in well and I wanted a way to bounce more light into this room since I will be working and painting in here now.  I had the crazy idea to lean it behind my desk and it was an instant, "OH YEAH" move.  In fact, I can't even describe how much I love it and the pictures don't come close to doing the whole set up justice.  (Plus, it's nice to have a mirror in here for our overnight guests.)
 I had all these great wire storage pieces for my shop supplies, and organizing my artwork (all thrifted, last year.) I spray painted them all glossy white which wouldn't have been my first choice, but I wanted a cohesive feel to all of them, and white is neutral. 
This chair used to be gray zebra print... but it was tired of it and don't know what I want to do with it yet, so I sewed a simple white slipcover for it. 
 I tucked this old little beauty in the corner, weeded out the items I had been storing in here previously, and restocked all of my craft, party and shop supplies in it.  I've even got wrapping paper storage hanging on the inside, thread storage on the inside door, and my sewing machine fits perfectly on the bottom of the cupboard side.
 I placed all of my current shipping materials in baskets up top (with additional supplies in my garage for restocking) and moved all my beloved blue ball jars with craft supplies beside them.

(When you order prints or postcards from my shop, this is where I'll package, address and write on the backs of my post card notes for you now!)
Our computer desk is next.  It's badly in need of some organization.  But my man needs to have some say in that since we share this... soon!  Ha!
This is where our bookshelf landed, along with my vintage camera collection- the place our bedroom leaning mirror had been. 
 And of course this is our (somewhat empty) bedroom hideaway corner space, waiting a cozy makeover!  Hopefully that will happen over the summer/early fall.  It is going to be awesome!  (The hardest part will be me, waiting... then again, I have a lot of practice waiting for things to happen!) (I meant to make that funny but I don't really feel like laughing at that comment.) (Not yet anyway.)

Ah life.  Isn't it full of surprises? Okay off to finish up the last full week of school.  We are out next Tuesday... seriously feels like it's never going to end. 
 photo PostSignature_zpsb6968ede.png

Guest room comforter- Target
Guest room throw pillows- TJ Maxx a few years ago. 
Guest room Paint color- Pavestone by Sherwin Williams
Master Paint color- Stormy Sky by Benjamin Moore
Master Bedding- Ballard Design
Yellow flower pillow- Made by me
Ampersand light- gift from Nurse Nicki
Small white desk- made by my brother
Wire art racks and supplies- thrifted
Candle chandelier- Ikea- painted white
Rustic Wood wall scissors- Marshalls?  I think?
Deer head- papier mache, made by me


  1. Everything looks beautiful!

  2. Everything looks great.
    I'm just like you constantly moving things around. My husband and boys are getting use to me changing things up a bit.
    Sorry to hear about your car. My husbands car died a few weeks ago while he was driving home from work. What a shocker. It was a 2010 and we literately just paid it off. In order to fix it it would have cost 6 thousand big ones which we couldn't see shelling out so we ended up buying a new car. Back to two car payments which means back to a really tight budget. Yuck.
    I have to ask where did you find the office sign? I have been searching for months for one to put in my husbands office.
    Looking forward to seeing what you put in the space that use to be your work space.

  3. You are the Queen of changing things up!! Love that rack. So amazing. Love it all friend.

  4. You are so, so creative and everything looks like it's straight out of a designer magazine. Good Job!!!!

  5. What a beautiful rearrangement!

    I also enjoyed seeing your reference to "shopping your house" - my Mom and I used to joke about doing that any time I was moving into a new apartment or when she wanted to redecorate a room.

  6. Cute.....!

    Look how I cook.. with pics

  7. Your talents are never ending!!! You really do have the magic touch! I can picture how adorable that cozy hideaway space is going to be! Love the new creative space!!!!!

  8. Awesome Sasha! Everything looks ready for a magazine shoot. You are blessed with some very special gifts!

  9. everything looks sooooooooooooo great!!!.....just
    love the shelf with the old cameras...and the cupboard
    that you wrote 'this is next''s beautiful!! I guess I
    sort of hope you don't paint it white.......just love it!
    You are sooooooooo talented and my what you can do without spending
    thousands! Fantastic!! homey and cozy!

  10. Hi Sasha, everything is so pretty, as usual! My "office" is in an armoire in our living room, and my art table is in the garage. Love how you now have your new office/studio/guest room all in one space. What a lovely, bright room -- you are really great at making a small space look pretty and have multiple uses, too. Oh, and the shelf in your room with the cameras, typewriter and books organized by color -- love! Looking forward to seeing your TV nook. We're in the same boat, we have 1 TV in our tiny house, but as the kids get older we're thinking we need to put a small one in our bedroom. My husband is up for it, but I'm resisting. We've never had one in there (I hear you about bedrooms being for only 2 things, ha!) Sending good thoughts your way that your car situation is solved very soon!

  11. What a beautiful place to work! Seeing all your shipping supplies so cute there makes me want to go into business shipping something .. Anything ...!