Wednesday, October 8, 2014

My {fall} house tour...

I almost didn't share a full-blown fall house tour because everything looks basically the same as it always does... but with a pumpkin on it. Regardless, I had a few of you ask me, "When are you going to share your fall house??"  

Well... er... here ya go!  

My house.  With a pumpkin on it. (grin)

As you know, everything is constantly rotating, evolving and changing, then changing back because "I wasn't fond of that bland pillow from a distance and one small tweak changed the whole look" maybe it's not as bleak and boring as I'm making it out to be.  The older I get, the more minimalistic I tend to be.  My life is more chaotic than it used to be, so I need to walk in and see relatively few clutter spots. 

I'd also like to say for the record, I'm a huge fan of crazy and different pumpkins... BUT... orange will always have my heart and you can't go wrong with them, so this year, I went classic. 
Front porch welcome.  Old blanket, recovered old pillows from fabric I had on hand and a great piece of flannel I purchased for $2.00  I painted the "gather" word on my long pillow to mimic Pottery Barn cuteness that wasn't in my budget. (I used screen printing fabric and a paint brush because that's what I had on hand, but any fabric paint would work.)
 Simple. (The back of our house is painted with the new color but we are still waiting for a friend to come spray the rest of the house.  Supposedly it's happening soon... I'm praying the rains hold off til we can get that done!  However, I am loving the new color and can't wait to share!)
 When you walk in my front door, this is what greets you in the hallway.  Three classic orange pumpkins.  (The  minimalist inside me rejoices.  Ha!)
 Mr. Chickenpox (the cream-painted rooster) came out to sit as well.  I shall never be able to get rid of him because I still remember my kids riding him.  And naming him Mr. Chickenpox. 
 Before you walk into the main part of our home, to your left is our office/guest room/art studio space.  It's our "everything room" and the only thing I added for fall in here, is a hazelnut candle.  But it's a cute room and since we're doing a house tour, I took a couple pictures of it. 

 Walking down the hall and around the corner is our kitchen!  I added a cute lit pumpkin on the counter top and a fall-scented candle. 
 This print is from my shop...
 And this pumpkin was 70% off at Hobby Lobby and was an ugly red color so I spray painted it glossy white and stuffed a string of white lights inside it.  It's my favorite.
 Actually I lied.  This is my favorite.  This old metal drawer I have had for years now... I drilled a hole in the end and we made a little charging station for our kiddo phones!  (I am a firm believer in phones not in rooms after bedtimes.  Trust me... not a good idea no matter how good your kids are.  We've had some learn-the-hard way moments... Luckily not horrific, but enough to remind us to keep a closer watch.)
 We may never get that Seahawks puzzle on the tabletop finished.  It's so hard... We're on month two of it...
 (I already shared these a while ago. Nothing changed.)
 You may notice I went back to the old green and blue corner pillow.  I am drooling over a feather pillow from Pottery Barn... DROOLING!!  I want it so badly but I am gonna have to work on sweet talking my man on that one! (I believe it would be perfect there.)  For now, this is the scene that greets me and I love it.  I moved the (grocery store find) deer antlers from my bedroom where they were hanging, to the space above the lamp. It was instant love.
Grateful pumpkin print from my shop... and I know this wall is so, so bland.  I do have big plans for it...I have been dreaming of what I plan to do here for a year now... it's just not happening any time soon. Sigh.

 My son's feathers...

Peeking out from the hallway in between my kid's rooms.  (Actually, I am standing in the door of our main bathroom.) (Yes our house is that tiny.) (This vintage typewriter print also from my shop. )

 Our cozy nook in our bedroom... aka my hideaway spot!  (This area has paid for itself a million times over for me.) I added a white (real) pumpkin.  I drew a heart and arrow with a pencil, then pressed gold thumb tacks from my junk drawer into it!  I doubt it will last more than a few weeks but it is adorable and I plan to enjoy it while it does last.  (I'm not the biggest fan of those faux pumpkins that look like this, but if you don't mind them, this idea would sure last a lot longer!)

It makes me smile and is a perfect little fall touch for our bedroom.  Happy Fall you guys!
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  1. You may have mentioned this before, but could you share again where your sectional is from and your personal review? We are in the market and I have yours pinned, but wasn't sure where it was from. Thanks! Crystal

    1. Thanks Crystal! I got it from Ashley furniture and we love it. It was a great price, good quality and is working wonderfully for our sized family!

    2. I wanted to know the same thing! :) Love the size of your sectional...and your home is ALWAYS Beautiful!!

  2. I love to see pictures of your home. It's so tidy but you can tell someone creative lives there. That's a great combination!!

  3. I love your house this season!!! I can totally relate to minimizing things and colors and decor. There is something about clean and uncluttered that just seeks right these days, :)

  4. Your house is just beautiful! Love all of the personal touches and artwork!!

  5. Very pretty and cozy! I need more plaid in my life...


  6. Sasha, see you have more then your house with a pumpkin on it.....LOL You crack me up! Everything looks awesome, bright and clean! I am so moving to the less clutter and more stuff that I use all the time to have out. Kind of getting back to a real farmhouse feel, well working towards that anyways...LOL Thanks for sharing hun and have a great week. ~hugs~

  7. Sasha,
    Where did you get your candle and matches? My 15 year old son is a candle and match fiend... LOL not in a bad way, he just loves candles and always has. I know he would love the hazelnut candle (we are always looking for new scents to try out in him room and the family room.) I love your fall decor, okay who am I kidding I love ALL of your decor! Have a truly wonderful week!!

  8. beautiful fall tour....always love seeing your home in the change of seasons.

  9. I always love a tour of your home, no matter how much or how little changes! I love the "minimalist' look that you've gone with. Everything is so bright and beautiful!!!!! Happy Fall Girl!!

  10. It's so pretty! You always amaze me friend.

  11. Your house always seems so serene and lovely. I'm glad you are loving your nook in your bedroom. I'm recovering from gastro today and looking at your home again and again is like a balm ....

  12. Just found your blog and I am straight up OBSESSED. You have theeee best taste!! Can I just lounge on your couch and craft with you? LOVE.