Monday, November 3, 2014

PB Inspired Advent DIY (+ Younique party!)

Hi sweet things! Today is a mish mosh post!  I like those. We survived Halloween and Joe had TWO Friends show up.  We had six middle schoolers in all, and it felt like 20 especially when the dance party broke out and they made me dance with them.  I speak middle school girl. Did you know that? Hey I can sing Taylor Swift songs with the best of 'em. And then I praised God for the extra hour of sleep we got with daylight savings.

Moving on. For a while now, I have been in LOVE with this advent holder. Counting down the days with my kiddos is always one of my very favorite things about the Christmas season and I love planning ahead a little.  I normally do little pieces of candy or something sweet but I was thinking about doing something this year with lots of little random goodies- encouraging notes, gum, candy canes, small gifts, later bedtime passes and things like that to make it fun.  In the past, I've used these buckets with number stickers on them and hung them on our ladder and last year I did little draw string bags.  I wanted something smaller to hang on the wall so when I saw the PB advent with buckets my heart went pitter pat! But hello?  Priced at $159 + s/h.  Nope. Sigh. Plus, I'm wasn't the biggest fan of the darker wood colors (for my house)- you know me and white, light, bright, airy.  All things.

SO, like any good Pottery Barn groupie, I made my own version, inspired by theirs. I began by laying out all of my buckets. I purchased mine here several years ago- but they still have them.  I laid them out so I could get a basic size for the board I wanted to hold them.

I ended up needing a 20x24" piece of plywood + outside trim pieces.  The nice people at Lowe's will cut the board for you.  Once I had cut and nailed on the trim pieces I painted it cream.  (I didn't get any before photos because it's pretty basic and I have confidence you can figure out how to nail trim around a board without having to see a photo of it.  (wink)
 This is the paint I used to coat my wood "box."
 This is how it looked once it was finished.

 I knew I needed 25 cup hooks and Michaels had packages of 20 for about $2.50.  I grabbed two packages and was all set!
 Next came making the buckets... I used Avery brown craft labels (square) size # 22846 (because that's what I had on hand) and cut them into rounds. (There are much easier ways to do this, I'm just telling you how I did it using what I had mostly on hand.) Then I stamped them with a white chalk stamp.  I have had these stamps for years and I have no idea where I got them... so sorry!  I see them around places like the craft stores though.  If you wanted to be very fancy you could just print them off on the computer using the Avery software, but I really wanted white numbers.  The chalk stamp pad was pretty light so I went over them with a chalk pen. They turned out imperfectly perfect! (Someday I should peel all the bottom stickers off too.. but I probably won't.)

 Then I did math.  Grr. I hate math.  I marked all five lines of five hook placements and then drilled small holes with a 1/16 drill bit, (which I probably could have done using a slightly larger one but I didn't want to ruin it by going too large.)  You're going to have to figure out the math part for yourselves.  I can't help you there. Then I made my man screw them all in for me between handing out candy to trick or treaters, because it made my fingers ache.  He's sweet like that. 

 I am not going to lie, the moment it was done, my heart flipped.  They were just how I envisioned them and now I get to fill them all up with wee goodies and treats in just a short month!  (Wait... my heart might have JUST panicked at THAT thought... a month?  Yikers!) I'd love to hear any cute advent ideas that you can think of that you might leave in these buckets if you were making this. (They are very small.) I think tickets for "get an extra hour past your bedtime" are going to be the biggest hit.  That's a sore point around here these days. Ha! I was also thinking "go out to cocoa with mom and dad tonight" might be a fun one too.  It doesn't all have to be candy!


 Okay now... let's talk product and scarves- (here is the neck warmer that y'all wanted to see when I mentioned it in my last post.)  Holiday product, now.  More specifically, Younique.  My makeup BFF.  I love, love, love, love, love it.  I think I love the mascara and make up brushes so much (that's what I've tried so far) that I'm going to try their foundations next.  I am so hooked people!

My girl Carli is letting me host another virtual Younique party so if you need pretty product things for all of those family gatherings, parties, events and gifts for your female friends and loved ones... now is the perfect time to stock up on them!  (I especially love their Moodstruck 3-D fiber lash mascara and posted about it here if you remember...still can't believe how crazy long it makes my eyelashes look.  You will LOVE it... I mean, if you're into that sort of thing.  Which I totally am.  If someone had given me this as a gift I would have flipped.)

And before I close a few shoppity shop things.
1) I am not making Christmas tree garlands this year.  Maybe next year I will but I couldn't fit them in at all and I am so sorry.  I have gotten tons of inquiries and I wish I could have but unless I hired someone it isn't in the plans at this point.
2) I will be closing my shop from December 12 until the New Year so if you're going to order, make sure and get them in before that date.
3) I've just added these two vintage ornament prints into my shop as Giclee prints.  Aren't they just like pretty, sparkly jewels?  I am not offering these as wrapped canvases, only as prints in sizes 11x14, 8x10, 5x7 and note cards sets (of 8 cards) sized approx 4x6".   Remember, they will only be available until December 12! Click here to shop. (I am still offering a 10% discount with code "FALL10" when you checkout.)

Okay friends, that's it today, maybe even for this whole week.  I posted a lot last week and it felt nice but I'm gonna be running hither and yon the rest of this week with work and fun and probably no time to post much!  So make sure you swing by and pick up any product goodies and that fabulous 3-D fiberlash mascara that I LOVE at  the Younique party I'm hosting all week.  Get all your pre-holiday beauty products!
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  1. That scarf!!!!!!!!Those lashes!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! That Advent Calendar!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You are a beauty AND an inspiration!

  2. yikes! your advent calendar is amazing!! so cute! so are your lashes....I love the 3d lashes, just got hooked on them too!

  3. That advent calendar is toooooo much for me to handle!!!!! wow! love it!!!

  4. The first year I did an advent countdown like this one I alternated between gifts and fun activities. But when my girls were visibly disappointed on the days we did activities, I decided to nix the treats/gifts the following year. So for the last few years our advent calendar has been filled with activities from simple (read a Christmas story at bedtime), to more complex (make Christmas cookies). Last year was my first year with one in school full-time, so it made fitting in an activity every day more challenging. Not sure how I'm going to tackle things this year with both in school, but I'm pondering.

  5. Sasha, I LOVE the scarf!!! Will you put some in your shop? Please? ;)

  6. Love the neck warmer! Did you knit that?

  7. Love your advent buckets!! So adorable!
    Yay! So glad Joe had some friends come over...such a blessing!
    Off to get your feathers print. I just love it and must have it!


  9. Warms my heart to know that your son had friends that showed up. Definitely a happy moment! Just went to place an order from your shop and it says coupon code expired. :( Did I miss out?

  10. That calendar is such a brilliant idea! It's so cute and doesn't look that difficult to make. Thanks for posting it!