Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Gearing up or winding down or whatever.

 I have been scrambling lately and I do believe 'tis the season and all that jazz.  I hosted book club last night and now I'm gearing up to leave for an anniversary overnighter with Adrain to a nearby exotic location that HE planned fully, by himself, and in 19 years of marriage that is a first time and a BIGGIE in my book.  I have been told there will be sparkling wine in the room and a spa appointment.  What?! Well okay... I guess I can go along with that. He also arranged childcare (can you still call it that when you have kids this age?) with his two little sisters so I've been busy freshening guest room bedsheets and whipping up little baskets of fluffy white towels and toiletries and yummy little chocolate treats. And arranging ballet carpooling times.  And buying pizzas.  Because you can't leave your children to just starve you know.

Then we get back and it's right into Thanksgiving week prep for which I am hosting my side of the family this year.  I haven't seen them on the actual thanksgiving day in a few years and I'm so excited!  We will have blessing bags to fill together.  Such a wonderful idea that my kids had, to use their allowance tithes- but we're having everyone participate! We're making twelve bags so everyone brings a dozen of various toiletry items such as 12 toothpastes, 12 granola bars, 12 deodorants, 12 band aid boxes, 12 bottled waters, 12 matchbooks etc, and then you assembly line it, giving everyone a gallon sized zip lock bag to fill with one of each item.  Everyone goes home with a few bags to stash in their cars and when you pass homeless people on the street, you have a little blessing in a bag to offer them during the holiday season.  It's a small thing really but it might mean something to another person out there.  We love counting our blessings on Thanksgiving but there are so many people who can't say that they are thankful for so many of the same things we are thankful for.  It's a great way to encourage outward thinking on this special holiday, with your kids and a fun tradition to get everyone involved in. 

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Of course there will also be gingerbread houses to decorate, a post-meal walk to take, there might be a game of football on the street between my brother and son and husband, and then of course the Seahawks will be playing at 5pm and the house will be full of yelling, and more family members might pop in from Adrain's side for leftovers.  Then we will have one day for recovery (and Christmas decorating?) and another fun day of feasting with Adrain's side.

The anticipation of all the memories is my favorite part. Right here, right now. Savoring the possibilities.

Speaking of anticipation.  This year I found a treasure.  I can't wait to unfurl it.  Literally.  Family Life Today sold these rolls of ribbon, printed with conversation-provoking questions that you can cut and use as napkin ties.  I am dying to set my table all cute and use these.  Here is just a taste of what's to come...(not because I'm holding out on you... I just really don't know what I'm doing with my table yet.  I do know that I'm using these though!)  At all cost.. make it meaningful is my motto.

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I remember thanksgiving when I was a little girl.  It seemed to last all day.  Do you know what I mean?  It was special and Christmas wasn't hovering over it, about to pounce, like a cat over a mouse.  (Though I do have my vintage ornament wrapped canvas hanging up in the guest room because a friend wanted to see it and I took it out to show her then just couldn't put it back in the box because it's so pretty. I did that last year too.  S'okay.) But you know what I mean.  I know you do.  One second I'm walking in crunchy leaves and thinking, "Hey Thanksgiving deserves it's time in the spotlight," then the next I'm listening to Christmas music while wrapping presents and thinking, "Eh, what's the harm in merging these holidays anyway?"  Well I don't have the answer to that.  I love them both and I waffle in my convictions.  And besides, it's not like there's a lot of Thanksgiving music to listen to.  You know?

Also.  I drink coffee now.  This is big news people.  I really do.  Not black of course because that would be crazy.  Ava got me drinking frappuccinos with her after school and then I moved onto the light peppermint mochas and now I'm hooked and I think about afternoon coffee sometimes, in the middle of the morning.  One of my friends told me that I'm not really "drinking coffee"... I'm kind of doing the wine cooler version of coffee.  It's all sugary and flavored and there might be a hint of coffee in that cup someplace.  Well you know what I say to that.  Baby steps people.  It took me 39 years to get to this place.  Adrain is drinking it too.  We had lattes the other day.  It was so weird and we felt like we were finally growing up.  I wanted one with art on it but we weren't at a place where they did latte art. And sometimes we can't have it all. 

Speaking of latte art. I love watching latte art youtubes before bed.  It's so relaxing.  Little known Sasha quirk.

Okay I'm rambling now.  This is why I don't blog more.  I lose focus and start thinking of too many topics.  Eh. I blame the holiday madness.

Maybe I should go find some coffee.

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  1. Oh my I really really want those napkin holder deals!

  2. Oh goodness I didn't start drinking coffee until is was 43. I had a baby at 42 and finally caved...........couldn't wake up or stay awake for nothing!!!!! I buy Torani syrups at World Market to flavor mine. Your hubby is a keeper for sure!!!!

  3. I so love the idea of your blessing bags! What a beautiful, loving gesture. Happy Thanksgiving to you & your family.
    p.s. Enjoy your exotic overnight getaway. Happy Belated Anniversary!

  4. Wine cooler version of coffee - best ever! I giggled because I too drink the "wine cooler" version of coffee all cream and sugar :D I might have to start saying that now. Thanks for the morning giggle. And I LOVE the way you decorate all the time is extremely gorgeous.

  5. What a special treat from your Hubby...very impressive! We are doing a version of "Blessing Bags" during Advent too. I want to put a special scripture verse or poem in as well...just haven't found the perfect one yet. Enjoy your weekend!