Tuesday, August 26, 2014

From the Studio (and beyond of course.)

Hi Sweet things!! School is almost here...coming on Tuesday.  I'm kind of dragging myself across the start line at this point but we're going to get there one way or another aren't we?  (grin) Maybe if I hadn't decided I needed to marathon through Downton Abbey seasons 1-4 the last 2 weeks I might be better prepared.  Um. Yes, well, it is, what it IS.  Ha!

Will you bear with me today if we talk a bit of shop?  It's been ages since I did a post on this sort of things so I hope you don't mind so very much... That said, I've been working in my shop today, getting a few items underway for their Fall/Winter debut and I'm sharing them with you here right now! I recently decided to put a few prints away permanently and they are currently listed at half price, as "LAST CHANCE" items, until my stock is gone.  Most of the items I am showing you here are only available over the next few months, as "LIMITED TIME" items. 

I'm starting with my favorite.   This little acorn variety print.  I won't lie to you- it's already hanging in my hallway.  Yes, yes, it is. I couldn't resist!!

(Click here to shop!)
     For those who wanted an "orange" pumpkin in the collection.  You know who you are! 
 I love this print so much I can't stand it.  And it's now found it's permanent home right here, over my jewelry.  Such a good reminder... and cute to boot! 
 I've also brought back returning favorites! 
 Always a best seller.  Get it while it's here.  It always makes me smile. 
 Another favorite... I have this available in a variety of canvas sizes and it truly is my very favorite Christmas decor item. 
Alright that's all for me.  I've worked so hard and I hope you just LOVE the new items (and the returning favorites!)  Happy shopping to YOU! (Click here to shop!)

Now wish me luck on getting my act together with school. (At least Downton season 5 doesn't start until January.)

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  1. Cha-ching! Orange pumpkin IN the shopping cart. I am a happy girl (and I wasn't even the one to request it! LOL) I'm creating a new "gallery" wall in my kitchen, and this will be part of it. Thank you. Thank you! xo ~Sally

  2. Hey girlie! Can't believe it's almost time to get back to work. Praying you are just blessed, blessed, blessed in this new creative season. BTW love your little vase/cuff display. You're so clever!

  3. Love all the new pieces, especially the "happy everything." And, I'm with Becky, the vase holding your cuffs is just so creative! Happy weekend!

  4. I can't wait for your art to be delivered to UK! Thank you x

  5. digging all of your prints. praying wonderful provision for you this season!

  6. Ok Sasha... U are constantly changing things around ..as am I... So do u hv a storage space wherein u keep all the extras as u change them in and out??? Or are u all minimalist and like 1 in, 2 out? I need to get rid of stuff... Hard to part with things I've thrifted!!!