Sunday, November 30, 2014

With warmest regards...

  Hello dear ones,

I hope your Turkeys were delicious, your conversations were deep, and your memories vast.  I am so thankful for you, all you do for my family by way of encouragement here on the blog, via emails and messages in various places like facebook and instagram, and for your business which has blessed us this year in the most of enormous of ways. I could never go into all of the little moments when an emailed encouragement or order came in at just the perfect time.  Thankfulness runs deep over here and the reason is you.  I am so appreciative for all of the kind words left, and the sweet moments I have shared with you this past year.  Thank you for being here... and for being YOU.  

We spent this week in a flurry of family moments and leftovers, not to mention 2 turkey dinners and a long drive through the snow.  Friday we tucked in and decorated the house from the inside out.  Our presents are wrapped and under the tree, and for the most part and we're ready.  It had to be that kind of ultra-prepared holiday for us... it's been one of those seasons already, and I needed to get those things off my plate so I could deal with the other issues we have at hand.  

I'm focusing on these things for the month of December- 1) Daily time spent doing the She Reads Truth advent.  Can't wait to dig in.  2) Hosting many events... 3) 21 day "bootcamp" with my fabulous Coach Lori at the helm, starting tomorrow. 4) Getting my shop closed.  I am set to close on the 12th but I literally ran out of all my packaging materials this weekend with all your sales!  I can't think of a better problem to have... and I might be closing way sooner than the 12th. 5) Seeking PEACE.  Wish I could share more...but leaning daily on the quote- "I don't know what the future holds... but I know Who holds the future."  

Warmly, I close for the weekend with all of you in my heart,     

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  1. I want to see your house decorated!!! I love She Reads Truth and I will be diving in as well. Seeking peace is always on my heart especially around Christmas. I'm enjoying my tree with your garland I purchased a couple years ago!!!!!!

  2. So glad you had a good thanksgiving. Here in Australia we don't have thanksgiving, but I have also been grateful for precious words from others lately. It's a time of endings and reflection. I'm also hoping to do daily Advent readings - thanks for reminding me, I might have forgotten already and it's only Dec 2! I'm sitting having morning tea by my Christmas tree, seems like the perfect time to think deeply on what Christmas is all about!

  3. You are such a tease. Praying for "the future" -- and for PEACE. xo