Sunday, December 14, 2014

I'm just going to walk around very slowly...

Friday, our kids were out of school for the day and Adrain took the day off so we headed to Port Gamble, Washington, which happens to be one of my very favorite cute spots on this whole earth.  Not a ton to "do" there but sometimes that's a really good idea- Go someplace there isn't a whole lot to "do."  The general store there, is a darling old building full of goodness and huge jars of candy.  It was fully decked out for Christmas with big glittering trees as you first walk through the front doors.  Ava was walking in front of me and in a sweetly appreciative, breathless voice whispered, "Oh I am just going to walk around very slowly."

The second those words were out of her mouth, I felt like they were just for me.  A perfectly worded reminder to slow down... walk slowly... savor the sights, the moments and the memories.  And I did.  It was so needed.  (I'll share those pictures in just a moment)
Which brings me to this quote- "You always have time for the things you put first." I put this on Instagram last night and said that "I have been really reflecting on this quote all week.  This busy season has a way of squeezing plans and people "out" because there simply isn't time or room for everything and everyone.  I tend to be very sensitive to this when I am on the receiving end of cancelled plans and I am working at being gracious and understanding... along with being careful to try and make time for everyone that is my priority so that they know they are loved an appreciated and valued.  Our time is such a gift & we can love WELL even in the chaos.  Put people first... you'll never be sorry!"  

I love this quote.  It's a balance between the reality of often being inadvertently pushed out of others hectic schedules (being gracious when your feelings are hurt- especially when you feel like people who are one of your priorities aren't able to also make you one of their priorities) and making sure to make others feel special to you amidst the very chaotic schedules we're all keeping this month.  Isn't life always a lesson in loving others well?

The holiday season sure puts that one to the test.  I just wanted to encourage you and say... "Let's treat others as we want to be treated no matter what!" Amen? 
 Speaking of treating others... we made a sweet little on the fly birthday party for a family member and it was so fun.  Just simple touches and store-bought cupcakes.  It doesn't have to be crazy or over the top to make people feel loved.  Just slowing down to be there with them is the main thing. 

I was sitting on the sofa and Ava was standing in front of the tree holding her blanket like this.  It was so picture perfect I made her freeze until I could snap the moment. 

 Alright now here are a few of our Port Gamble day out pictures. (And yes Ava is standing on her tip toes.  Everyone wants to be the tallest.)

 I love when you have to get on a ferry to leave town.  It makes it feel like you're really getting away.  And it's so relaxing.

 I love this little house... it was a sea captain's home and instead of facing the street, it faces the harbor.  That was so he could see the home fires burning in greeting as he sailed into port.  I absolutely love that story.
 Ava always has to get a charm for her bracelet here.
 Adrain took this photo of me taking a photo.  Ha!

 Such tender moments in the little cemetery.  It holds such stories... too many infants... and young men who were mill workers, not even aged 30 yet. Sad to think of the accidents that probably took lives back then that we wouldn't think twice about now.  It feels like a holy place.

 {If I had put together a Christmas card... this would have been a perfect image.  Love that they are actually both smiling. whoohoo!}

 I love that so many homes have little history signs talking about the people who first lived there.  Makes me sad I can't go back in time and get to know them all.
 Thankful for... jingle-belling with my kiddos and hubby...My very first date at a place that makes latte art... cute polka dotted plates at Marshalls... A fun ferry ride... being in a favorite place with my favorite guy... a daughter that makes me laugh with her ballet poses... all gifts wrapped and DONE... a sparkly store that reminded me to walk slowly and savor... and a gravesite that reminded me the only thing we can really take with us is the way we made people feel when we were with them.   

So here I go into this week- gonna do my best to make those loved ones feel LOVED. Want to join me in that venture?!  Make room in your chaos for those you love- once time goes by, you can't get it back!

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  1. You're so right Sasha. Making sure those special people in our lives KNOW they are special by the way we treat (and the time we make for) them... Such a rare and precious gift.

  2. Um, what happened to your little boy? Oh my, he is so grown up looking and so handsome! He seems to have lost his "baby face". That is hard to take as a momma, but it comes nonetheless. What a wonderful memory for your family. Ava is such a lovely young lady and it's plain to see that she appreciates what she has. Hope y'all have a beautiful Christmas.

  3. How are your children getting that tall?! I'm telling you, that Joe - he is becoming quite a handsome young man! My oldest is Joe's age and he was showing me his muscles the other day while carrying something heavy. How does my cute little guy now be a handsome young fella with muscles?
    Always ALWAYS needing to walk more slowly and to take it all in. This life has a lot to be left breathless about :-)

  4. Your kiddos are surely getting big so fast! So happy that you get to enjoy trips like this while they are still young, I bet these memories will last them forever. You both seem like such great parents.

  5. Thank you Sasha for a great post! Words of wisdom indeed! Sending love your way and prayers for a wonderful, blessed Merry Christmas!!

  6. I love the ferry! I took a friend from Nebraska (where I grew up) on a ferry ride to Bainbridge Island when she came to visit this summer. Bainbridge was beautiful, dessert at Mora Creamery was delicious, and the ferry was the perfect opportunity to sit and visit w/out feeling like we had to 'rush to see everything'!

  7. Beautifully inspiring words as always, Sasha! Particularly at this time of year, there's such pressure to have things "perfect" - but that's not important. Thank you for reminding me to make every day "simple" and "meaningful".

  8. I will reflect on your words as I prepare to celebrate Christmas. You remind us to live in the moment. Have a blessed holiday!!!

  9. This is what I needed today and for all of this special time of the year. Thank you for sharing your heart.

  10. Thanks for sharing this post, what a great reminder the cherish every step you take! Time does fly by and your right about not able to get it back. I hope all the best for you and yours this holiday season! ~hugs~

  11. Great post and you are so right, we should never be too busy for those we love, especially during the Christmas season. So glad you and your sweet family had this fun little getaway. Absolutely gorgeous photos!

  12. I swear it has only been a couple of weeks since I dropped by but your kids look like they have seriously grown up in that time!!!