Sunday, November 23, 2014

Bleaching and dipping and cybersales Oh MY!

It's the week!  The one I have been anticipating for the past two months.  Thanksgiving prep week!  I'm about to fill up this post feed with mostly regrammed Instagram photos because it's all I've got time for.  I just got back from an overnight away and I'm playing a bit of catch up... but I wanted to post once more before the big day so here you go!
I made bleached pinecones.  Not sure what I am going to do with them all just yet, but I have them!  {2 parts bleach/1 part water... then soak 24 hours using a heavy bowl or plate to weigh them down as they will float. After 24 hours, rinse and they will be all closed up and not look very bleached.  Place them on a baking sheet lined with an old towel and set them in a warm/sunny place to dry and open up and they will lighten as they dry!}
Don't hate me because most of my gifts are purchased and wrapped.  I had to do it.  It's my love language.
I made dipped ornaments this morning! {You know, when I should have been folding laundry, making beds, doing household chores and that sort of thing...}  This year I'm putting a small, fresh-cut tree in my bedroom. I found natural wood ornaments and dipped them in creamy white paint and I think they are going to be so sweet and simple.  And so very Sashaish. 
 The ornaments came from Michaels {using coupons!} and then I dipped them in a can of creamy paint that I had on hand {any type will do} and used a paint brush to swipe away the excess.  Then I hung them from my ladder with a towel underneath to catch drips and they turned out imperfectly perfect!

 The turkey is set to begin thawing today... I'll brine it on Tuesday overnight.  I'm using a new dry brine this year and it smells HEAVENLY!
 I normally plant staggered pots of paperwhites to enjoy all month... this year I have one.  I think that tells you the state of things in my life! Ha!
 However... I do have this project sitting and waiting.  I'm making a garland with these pretties that I scored while away with my man.  It was the only thing I brought home and I was really proud of myself because I could have shopped like a crazy person.  Not the right time of year for that, however. #restraint
 Twinkle lights are beginning to make an appearance! I love this part... when little bits of the holidays are peeping discretely here and there!  Gonna be a good week... I have every day crammed full of goodness. 

I am also running my final sale of the year in my shop, starting right now, and ending at midnight on Cyber Monday {December 1st}  I'm offering 25% off  for ONE WHOLE WEEK!  {My shop will be going on vacation the evening of December 12th, and won't reopen until sometime in January so keep that in mind when shopping.} Use the code "BUYHANDMADE" when you checkout {here} for your 25% discount, and I've shown a handful of the items available in my shop above but there is more listed than what I have shown. {Click here to shop}

 Happy Turkey week y'all.  What are your plans!?

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  1. I love how on it you are friend. Seriously I feel like I'm drowning a bit. Still digging out of the Etsy cray and my parents come TOMORROW! Wish you were here. I could use your togetherness. That's a gift you know. Sure love and miss you!! Your gifts are beautiful.

  2. You are so inspiring! I found a basket of pinecones that I tucked away last year and forgot about. They could used some TLC so I am trying to bleach them today. We will be out of town for a few days and will come home to pretties sitting in the sun. I adore the wooden ornaments as pretty and simple. We had our turkey dinner hear on Saturday so we are heading out and away to the beach. Breaking with tradition and I'm not certain how I feel about it. Have a blessed and love filled week.!

  3. love a good catchup up post and i can't wait to try the pinecones!!

  4. OH I love your ideas and am going to have to see if Hobby Lobby has wood ornaments! We have an artificial tree but I am looking for a small tree to put in the planter on our front porch. I think it will be adorable decorated with the dipped wood ornaments and maybe bleached pine cones. Our other tree is being covered in food ornaments for all the sparrows and chickadees who hang out around it. Have a wonderful Thanksgiving! I can hardly wait to decorate but promised my family I would wait until this weekend!

  5. Oh my goodness, there is just so much loveliness and prettiness around here! I just have to try making some pinecones like yours, thanks for the instructions. Enjoy your week. Margaret, England xx

  6. I get so excited and inspired when I see a new blog post from you!!!!!

  7. Ooh! I have been looking for the perfect creamy white - do you mind sharing the name of the white you used here?

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  9. Just beautiful!!! Can you tell me the paint color you used in the bedroom with the french door and beautiful ornament canvas above the bed? Thank you!