Monday, June 16, 2014

Let's talk eyelashes, shall we?

A few months ago I was introduced to a product that I fell head over heels in love with.  Which admittedly, happens frequently.  I'm a product girl.  I can't help it.  This time, it was Younique's Moonstruck 3D fiberlash mascara. 

Normally I like to wear about 3 coats of mascara and my eyelashes are fine... but when I saw some before and afters on facebook I flipped!  I had to try it out.  My facebook friend Carli sells this stuff and I figured that since I was no longer coloring my hair, maybe this could be an occasional Sasha beauty splurge... I didn't count on loving it so much that I can hardly imagine my life without it.  It's that amazing.  I took a pictures below with my regular coat of mascara- just one coat.... then I showed an after picture with the fiberlash mascara and I think you can really see a difference in length and volume.  I've had tons of people ask if my eyelashes were "mine" or "real"... and gotten tons of compliments from strangers- I kinda loved that!

It's super easy to apply.  (You get two tubes- one has little natural green tea fibers on a wand, and the other one is the transplanting gel which goes on just like mascara.  Basically you use that to get your eyelashes coated, then you swipe your eyelashes with another mascara-like wand filled with little natural fibers that lengthen and build on what you've already got.  (I was worried about  them getting in my eyes and causing issues but they didn't at all.  And if you use too much, they just fall off on your cheek and you can wipe them off with a fingertip  No major mess.) After the fibers are added, you seal them in with another swipe of the transplanting gel (just like putting on another coat of mascara) and you're done.  You can wash your face as usual and they wash right off.  Easy!)

 I loved it so much I wanted to share Younique with you guys and if you want to order some for yourself for a little summer pick me up... please go here, I'm having an online party! 

(Which I almost never do... that's how much I loved it!  Just wish you were all here in my house for the real thing and we'd have snacks and visiting like girls do, and check out all the other Younique products.  They all seem amazing, but I've only tried the Fiberlash so far.  If everything else is as good... we're in for a real treat!)
See? Fiberlash (aka AMAZING) results above. (I know I just shared this same picture but I forgot to do the regular mascara on one side and the fiberlash on the other so hopefully these three photos will help you get the general idea plus I wouldn't steer you wrong on this girls.  It's soooo good. Get ya some! 

Okay so party with me here if you want, and we'll all have disney princess eyelashes together!!  (grin) (And don't tell my husband this but they work exceptionally well in the eyelash batting department, of which I consider myself quite an expert.  Never underestimate the power of pretty eyelashes. Ha!)

Also... my baby girl did great in her recital last night.  Thought you'd enjoy a couple of photos.  (She's the one standing on the far right.)  And then she had her little graduation from 5th grade assembly today and I didn't cry.  I was sitting all by myself and somehow that helped.  Which is good since I cried plenty yesterday and all through the end of this recital.  Transitions.  Goodness.  (But at least my eyelashes looked nice.)

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  1. oh my goodness I just purchased these, as well. My daughter said one day "mom your lashes are HUGE!!!" haha... you look beautiful!

  2. Well, Sasha, I think I may have to have some. Your lashes are just gorgeous. I get so tired of layering my mascara time and time again. Thanks for the tip!

  3. Wow. I may need this and will head to your virtual party ASAP. I do have a question, do you curl your eyelashes too? Your eyelashes are amazing!

  4. fancy schmancy, sash! that is some impressive stuff!! but for the record, i think you're just as beautiful in both pictures. : )

  5. Your lashes look lovely. I have never tried them before but might give them a go. The recital and "graduation" are indeed times of change...enjoy all these moments.

  6. Ok, you totally have me convinced I need this mascara in my life. I just ordered off your party :-) Now I can't wait for it to come, so I can have lashes!!! Thanks for sharing this awesome product with us...and you are gorgeous btw!!!

  7. I have several friends who are selling these, and they rave about them.
    I can hardly believe the difference in your pictures...I've always thought you had beautiful lashes, but dannnng. This product made yours even better!

    1. I have no idea why it logged me in as Andy Lowry...This is Tara. :)

    2. I was logged in through our business email and didn't know it. Oops. okay. three comments later. HA!