Monday, September 29, 2014

Is it crossing the line to share my bathroom?

Today, I'm sharing a few photos of my newly painted bathroom.
It's um.  A bathroom.  (So I'm sorry if this crosses the line of our friendship somehow.)

I'm not sure what blog etiquette states about sharing bathroom pics... but the truth is I had put this project off way too long and it took me a week to finish it (which is very unlike me) so I'm sharing it.  Because I feel that I need to celebrate this minor life accomplishment in some capacity.

Plus, it turned out very cute. All soothing and neutral. Not that a bathroom needs to be soothing.  But mine is.  The neutral colors make it appear very clean-looking (which I kind of need since I can't remember when that tub got a good scrubbing). Ha!

When it comes to bathrooms, here's what I believe in. 
1) Hooks.  Because no child in the history of ever has folded a towel nicely over a bar.  Ever.
2) White hotel towels from Costco bought in big packs.  They last forever.  We've used them for years.
3) Artwork with subliminal messages that I really hope my children will begin to absorb.  If you need one for yourself, I've listed a few in my shop here. (they are not watercolors- just digitally designed prints.)  They turned out very clean and sweet and I am hoping my children read and absorb the message.)
4) Changing out ugly, standard light fixtures and mirrors.  We bought this spec. house eleven years ago and everything was brass, builder grade, honey oak, cheap and ugly.  I have slowly but surely been changing out the ugly for cute.  (I changed this fixture out myself and if I can do it, you can do it- just make sure the switch is off, or better yet, cut the breaker.)  I had this old mirror and it's been rotated around to various rooms all over the house.  I have been considering it for this bathroom for several months and it was perfect!

We needed to paint because there were something called surfactants leeching through the old paint causing nasty yellow streaks on the walls. (You can read all about it here if you have the same issues.) I swear I scrubbed the walls once a week for years.  In order to get rid of those, we had to wash down the walls with something called TSP (ours was pretty bad and needed more than soap and water) and then wash it off, let it dry over night then paint.  It was a pain in the neck and we have to let the new paint cure for about a week before anyone can shower in here. (Which means one young hoodlums who shall remain nameless is having a hay-day with my bath products, razor and expensive shower goodies.  Her name starts with an "A" and ends with a "va".  She is stinker!)

Anyway, now this bathroom is the same color as the rest of the main house, which I like.  I don't enjoy a ton of differing paint colors in main house parts- bedrooms are an exception in my opinion.

Wall color- Rice grain by Sherwin Williams.
Little shelves- Target
Mirror- TJ Maxx or Marshall's many years ago
Light fixture- Home Depot
Candle and little boxes- Marshall's
Feather artwork- my shop
Throw Kindness artwork- my shop
Towels- Costco
Curtain- made by me years ago
Shower curtain- Target, many years ago (still available.)
Shower curtain hooks- Target, many years ago
Soap dispenser- my grocery store
Wood initials above towel hooks- Pottery Barn Kids, many years ago (still available).

And now... I will never paint again. (Except for my closet, which is the final " interior house project" on my list from over the past ten years. Can you believe it? I'm sure I won't have issues dreaming up other house projects...Ha!) 

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  1. Aaaaaah - it's like a sigh of relief. Beautiful! Calm. Peaceful. Sure - that's important for a bathroom! LOVE the feather print in there -- the colors are perfect -- and love the KINDNESS print too! Hope you're having a great day Sweet Friend! xo

  2. i LOVE it. so clean and crisp. makes me feel relaxed. i love white space. empty space. this is perfect.

  3. Love it! So fresh and clean looking! Great job!
    And I adore the KINDNESS print!
    C x

  4. I'm looking forward to taking on our kids/guest bathroom. Hopefully it won't take me 10 years, but ugh, wallpaper. I don't know, such a big project. It might :-)

  5. Gorgeous. So true about the towel rails a kids. I might have to get some hooks but do the towels dry ok on hooks?

  6. I love the color! Your "soothing" bathroom is gorgeous and I completely agree about hooks for towels (also for jackets as my children didn't like to open closet doors to hang them up, either). Well done!

  7. What a pretty bathroom! I think the Costco towels just made it on my good towels that last. I think you may have figured out Ava's Christmas gift...a treasure trove of bath goodies! Terrific job of the bath....lovely.

  8. OH thank you, thank you, thank you for sharing your bathroom! Because bathrooms need to be celebrated!!! Plus I too am dealing with surfactants! I am sure at least one of my children believes that it is actually a sauna and treats it accordingly!! Hooks are the greatest, aren't they!?! I just love you the color your chose! It is so calming and soothing! But a week for the paint to cure... ugh! Love the Costco towels! Now for the all consuming question... how do you keep them so white? Are you on city water? (sorry for the crazy rambling but today is the first, literally the first time in 3 weeks where i have had the house entirely to myself... so i've got the windows wide open, a hoodie on because it is pretty chilly outside and now inside, ha ha. its pure bliss! now i'm off to work on my bookcases as i've scattered every book we own.. think mini library... across our tiny living room. totes and piles and piles of books. it is making me so happy!!)
    Have a lovely day!!!

  9. I love it!!! You have done such an amazing job on your house projects and this bathroom is no exception! Tellme about those shelves, were they easy to install? Since you store your towels there, I take it they are very sturdy?

  10. We have the 3 light version of that same fixture! And we did the same thing in our bathroom a couple of years ago. I've always been a fan of color, but decided to so neutral/natural here and have never ever regretted it! (except for the fact that we DID put up a bar and I've been wishing for hooks because sometimes, grownups don't fold the towel neatly over the bar either!)

  11. Absolutely love the soft, serene look of your entire house. I just picked out colors this past week for our new house and I went very reserved with some color but nothing bold for sure. I love your taste!

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