Thursday, January 15, 2015

...on motherhood, choosing your battles, and Mr. Darcy.

Oh Hi.Remember me?  That person who pops in here occasionally?  I'm still here.. not going anywhere I promise. I have been getting so many sweet messages lately telling me that you're all okay with my blogging less and that you understand this time of life and are happy to visit whenever it works for me.  I can't tell you how much I love that about you!

Okay but I did promise to bring a few cute photos of the hoodlums.  These were a few that we shot on New Years Eve so that I could fill two empty frames that had moved from my bedroom, into the living room for the moment, until my BIG PLAN comes together for that wall.  (Stay tuned on that.  I think Adrain is weakening. Bwahahahaha!) (Actually he already agreed it's just a budgetary discussion at this point.  Y'all know what I mean by that I bet!  Soon.  I can't wait.)
  Ava had just gotten her pixie cut that week and for once in her little tweenage life, she was happy to smile for me.  Oh the heavens rejoiced.  And I KNOW someone out there is laughing because you know exactly what I mean.  I might have taken about 300 consecutive shots simply to commemorate the blessed moment.

She had been asking for pixie cut for at least a year.  I, having visions of spiral perms, split, ratted bangs and sideburns, talked her down from that platform again and again.  I did my best to explain that today's pixie is yesterdays spiral perm but to no avail.

And then she got some Christmas cash in her hot little hand and that was that.  It hit me that just like it was for me, it's ONLY HAIR and dying on that hill wasn't going to win me any points, and at this stage of the game I live strictly for winning points.  Savvy? So in she trooped and out she came looking like the sweetest little version of herself.  It seemed way more "her" than her other cuts so I kind of said to myself, "Well huh... so there!" And that's when it hit me- this was a very good lesson.  It's not always going to go like that, I know that.  But these little people in my care are becoming the future versions of themselves, bit by bit and it's up to me to cheer them on when they win and help them shake it off to a little Taylor Swift when they crash and burn.  I can do that.

 So they are officially taller than me- just BARELY, and I'd like that to remain emphasized.  Their hands and feet are both bigger than mine and I'm just so surprised by all of this even though I knew it was going to happen.  My son ate non stop yesterday from the time he walked in the door until his third dinner when I finally told him enough- quit eating and get something else done!  It's crazy. And funny.  And bittersweet. 

 I bawled last week after counting the years I've probably got remaining with them and realized the number has become very slim all of a sudden.  But then again, it's also such a relief that I can run an errand and not drag cranky toddlers around, bribing them with the free cookie at the grocery store.  So it's all as it should be I suppose.  A balance of sorts.

 We wandered around and enjoyed the icy air, the mossy branches, the quiet of the trees and rush of the waterfalls.  Even better, were the photos I got that spoke exactly as to who my children are, at this time of their life. 

 I immediately printed and framed them.  (And a little side note.  I'd like to say that my fiddle leaf fig is STILL alive.  I just ignore it 99% of the time and then suddenly remember to water it, and it's thriving.  I chopped the top off the other day because it's getting too tall.  I hope that doesn't make it mad... but for now, all is good.  Who knew.  Black thumb girl can grow something finicky for over 6 months!
 Now, before I go let's talk Valentine's stuff... and love stuff.  You all know I adore Pride and Prejudice and especially (swoon) Mr. Darcy.  This is frivolous but in my head I have "Mr. Darcy moments" with my own man all the time. (I don't tell him that's what I mentally refer to them as, but I suppose he will read this, so then he'll know.) It's little things like the fact that he picked up wall anchors for the mirror in our bedroom that he is going to hang. (it was previously where my giant chalkboard is, which is why the big frames are now hanging in my living room, filled with kid faces. I digress.) Or the fact that I brought this huge fruit bowl (which is lacking fruit because Joe eats all dang night) and he just smiled and acted like he totally understood the importance of buying a huge blue bowl from Marshall's even though it wasn't on my list.  I truly love that.  (And it's so pretty I had to show you.)  Do you have these with your man too?  Just those little sweet things they do?  Let's celebrate that (and let them know) this season!
And since we're talking about Mr. Darcy... welcome the newest member to my shop.  This little hand-lettered watercolor Pride and Prejudice quote has completely stolen my heart. (An all black version is coming soon as well.)  You can get yours here. 

It's nearly Friday my friends... enjoy it!
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Karen S. said...

Awww the sweet age of growing independence....Ava's hair is beautiful!!!! Hair is definitely one battle that will never be won by us Moms ~ I just gave up long ago. They will learn from their mistakes........One of my daughter's bleached her hair to death until it started breaking. ;-) Love that print ~ tell me you have seen Austenland. Love that crazy movie!!!!!

Kathy Olson said...

She looks so grown up!
She is lovely!

Lorraine Richie said...

I can't get over how grown up Joe and Available are!!! My girl Julia chopped all of her hair off too and the same the same thing made more sense on her than the long curls ever did!! I had no idea!! Can't wait to see what you do with that big wall and Valentine's day! You have such a knack for making everything so very special ♡

Kerri said...

Wow! Joe and Ava are so grown up! Joe is so handsome and I am loving Ava's pixie cut! Glad you were able to capture the moment! I am loving the touch of blue from the bowl too! XO

teri g said...

Love the new pictures of your kids! Ava's pixie cut looks adorable on her. I am dying to know where you found your denim chair and ottoman. =)

Lea said...

The pixie cut is just way too cute on your daughter. Love the pics of your kiddos on your wall. So, so nice! Yes, it is all a part of God's plan, these kids growing up and thankfully it allows us to give them wings a little at time instead of all at once. Blessings galore!

daisy g said...

Wow, have your kids changed! They seemed to grow up all of the sudden. Looks like a wonderful way to bring in the new year. Continued blessings...

Nancy Barr said...

Your kids are growing up!!! I love her adorable hair cut!

Charming Lucy said...

I love this precious time in life. I am parenting a teen too and it is just so special. Your kids are lovely and kuddos to your daughter for wearing her hair just as she pleases - it is fabulous! Susan

Maria Isabella said...

Love the photos of your beautiful children on the wall. Where do you get prints in that large of a format?

Thirkellgirl said...

She looks absolutely adorable. As the mother of two grown daughters... keep letting her have autonomy over her hair. As long as it's clean for church, just let all the rest of the things she could do with it, including dying it pink with jello, go. It's so not worth fighting over, ever. Ever.

Susanne said...

My grandson loves when I take him to "Waterfall Park!" It's so pretty there!

DownTheLaneWithDaisy said...

Beautiful children!

Debbie - Deliciously Inspired said...

Sasha - I love your blog, pictures and the priority you make your family. Ava wears the pixie cut like it was created just for her. Oh and did I say i love your pictures. So proud of way you do motherhood.

Between You and Me said...

i love her hair. they're both looking so much older...mine are exciting and sad at the same time.

can't wait to see what you're doing with the wall. hints? please. in a personal email. :) no really. :)

Iseult said...

Your kids look older and more grown up in each post!!! I think the photos you framed are perfect. Ava's hair is awesome and suits her really well. It's always lovely to stop by.

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