Monday, January 12, 2015

I love...

I love fuschia fingernail polish.  I love it when my children get into a good conversation with each other.  I love it when my husband comes home at night.  I love lighting a candle and putting Ella Fitzgerald on while I cook on a Friday night.  I love it when my sheets are freshly washed.  I love walking in the door and seeing a sparkling clean island, which is the first place my eyes land.  I love a man who understands the importance of that super cute new fruit bowl that I just had to grab while I was grocery shopping.  I love washi tape and bakers twine and surprises.  I love heavyweight paper with pops of gold foil and I love the soft scratch of a calligraphy pen in the late afternoon quiet.

I love a lot of things, and to commemorate this Valentine's season in which we celebrate our love for the special people in our midst, I made my first ever mini-collection of Valentines-ey art prints.  They are so sweet and you can get yours here until the end of January ONLY.

Okay now that that's out of the way... I wanted to show you a few cute photos of my little hoodlums and our New Year's Eve fun (and I wanted to do it like... a week ago) but I've been so busy the best I can really give you right this minute, is an Instagram collage.  I hope to share a few gorgeous walk-in-the park photos soon, from our New Years Eve day as well.

I had taken the kiddos on a walk and we snapped a few photos that I have loved.  I had two empty frames and needed some new faces in them! (You can see two of them in frames above our denim chair) Later that night, we had a Clue party- in that, everyone dressed up as their favorite Clue (game) character.  Ava was Ms. Peacock.  I was Mrs. White, Joe was Professor Plum and Adrain, after a long day of work, was briefly Colonel Mustard.  Our intent was to invite friends and have a wild party but we ended up not having anyone come and kept things quiet.  And we had creme brulee.  That was my favorite part. 

I honestly can't figure out how life got so busy that I'm averaging a blog every two weeks right now!  I miss connecting with you guys and hope to share a few fun projects (You know me I've always got a few up my sleeve... or in my garage... or on my mind!) soon!  How are all of YOU doing now that it's 2015?  
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  1. I love YOU! Always have!
    This post was the best way to start my day.
    Valentine's Day IS MY JAM!
    Your art is so pretty.

  2. Ditto to what Shannan said!!! You're posts make me grin from ear to ear!! Love those sweet V-day prints! Love the Clue themed NYE party!! Love how you staged all of your print pics. I so look forward to your posts! Life gets crazy fast, would love to see more from you but know that I, that we are here whenever you can be here!!!!!

  3. how did i miss that Ava got her haircut?!?! so, so cute!

  4. Interesting how in most of the pix of Joe, he is eating. ;0) I've got a growing teenage boy as well...
    Looks like quiet was the way to go. So glad you are enjoying your life so much that you only get back here once in a while. As long as you don't give us up completely! Happy 2015!

  5. I've always wanted to learn calligraphy. Yours inspires me...

  6. Really love your lettering and calligraphy in general...btw--this is really off subject--but has anyone ever told you that you look a little like the U.S. figure skater Ashley Wagner?

  7. Such cute prints and how awesome your game night must have been - you all looked so cute! And creme brulee...mmm, yes please.