Tuesday, July 15, 2014

The delicate in-between

A few days ago, in the lingering heat of the summer, with the final rays of warm, pink sunshine stretching sideways over the horizon, I took my Ava girl down to the lake and we had a sweet little photoshoot.  Then I went crazy with Photoshop and the beauty Ava created in my camera... Then I cried my eyes out. 

Okay I didn't... but I almost did.  She's so NOT A BABY anymore!  As I scrolled through my camera I was blown away by how much she is changing and I am not anywhere near ready for it.

This stage paralyzes my heart at times. Then I cheer wildly the next moment because this was the whole point... watching them grow and become independent little people.

And that my friends, is where I walk a very delicate parental balance... this in-between the places of childhood and adult.

The other day this occurred to me- I don't remember the very last time that I swung one of my kids up onto my hip.  How did I miss it?  How did I not know in that moment, that it was the very last time I would do that?  How would I have savored it, had I known...  And I won't know the moment when it will be the last time I will hold them on my lap and cuddle them.  (So far my son still tries to make himself very small and do this- don't tell him that I told you.) I mentioned these thoughts to Adrain and he agreed saying that just the other day he held Ava's hand walking into the grocery store and he wondered when the last time he would hold the hand of our kids crossing a road... Oh it's so bittersweet this growing up thing!! 

 Ever my little ballerina....

 I know the boat ramp was behind us and it's ugly... but I couldn't resist the angle.  And I have never claimed to be a professional. Ha!
 We giggled and laughed and chased the sun out into the lake as it sank behind the tree tops.  We got wet and made some fun mama-daughter memories.  This is one of my favorites.  I think I want to get one of these blown up as a canvas for above my guest bed... which one would you choose?

 photo PostSignature_zpsb6968ede.png


Nadine said...

What great pics of your beautiful daughter. Yes, they grow so quickly...our daughter just gave birth this morning to our first grandbaby...a girl!
Good luck choosing one to hang, as they are all so cute!

Flor said...

Oh Sasha, your daughter is beautiful!! She looks JUST like you!
Your words resonated with me this evening.. you are so right.. we don't know when those last little
moments will be. Usually, we are so excited and ready to move onto the next milestone that we
don't really savor the milestones that we've conquered.
thanks so much for this, you've given me so much to reflect upon. xoxo

The F Girl said...

Gorgeous shots. You have one beautiful daughter! And yes they grow up so quickly. Mine are a little bit younger still, but still I sometimes wished I could just press a pause button, to freeze time for a moment and soak up all the loveliness.

Step-Mama to 4 said...

So True. I have a step son who is almost 13. I think about this often with the youngest already graduated from Kindergarten. I never imagined we would be here so quickly. I like the 6th picture from the top, where you cant see her face but the way the hat is angled to the water, and the small bit of reeds in the corner. Such Lovely pictures!

brockey said...

Love the innocence ….you captured her beauty. I would have a hard time choosing the one for a canvas. I really love the one in the lake with her hand on her hat .Thanks for sharing.

Jensamom23 said...

I adore the third one and the one with her putting her hair behind her ear for a canvas in the guest room. They are all beautiful and what a gift that time together was. Until I read this post, I had never really thought about the last moments with my kids...holding a hand or holding on my hip. Wow. Powerful and I am more mindful today because of that. Thank you for that and for sharing Ava with us.

Carmen at Old House Homestead said...

I like the second and the fifth. The fifth one, even though she's not looking at the camera, there's just something about the composition of it. She's a beautiful young lady!

Karen said...

I enjoy your blog and I used to live in Seattle area so I can reminisce looking at your pictures. Plus your designs/ house/ style is awesome. But I do hate to say I won't be coming back. Nothing is wise than goibe to a blog and having to fight through adds to read it. At least 3 poped up on me today. I tried to close one and it only opened it. Great. Now adds from that will pop up in my side bars and fb feeds. Very annoying, so good luck and good bye.

daisy g said...

Oh, such sweetness. The last one really tugs at my heart!

Lorraine and Jessica said...

Oh how she is growing up so beautifully! I love the close up of her face, the one posing with her foot in front of her and the last one! You can't go wrong though, they're all beautiful!

Maria said...

From top~#1, #6 or #9. They're all so beautiful.

Jenn said...

My oldest (of 5) is 11...almost 12 and I can so relate. Your Ava is stunning. I feel like I could have written this post about my Anna...I bet the two would be fast friends!

Nancy said...

She is a natural in front of the camera…and I actually like the one with the boat dock behind her…it gives the snapshot some good texture…have you given it any thought to writing a post on your tips using Photoshop for us followers? Have a blessed day Sasha:-)

Mindy Whipple said...

She is a beauty! You gave me misty eyes with your thoughts on hip carrying and hand holding. Our young adult daughter is having a significant birthday tomorrow which has me flooded with memories. She is little no more but held my hand through a difficult situation this past year and placed a gentle arm around me as we grived a loss. They grow up but they grow even more amazing...

Between You and Me said...

beautiful girl...she is looking more grown up!
I'm right there with you....it's so amazing to watch them grow, yet it's hard to realize how fast it's going!

Iseult said...

I love the first two where she is wearing the hat - they could be editorial shots. She looks so much like you in the photo where she is looking directly at the camera. :-)

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