Saturday, November 15, 2014

Closet solutions after almost 12 years

I would first like to begin by saying, that closets are perhaps the hardest things in the world besides a wiggly 2 year-old who only wants his mommy, to photograph.  Just saying.

I can remember walking through this house for the first time (and my home story has been lovingly shared over here) and seeing this closet and falling hard... in love.  It was a wide open, large space off the master bathroom.  Something like ten feet by ten feet. Just enormous!  And oh, the possibilities! 

Then about a decade ago, we got an estimate for closet built-ins and after seeing four large numbers in front of the decimal we laughed and said no thanks.  I would also like to say that this closet is so huge I have had dreams about discovering (quite by freak surprise) that I was pregnant and working to convert this into a baby's room.  True story.  Thankfully those were only dreams.  We live in 1500 square feet of house, including this huge closet, and I never forget even for a moment, that this is extensive luxury by the majority of the world. 

However.  This closet has the worst wire rack positioning known to man, and the weirdest of configurations.  I dreamed of ripping off the long and nearly useless wire racks on the back wall for years.  (My husband was the only person who could reach the tallest one, and the lower one was too low to hang anything but my pants and shirts on and the heater vent is right in the middle of all that.  So weird. I wanted a cubby system or chest of drawers... or both.  Enter Ikea pricing (and wild cheering).

Oh and I forgot... one more disclaimer.  You can come to my house and pretty much open up any drawer or cupboard and see blissful and beautiful organization (bearing in mind that I do have children who frequently disregard any and all organizational techniques) but this closet is my vice or something,  and I've never really cared overmuch how it worked.  I have always just thrown things on the floor.  I know.  It's so weird.  And unlike me.  Just so you know... I have never claimed perfection.  Ha!  So here is the before in all it's horrible glory. I took a photo on the worst day I had ever seen it- normally it's not so bad in here.  I wanted you to really "get it."
 I just breathed a sign of relief.

We went through and put all the non-closet items where they belonged which was a process of course, and then dragged everything out, painted the walls "Stormy skies" just like our bedroom and master bath and finished painting the trim white just like the rest of the house.  Then we moved an Ikea Hemnes 8-drawer dresser in, and put a Kallax cubby shelf on top of it.  I bought a 3-pack of bins from Ikea that fit on the shelves and painted labels on them with gold leaf paint.  (It didn't work so well, and bled and made a bit of a mess.  Oops.  Should have tried an inconspicuous spot first.  So note to you- try a fabric safe paint and try it on the bottom first.)
 This was a our catch-all room. Nobody but Adrain and I ever saw it so we didn't really care.  But now it's pretty and I DO care!  Amazing how a little organization will do that!
 I have a shoe solution coming too, but I'm not going to do it just yet.  I'll share when I have that finished.
 Adrain's clothes are so big and he just shoved them on the top shelf in a messy pile.  Bless his heart.  The man is very tidy like me but this was just the way it was. Now he has spacious drawers and cubbies and it works so much better!
 My husband has a lot more clothing than I do. (I believe this should be remedied.)  (I have way more shoes though, and he thought it was funny that my hand bags got their own cubbies.)


 So there you have it.  Our closet, organized and pretty... at long last. 
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  1. What an awesome solution! The one thing that I dislike about this apt is that there is only 1 ~ ONE closet and it's small. I know a man designed it 'cause they don't normally have as many clothes & shoes that we do. :) Your closet looks wonderful and the Ikea pieces are great for storage.


  2. Love it! Funny how something so simple can make us so happy. We did our closet last year and I still smile everytime I walk in. Enjoy!

  3. Sasha, that looks amazing! I totally get your before and after feelings! I love the way you paired those two pieces of furniture and it has transformed everything. Our closet is not a walk-in, we had the inside built first, and the outside added on later, they don't match up well, so some things are hard to reach! Thankfully since our extensions I also have another closet our girls' old room, now my craft room, where I can store some clothes amongst the craft stuff. And yes, compared to much of the world, we lie in palaces, but when something doesn't work prolly, it's so frustrating, isn't it? Hope you have a great week xx

  4. Gorgeous!! That wire shelving should be outlawed! I've gotten rid of it all, except for one closet...someday, it too, will be gone!!

  5. You did a great job! This post came at the perfect time! We are about to pull everything out of our closet (large walk-in, too) and paint it and have been looking at Ikea's dressers and chest trying to decide which one to buy. I love the one you picked....It's one of the ones we are considering, too! :) And what a great idea putting the Kallax onto of the dresser! It is a perfect fit and looks so custom. Now I really can't wait to get to work on our closet!

  6. Beautiful!!!
    Hmmm - thinking you need to move my direction and we start that organizing business up together!!! :)