Saturday, August 30, 2014

Peeping around the house with the best laid plans. Keeping it real edition.

It has been some time now, since we had one of our random chats about life, with random photos that I took five minutes ago, so that if you walked in you'd see pieces of our life (and yes you would see a few fall items peeping out already) and we'd probably talk about the following; Keeping it real. 

Yes, let's.

Yesterday, I brought home a 1000 piece puzzle, dumped it out on the dining room table, and then promptly forgot what kind of personalities exist in this household.  Type A, Git-er-done-now, creative thinker types.  We couldn't stop working on it because we were possessed with puzzle-itis, and once we had convinced the kids to release their grubby little fingers and go to bed, Adrain and I snuck back into the dining room and worked on it some more while yawning and trying to peel ourselves away from the magnetic pull of jigsaw addiction and go to bed ourselves.  We could barely keep our eyes open but we couldn't stop.  It was so fun it was almost stressful. 

Which brings me to this.  As parents... why are so many things in life like that?  So fun they are almost stressful?  Like going on vacation.  Or doing a fun day trip someplace, for instance.  Sounds so good on paper until you're on the way home and one kid accidentally makes contact with the other kid in the nose because they were playing some stupid slap game back there (why?) and now there's a bloody nose all over the backseat and their brand new hat just got ruined because they felt like taking it off in the midst of the bloody chaos (literally) and putting it in their lap (why?) and now I'm trying to staunch the bleeding while remaining sort of seat belted, hanging over the front seat yelling, "Did you see what you just did?!" to the smacker, (why?) (of course they saw it) while the smack-ee is totally freaking out now because they are sure they are dying through their nose. 

So fun it's stressful. 

Which I think, spoke volumes for our summer.  Don't get me wrong, we did some really fun things but most of those fun things were peppered with "other moments."  I'm coming to realize that those "other moments" don't mean my family is a freak, they just don't show up on Instagram feeds and the memory of them fades with time for the most part.  My friends all claim this same phenomenon.  Which is why we all try another vacation eventually.  You have forgotten those "so fun they were almost stressful" and "other moment" moments- kind of like labor.

We had such great plans for so many more really crazy fun events than we ever followed through on for this summer. Big plans.  Wild, far-reaching plans.  Impossible plans really, when you get down to brass tacks because who can fit that all in (and stay sane) with all of the pre-teen and teenage hormones raging in a toilet bowl-like swirl around you?  (I can't even imagine all the FUN we would have experienced had our every jaunt out of town, our every day trip and every gathering actually come to pass.) 

  And speaking of gatherings, we had this grandiose plan at the end of the school year, last spring, to invite people that we didn't know that well to come over.  We wanted to have someone over at least twice a month. For dinner or a campfire or something.  Guess how many times we did that?


We even went to so far as to make a list of potential people we wanted to get to know better!  I threw it away last week when I gave up all hope of accomplishing really any of those big plans over this summer since summer is practically finished on Tuesday when the hoodlums go back to school.  It makes me laugh.  Then it makes me cry.  Which I believe means that I am probably stuck in that swirling toilet bowl of hormones along with both of my kids.  

But fear not... because I have really big plans for October, New Year's eve and the 4th of July.

I'm convinced it will be really fun.  

The End. 

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  1. Exactly how I'm feeling. Exactly what I'm dealing with. Exactly where I am. You nailed it. Again! <3

  2. been there. done that. have the perverbial t-shirt. :) my hubs and i were JUST talking about the same thing. guess we are just in the same season of life! (love your sweet house, by the way).

  3. sort of like childbirth, huh? we eventually forget & do it all again. :D You are not alone with this sentiment (the obsessive puzzling too!)

  4. It seems that my entire adult life has been spent in that swirling toilet bowl of the best laid plans and no follow through! Ugh, those can be really tough - BUT I've learned that no one else expects that much out of me or my plans and so I've given myself permission to cut the pressure and do what I can and not look back!!! I would suggest remaking that list (boy have I thrown my share of lists in the trash) and don't plan, just pick on a whim and see what happens! It doesn't have to be summer to have bonfires and dinners (yes its easier due to schedules)! Thanks for keeping it real!!!

  5. You are brilliant ! Looking for your kitchen redo ( can't find it ) and your beautiful granite ,how you keep it so shinny ?

  6. That first picture makes me CRAVE fall getting here.
    I'm sure your weather might already be turning?!

    Ours is still HOTTER than blue blazes. August in Georgia is sweaty, miserable hot.

  7. We have the same goals. And it hasn't happened here either...that's got to change­čśĽ

  8. Beautiful!! Hoping the weather eases up a bit here in Connecticut!! We are well into the 90's today, but your fall inspiration has me praying cooler days are on the way!!

  9. I love all the pictures of your home and the changes you make. Can you tell me if you made that frame by the front door with all the pictures on it? Or did you buy it?

  10. Enjoyable post for sure and I love all the pictures of your lovely, lovely home!

  11. testing out some changes i made on blogger to get comments to go through...

  12. This post resonated with me like no other! You just took a step closer to my heart by sharing some of these thoughts! I've always looked at your life through your blog-window and thought, "she is perfect. she succeeds beautifully at everything she attempts. she wouldn't even set foot in my house if she ever saw it." I love that you shared some of your tiny "failed attempts" here even though our little failures only make room for bigger successes. Thank you! I also love how you and Adrain love and appreciate each other so much! Love how he knew you'd have a hard time that first day even though you were "SO ready" to have the kids back in school! :) Keep it up!