Sunday, July 13, 2014

Fun embroidery floss earring DIY

Do you have a boring pair of hoop earrings that are just itching for a quick, inexpensive summer makeover? 

Yeah. Me too.

Today I am sharing the cutest little summer afternoon DIY with you! I wrapped a pair of silver hoop earrings in some bright shades of embroidery floss and created a new look using items I had on hand.  If you don't have embroidery floss on hand, you can pick a few packs of them up at the craft store for under a dollar total!  The other item I used was Jewel-it glue.  (Also from the craft store.) I used it to secure loose ends as I tucked them under and wrapped floss over the top of them, and then I coated the entire earring in it once finished, to make sure nothing slipped and unraveled. 

This entire project took me about twenty minutes.

Begin by choosing a few colors you like.  I wanted a color blocked pattern in some bright colors so I ended up choosing gold, cobalt blue and fuchsia. 
 Find your starting place with the first color and secure with a small, tight knot.  I simply tucked this loose end under as I began to wrap the floss around the hoop and once I had all of the gold wrapped around I tied it off on the opposite side.  After snipping the tail, I dabbed on some jewel-it glue to secure it and repeated the process with my next color.

Once finished I had a final loose end.  I used jewel-it glue to coat it and wrap it around and around, then I coated the entire earring with it for extra stability. 

They turned out so cute- definitely not perfect and you cant tell which one I did first, because the second one turned out much better. 

They give a fun shot of dangling color to my ear lobes and I love them, imperfections and all! 
Have you got any earrings in need of a makeover?
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  1. Well, what a cute, cute idea and so cleaver! Know you rock yours! Happy week!

  2. LOVE! so affordable and adorable. you're the best. per usual. : )

  3. I really like those! You always come up with the cutest ideas. :)

  4. I love these! I am going to have to check my earring stash now! :)

  5. Wow! I love the unfinished chalk marks and stains! Is there a name or address to research the embroiderer? I would try to look into it and if nothing, I would make up a history. The piece could become an artwork between stitchers through time, though I would leave the original stitches as is and add new completely different images too. Enjoy whatever you decide:)

  6. Great tutorial ! It is nice to see all the work that goes into just one step of completing one of your cute blankets.By the way, your sewing space looks pretty organized to me!

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